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September 19, 2023 | Digital Scrapper News | Volume 21, Issue 38

Hi there!

Myth #1. You’re Too Old To Take Our Classes
Not true. It’s common for me to get emails from students who are over 80 years old. They are some of my favorites. Why? Because they have not stopped learning. They are my heroes as I strive to be a life-long learner.

Myth #2. You Are Only Surrounded by Women in Your Classes
Not true. Your classes are filled with a lot of women, but men are in there too! They just typically do not get all chatty and share their projects.

Meet John Lullo (and His Grandchildren and Great-Grandchildren)
John emailed me a couple of weeks ago. He was having trouble accessing a newly-enrolled class in his classroom. The problem ended up being our mistake, not his, and it was quickly fixed. As I continued to correspond with John, I learned he had just turned 90 years old and he is full of life, which includes a Digital Scrapper classroom full of learning and creating opportunities.



If you’re like me, you want to reach through that photo, give John Lullo a BIG hug and learn more about his life. Just imagine the stories he can tell! Let this be an inspiration to you today.

Coming Up This Fall

  • Jenifer Juris is coming up next with a mini class bundle featuring two of her favorite subjects–cards and templates.
  • Syndee Rogers is working on a class featuring type wrapping around elements.
  • Gina Harper is working on an addition to our Page Builder Series of classes. This one will feature double-page design!
  • Jen White is working on a class for Adobe Bridge.

What’s New This Week

  • Scrap15Boogie! Below you’ll find details on how to join us in getting things done!
  • New FREE Video. Jenifer Juris will give you the details of a fundamental skill for every scrapbooker. You’ll find the details below.

Love and creative success,

Jen White, Owner of Digital Scrapper & QwikLearn

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P.P.S. Thank you for the love you left for us in the comments of our BIG SALE blog post. If you’d like to see who won Class Cash, you’ll find that information in the post.



News from Our Community


It’s Boogie Week! Let’s Get Stuff Done!

Boogie Week is our once-a-month call for you to join us in finishing up loose classes and projects. We want you to get things done because it feels GREAT!

NOTE: The Boogie image was created using Live by the Sun by Kristin Cronin-Barrow.


NEW FREE Quick Tip

Spellcheck Your Scrapbook Pages

Learn how to use Spellcheck to avoid spelling errors on your scrapbook pages. Includes a workaround for Photoshop Elements.


Page: Jenifer Juris
Quick Tip: Spellcheck


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    So glad you shared the story of John. He is truly an inspiration and I wish him the best.

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