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Digital Scrapper turned 20 on September 4, 2023. That’s 20 years of stories being told and 20 years of serving the community with inspiration and instruction for digital scrapbooking. Let’s celebrate!

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Semi-Annual BIG Sale
From now through September 11, 2023, Midnight EDT, save up to 50% on ALL classes* in our classroom. All of our classes include Forever Access and a Satisfaction Guarantee.

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Just Perfect for Beginners

QwikLearn Photoshop Elements by Linda Sattgast

Save 50% – NOW $48.50
QwikLearn Photoshop Elements by Linda Sattgast

QwikLearn Adobe Photoshop by Linda Sattgast

Save 50% – NOW $48.50
QwikLearn Photoshop by Linda Sattgast

Page Builder Series Volume 1 by Jen White

(FREE for Limited Time)
Page Builder Series, Volume 1 by Jen White


Secrets of Terrific Type by Jenifer Juris

Save 40% – NOW $34.20
Selections 1: Master the Basics by Jen White

Save 40% – NOW $29.40


Fun with Specific Tools

Save 20% – NOW $48

Brush Master 101 by Syndee Rogers

Save 40% – NOW $44.40
Painting With Patterns by Syndee Rogers

Save 40% – NOW $30
Selections 2: Powerful Selection Techniques by Jen White

Save 40% – NOW $46.20



Scrapping with Filters

The Pointillize Effect by Syndee Rogers

Save 40% – NOW $24
Scrapping With Filters: Stamp & Paint by Jen White

Save 40% – NOW $15

Create Amazing Templates & Photo Books

Shape-Up Templates Mini Class #2: Shattered Shapes by Jenifer Juris

Save 40% – NOW $21.60
Shape-Up Template Series 1: Layered Shapes by Jenifer Juris

Save 40% – NOW $21.60
Easy As Pie by Jenifer Juris

Save 40% – NOW $18
Scrap-It-Now, Volume 3, Masks Edition by Jen White

Save 40% – NOW $18
Stories From the Road by Jen White

Save 40% – NOW $33.60
Picture Perfect Gift Books by Linda Sattgast

Save 40% – NOW $33



Digital Scrapper Premier

Digital Scrapper Premier 2023, Volume 9 by Jen White

Save 30% – NOW $21
Digital Scrapper Premier 2023, Volume 8 by Jen White

Save 30% – NOW $21
Digital Scrapper Premier 2023, Volume 7 by Jen White

Save 30% – NOW $21
Digital Scrapper Premier 2023, Volume 6 by Jen White

Save 30% – NOW $21
Digital Scrapper Premier 2023, Volume 5 by Jen White

Save 30% – NOW $21
Digital Scrapper Premier 2023, Volume 4 by Jen White

Save 30% – NOW $21
Digital Scrapper Premier 2023, Volume 3 by Jen White

Save 30% – NOW $21
Digital Scrapper Premier 2023, Volume 2 by Jen White

Save 30% – NOW $21
Digital Scrapper Premier 2023, Volume 1 by Jen White

Save 30% – NOW $21
Digital Scrapper Premier 2021, Volume 9 by Digital Scrapper

Save 40% – NOW $15
Digital Scrapper Premier 2021, Volume 8 by Digital Scrapper

Save 40% – NOW $15
Digital Scrapper Premier 2021, Volume 7 by Digital Scrapper

Save 40% – NOW $15
Digital Scrapper Premier 2021, Volume 6 by Digital Scrapper

Save 40% – NOW $15
Digital Scrapper Premier 2021, Volume 5 by Digital Scrapper

Save 40% – NOW $15
Digital Scrapper Premier 2021, Volume 4 by Digital Scrapper

Save 40% – NOW $15
Digital Scrapper Premier 2021, Volume 3 by Digital Scrapper

Save 40% – NOW $15
Digital Scrapper Premier 2021, Volume 2 by Digital Scrapper

Save 40% – NOW $15
Digital Scrapper Premier 2021, Volume 1 by Digital Scrapper

Save 40% – NOW $15



Do-It-Yourself, Designer Tools

Save 20% – NOW $57.60
Fabulously Framed by Syndee Rogers

Save 40% – NOW $27
Die-Cuts Gone Wild by Syndee Rogers

Save 40% – NOW $43.20
Delightfully Die-Cut by Syndee Rogers

Save 40% – NOW $35.40
Brushability: Making Masks by Syndee Rogers

Save 40% – NOW $26.40
Perfectly Personal Word Art by Jenifer Juris

Save 40% – NOW $38.40
Passion For Paper by Syndee Rogers

Save 40% – NOW $40.80
Digital Scrapbooking Mastery 1 by Jen White

Save 40% – NOW $34.80
Digital Scrapbooking Mastery 2 by Jen White

Save 40% – NOW $38.40

Design Beautiful Pages

The Smart & Savvy Scrapper, Volume 1, Taming Bold & Busy Backgrounds by Jen White

Save 40% – NOW $39.60
Make It Match by Jenifer Juris

Save 40% Now $34.20

Beautiful Mess Simplicity Challenge by Jen White

Save 40% Now $9.60

Summer Harvest Mini by Jen White

Save 40% Now $13.20



Gorgeous Greeting Cards

Christmas Greetings 1 by Jen White

Save 40% Now $13.20

Christmas Greetings 2 by Digital Scrapper

Save 40% Now $13.20

A Year of Cards by Jenifer Juris

Save 40% Now $22.20

Photo Editing Made Easy

Next Level Editing with Adobe Camera Raw, Part 1: Fixing Challenging Photos by Jenifer Juris

Save 40% Now $36

Next Level Editing with Adobe Camera Raw, Part 2: Making Creative Edits by Jenifer Juris

Save 40% Now $36

An Eye For Edits by Jenifer Juris

Save 40% Now $35.40

Actions: Enhance Photos Fast by Linda Sattgast

Save 40% Now $47.40

Learn Different Apps

Intro to Procreate by Syndee Rogers

(FREE for Limited Time)
Intro to Procreate by Syndee Rogers

Save 20% – $52.80
Pen to Page by Syndee Rogers





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  1. (100 off) Marcia Wetzel
  2. (50 off) Stacia Crowe
  3. (50 off) Mona Wilson
  4. (50 off) Gwenda
  5. (50 off) Rosie
  6. (25 off) Terry Lynn Stuart
  7. (25 off) Ande S
  8. (25 off) Kathleen Sacry
  9. (25 off) Tanya Mitova
  10. (25 off) Pat Rech
  11. (25 off) Kimberly Goon
  12. (25 off) Jan Knapp
  13. (25 off) Irene
  14. (25 off) Millie
  15. (25 off) Kayla Chamberlain
  16. (25 off) Barbara Hewitt
  17. (25 off) Liz Papenfuss
  18. (25 off) Rhonda Miller
  19. (25 off) Sandy K.
  20. (25 off) Renate


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58 Responses

  1. Sheryl
    | Reply

    I have learned so much from the several years of training/classes from digital scrapper to create amazing scrapbooks. My son passed away and a neighbor had a very premature baby. I made a scrapbook of my neighbors journey, it was one of the only things (besides God) that got me thru a very difficult time for me. The neighbor’s little girl was born on Sept 16 and came home on Dec 24, her due date. She has grown into a lovely young lady with no problems. I miss my son so much, but have a scrapbook of most of his life.

  2. Patricia Houser
    | Reply

    I have truly loved all the classes I’ve taken and I’d hazard to say it’s upwards of 80% if the classes!

    I learned PS through your company a LONG time ago!!

  3. Kerry
    | Reply

    While I have not gotten very far, I think is possibly my favorite as it teaches how to make one of the tools for scrapbooking. I’d love to make more tools in the future!

  4. Trina Bernheisel
    | Reply

    I absolutely loved Jenifer Juris’ Shape Up 2 Class! I had so much fun learning to make the shapes and have used them over and over again in my scrapbook pages. My favorite was the scattered heart!

  5. Rosie
    | Reply

    I can’t decide which is my favourite as I own tons of these classes with a wishlist just as big, dabbled in a few, and am master of none! Maybe when my last child graduates home educating next spring, I will have more time to work through a class in its entirety, starting with Learn Photoshop Elements.

  6. Tanya Mitova
    | Reply

    I searched in the past for a website with a lot of digital scrap information and when I found all classes here I was really satisfied. It is really hard for me to recommend a class to others. Every class provides a lot of knowledge. Maybe I can offer more attention to the Brushability Masks by Syndee Rogers.
    I had so much fun and really liked it. Her explanations are really helpful and you can use them in the future to create more beautiful pages.

  7. Sandy Steffens
    | Reply

    I think every time I take a new class it’s my favorite! I learn so much on this site it’s hard to narrow down. But back when I knew nothing about PSE, I took the course Qwicklearn Photoshop Elements and in no time I was on my way to creating such fun art and photobooks. You just can’t go wrong with any of the classes!

  8. Millie
    | Reply

    Design Beautiful Pages was a class that took me to the next level in Digital Scrapbooking. There are many classes that I have really enjoyed and given me that boost and creativeness to continue to learn, enjoy and give me the confidence I need to create my pages.

  9. Sarah V
    | Reply

    If I have to pick just one, it would be Design Beautiful Pages, since it covers so many different techniques and design concepts. But, I love all of the classes I have taken so i eagerly look forward to the release of new ones. Please never stop teaching and inspiring all of us.

  10. Kathleen Larsen
    | Reply

    One of my favorite classes is – Scrap-It-Now, Volume 3, Masks Edition by Jen White – I find myself revisiting the class (and others) as often as I need to freshen up my skills. I love that the classes are “FOREVER!”

  11. Patricia Roach
    | Reply

    The classes are easy to follow and provide all of the resources needed to learn the techniques. I can rewatch as many times as I need, to be sure I’m understanding the concepts. Ideas are applicable to my own projects, even those that are not scrapbook pages. Digital Scrapper is a terrific resource!

  12. Renate
    | Reply

    It’s tough to recommend just one class for ALL Digital Scrappers’ classes are awesome. I’m a looong time member to Digital Scrapper Premier(talking decades) and love each and every class I’ve taken. The classes about Photoshop Elements and Photoshop are awesome, very well explained for all types of ‘learners’ and interesting for both young and old. My favourite classes beyond those are10 timeless titles 1 and the Die Cut classes. The Procreate class is also so much fun to take, even though I’m not a beginner in it. I wish I could afford 10 timeless titles 2 and Premier for next year. But I’m rambling, in short (;-)), you just can’t go wrong at Digital Scrapper. t’s a very helpful and friendly community too. Thanks so much Jen and teachers / team for brightening my days.

  13. Diane McCurdy
    | Reply

    I have taken so many classes, it’s hard to decide a favorite one! I think the one I really enjoyed was Syndee Rogers Pattern Design 1
    I was able to make papers that correspond with my photos and layouts and didn’t have to go searching for a kit that might fit my needs. All of the instructors have so much knowledge on their subjects and have a way of teaching that’s easy to learn. Highly recommend any class here at Digital Scrapper!

  14. Linda
    | Reply

    I too love the classes here. I don’t think I could ever pick my favorite, they are just all that good and fun to take. I enjoyed the 10 Titles class so much, I am currently taking Volume 2 of the class. Here is the first class:

  15. Kathleen Sacry
    | Reply

    I had followed DS for years before taking the plunge to learn more about PSE. I needed help getting started with dry tutorials on Adobe or YouTube. I needed to use those skills so they would stick with me. Then I found Stories of the Road.
    After making my first photobook years ago, I did another and another until I now use Photoshop and have upped my artistry big time. A simple start, but it lead me to greater things.

  16. Barbara Cooper
    | Reply

    If you are interested in learning new techniques for Photoshop or Photoshop Elements this is your go to place; enroll in QwikLean Photoshop Elements.
    Digital Scrapper Classes are always available, and many free classes. Step aboard and have some fun with us and share your layouts.

  17. Lynne Sims
    | Reply

    My favorite class of all time is Jennifer’s ‘Next Level Editing Series’, I find I almost use it before every photo before using a on a layout. Jennifer makes it so easy to follow along and learn. I have been able to fix very old, almost unrecognizable photos with her class. For me this is a must class for anyone who has photos they want to use in their layouts.

  18. Sandy G.
    | Reply

    LOVE the classes here at Digital Scrapper. Being able to replay the videos (again and again!) and seeing all the wonderful pages everyone creates in the gallery is so motivating. All the instructors are wonderful and I am constantly going to the site to see what new classes are coming! I would recommend Design Beautiful Pages as a beginner class. Has so many techniques that I still go back to time and time again.

  19. Mona Wilson
    | Reply

    I loved the Pen to Paper class on Procreate. It is a great class to learn how to use Procreate.

  20. Terry Lynn Stuart
    | Reply

    My favorite class was “Easy as Pie” I love all the different templates you can do with it!!! I keep referring back to it for ideas on my pages. Thank you Jenifer!!!! Just a note I do love all the classes you offer, Thank you to all the instructors.

  21. Veronica Donahey
    | Reply

    I love the Secrets of Terrific Type class. Very easy to understand an informative. Works great not only for scrapbooking but the class has helped me with creating beautiful projects using my Cricut

  22. Ann Bricker
    | Reply

    Oh my goodness, picking a favorite class is so very hard. I have taken so many & I always learn something new. Secrets of Terrific Type by Jenifer Juris, which you can find here: was one of my favorites. It was one of the first classes I took and I was hooked on the presentation and all that I learned. The instructors have all been very easy to understand and ready to answer any questions. Since then I have found that each class has something special and I am never disappointed. You can’t go wrong with enrolling today!

  23. Mari
    | Reply

    Stories From the Road by Jen white is very helpful in creating a memory book from travels and vacations. Jen gives helpful tips for before you go and even photography tips for while you are there. She then gives scrapping tips for when you are home and creating your pages – even how to use and collect stock photos. I’d recommend this class!

  24. Sherry L Pennington
    | Reply

    I too love and learn so much with every class I’ve taken here. You truly can’t go wrong. But, if I had to choose one to recommend, I highly recommend the Taming Bold & Busy Backgrounds.
    I have never felt comfortable with bold colors or designs in both my home or my scrapbooks. It totally changed my perspective on my scrapbooking choices. I still like my home and decore on the sedate neutral side but I have definitely expanded my scraping style.
    No matter what classes you choose you will build and expand in your scrapbooking skills.

  25. Joyce Walth
    | Reply

    I am learning-challenged at times and forget even some of the basics because I have periods of inactivity so I am always going back to the basics and how to set up my preferences with each new update of PSE. is a great class. thanks to Linda for starting this great business and thanks Jen for carrying on!

  26. Tracey Whitehouse
    | Reply

    Every single class I have taken has taught me so much and have instructions/tips/templates etc that I constantly use and refer back to. For me, as it is the photos that I am wanting to showcase, the most beneficial class would have to be “An Eye for Edits” with Jennifer Juris /p/an-eye-for-edits

  27. C Vandenberg
    | Reply

    I have a bunch of DS classes, but Intro to Procreate is my favorite class
    Since Procreate is a lot like PS (only better), I wanted to start using Intro to Procreate by DS
    I twas the best one among several others that I took to learn how Procreate works
    Hope there will be more Procreate classes
    Would recommend it to anyone wanting to learn Procreate
    And best of all, it is currenlty free (

  28. Amiee Cords
    | Reply

    I have taken five of the classes through Digital Scrapper. Design Beautiful Pages teaches us so much about how to construct a scrapbook page. It helped me take my pages from fine to fantastic. After taking this class I have the confidence and knowledge to construct scrapbook pages with tried and true formulas as well as imagination. The Premier Classes taught us so many different ways to tell our story so that scrapbooking is fun and I learn something new every class. I could go on…all the classes are professionally done, well thought out and easy to follow. Through the things I have learned in these classes my scrapbook pages overall just tell the story much better, help me focus on what I’m trying to convey in the page and look fabulous. Run don’t walk to take the classes, join the community and enjoy the experience, you won’t regret it.

  29. Marcia Wetzel
    | Reply

    I have loved all the classes, and it is hard to pick a favorite. I loved Mastry 1 and 2. They were so much fun to master all the techniques. The Make it Match has been so useful, when trying to match the colors in your photography to the page. Cluster Queen was another favorite. I always look forward to any new class.

  30. Kayla Chamberlain
    | Reply

    I can’t say enough about digital scrapper classes! I have loved every class I have taken from Digital Scrapper. They help me get the most from PSE. If it wasn’t for the scrapper’s guide/digital scrapper PSE courses that were included with the Costco PSE way back in 2006, I wouldn’t know how to digi scrap. I can’t say enough about how much I love Digital Scrapper, and I’m so glad that Jen White and the crew have kept it going strong with premier and awesome new classes throughout the years.

    My favorite class is the Art of Blending.
    I love Linda’s teaching style and all the tips and tricks she shares make my BIG photo pages look ah-mazing!

    WAY TO SCRAP IT, Digital Scrapper Crew!

  31. Ande S
    | Reply

    HI am new to digital scrapping, just joined, I want to lean this because I was to create a family history book, and how to do all the fun things I see lol. I most want to learn composting,

  32. Ruby
    | Reply

    I too love and learn so much with every class I’ve taken here. You truly can’t go wrong. BUT, if I had to chose one to recommend, I highly recommend the Design Beautiful Pages class found here

    This class is all about the different designs principles to consider when creating your scrapbook page (for example rectangular grid, masks, designing in thirds, plus more). In each section, Linda teaches (and shows) you how to apply that principle to your scrapbook page. At the end of the section, the “quiz” walks through examples and why/how she chose certain aspects of her page. Lots of ahhh-haaa moments for me!

    Pick a class that sounds interesting to you. You will learn lots and have fun along the way! Thank you Jen and the entire Digital Scrapper team!

  33. Darlene Bell
    | Reply

    I love each and every class! I’ve learned a lot from Digital Scrapper over the years. It’s hard to pick a favorite but I had a lot of fun with I’ve created a lot of fun and very creative pages from this class. Stamp & Paint takes you from creating pages to creating art. I’ve taken the techniques I learned from this class to create full sized framed art prints from my photos and so many creative scrapbook pages! I highly recommend all Digital Scrapper classes but if your ready to have some fun with filters and are ready to add some artistic fun to your pages I recommend

  34. Wanda
    | Reply

    Thus far I’ve enjoyed each of the classes I’ve taken but the one I’m currently enjoying most is the Painting With Patterns, available at I learned so many new things.

  35. Irene
    | Reply

    Everything I’ve learned about digital scrapbooking and using Photoshop Elements has been through Digital Scrapper. They have clear instructions, cover a wide variety of topics and great support. Several that I often refer to are the Actions: Fix Photos class and Design Beautiful Pages.

  36. Patty Alexander
    | Reply

    I have learned so much from each of the many classes I have taken. The Premier classes have been particularly helpful in learning new shortcut and techniques. A particular favorite edition has been Premier 2023, Vol. 5 with its out if bounds photos and interesting cluster recipe.

  37. Lucille
    | Reply

    The class that helped me to go from just buying scrapbook kits to finally make scrapbook pages was Design Beautiful Pages It had everything I needed to feel confident about my pages: design principles, anchors, clusters, masks, how to use papers etc. I continue using what I learned in that class to this day. And I continue to buy others classes because they all help me in some way!!

  38. Ruth Everson
    | Reply

    A class that I highly recommend is:

    Scrap-It-Now, Volume 3, Masks Edition by Jen White
    Save 40% – NOW $18
    Scrap-It-Now, Volume 3, Masks Edition by Jen White

    The templates offer so many variables and are editable, too.

  39. Barbara+Hewitt
    | Reply

    There are lots of great classes, but the one that I find the most useful on an everyday basis is Make It Match by Jennifer Juris. I can almost always come up with a way to make a kit element match my layout.

  40. Rhonda Miller
    | Reply

    I have had fun with the class 10 Timeless Titles, both volumn 1 & 2. I loved how easy and fun the videos were.

  41. Kimberly Goon
    | Reply

    10 Timeless Titles Volume 2 by Digital Scrapper
    I recently finished this class and I loved it! Who doesn’t need a cool title on their layout? We all do! You won’t regret taking this class. The lessons are short, precise, easy to follow and add so much to your layouts! Grab it now while it’s on sale.

  42. Nanci Radford
    | Reply

    I can not think of one single reason why, if you have an interest in digital scrapping, making forever memories, learning new skills and meeting some of the friendliest folks on the web, you wouldn’t take advantage of this great sale!!!!!!! ANYONE, from beginners to experienced scrappers will learn new skills, new techniques and new ways to enjoy your passion! Jen White and her team are knowledgeable and experienced scrappers, and willing to share their knowledge with all of you. All I can say is DO IT! Join us here at Digital Scrapper…you won’t be sorry!

  43. Liz Papenfuss
    | Reply

    It is hard to pick a favorite class. I learn something every time I start a new class or go back to one I’ve completed. So I picked the class I go back to for help the most: An Eye For Edits.

    Thanks for all the great classes!

  44. Debbie Dent
    | Reply

    I recently purchased the class “Stories from the Road”. I am using the concepts to create my annual calendar. It has several tips for travel related books that have helped me organize my work. Every class has gems of knowledge. Thank you for inspiring and guiding us!

  45. Lisa Taylor
    | Reply

    This class has changed the way I look at and do scrapbooking. I have gone from pages that were just for me to pages I am happy to show off. There are tons of template pages in this class that have become starting point for many of my pages. It is such a good class I have gone back and watches many of the video more than once. Check it out:

  46. Donna Wickerham
    | Reply

    If you are looking for classes that really will give you a solid foundation in digital scrapbooking, I highly suggest these three classes.
    Digital Scrapbooking Mastery 1 and 2 by Jen White, especially if you are new to digital scrapbooking. ( ( You will learn so many techniques and tips, really everything you need to make a great scrapbook page.

    Passion for Paper ( Syndee Rogers was a great class. I learned so much about how to use PSE. And making papers is actually easier than you think!

    I use things I learned in these three classes every time I use PSE, which is often.

  47. Patsy Bolden
    | Reply

    You won’t go wrong with ANY class you purchase!! But if you are a beginner start with “Selections 1: Master the Basics” is a great place to start. If you have been doing this awhile and just don’t know why your pages are just not quite right, then “Design Beautiful Pages” will teach you what you may be missing. 😊

  48. Pat Rech
    | Reply

    I can’t say enough good things about the course. As a creative artistry photographer, I found the instructor easy to follow and the actions that come with this course both a welcomed time-saver as well as a creative tool for adjusting images to fit my page design goal. I use these actions daily and they have become a part of my regular workflow processing.

  49. Gwenda
    | Reply

    I love all the classes, but for someone new, I’d recommend something like the Mastery Classes. They sure help you to master things.
    Digital Scrapbooking Mastery 1 by Jen White

  50. Shirley
    | Reply

    I have particularly loved the classes that are released one lesson per week. That’s a more intriguing way for me to work and learn.

  51. Stacia Crowe
    | Reply

    I would recommend the Make it Match class ( I use the techniques on a daily basis and feel that I have more flexibility when using my elements. The instructions in this and all the classes I’ve taken through Digital Scrapper are clear, easy to follow and I can go as fast or slowly as I need to. Although I had to recommend only one class for this contest, I would recommend any class. I’ve loved every class I’ve taken on Digital Scrapper. They are the best!!

  52. Christine Bishop
    | Reply

    I’ve been a Digital Scrapper for many years…probably since around 2006 0r 2007. Everything I have learned about digital scrapbooking, I’ve learned from Digital Scrapper. Their instructors, classes, and tutorials are second to none. If you want to learn how to scrap this way, then this is the only place you need to be.

  53. Sandy K.
    | Reply

    I’ve taken multiple classes and it is nearly impossible to choose a favorite since they are truly all amazing! But, if I have to pick just one I’m going with Premier 2023 Volume 2. All of the courses in this series were very informative and I looked forward to the new release each month. There are 3 Lessons with a main lesson in each followed by 3 variations. So much to learn & do! I picked this specific volume because it has details on textures, blending, masks, patterns & even dingbats. While I had worked with some of these, I’ve never been very comfortable with them so I enjoyed playing with them more! The link to the class is:

  54. Jill E
    | Reply

    Too hard to just pick one favorite class 1st one is Actions Fix Photos Fast. I learned so much from this class! and I feel my photos are so much better looking after I’ve taken this class. I Highly recommend this one, you won’t regret it.
    2nd class was Design Beautiful Pages, I do digital scrapbooks for my 5 grandchildren. I scrap they’re lives. Having Design Beautiful Pages, gave me so many options to use. My books don’t all look the same. Every page now is different.
    All the classes are so worth taking, you learn SO much.
    Happy Scrapping everyone.

  55. Jan Knapp
    | Reply

    The most helpful class for me was the Heritage Photos class I took several years ago (not sure its still available). My favorites have been the Timeless Titles classes because I love typography.

  56. Kathleen Hoch
    | Reply

    One of my favorite classes is the one where you learn about making masks and how to use them. They are so versatile and can be used with photos or papers or even patterns.

  57. Ann Bricker
    | Reply

    I love the classes here! One of the first I took was “Brushes: Master the Basics by Karen Schulz” (you can find it here: which got me hooked on their classes. They are easily understood and reasonably priced. I always learn something new.

  58. Deborah
    | Reply

    Possibly my favorite class was Passion for Paper by Syndee Rogers. She takes you step-by-step through designing and making wonderful papers that you can customize to match any one of your layouts. I had sooo much fun experimenting with the different techniques. If you ever have trouble finding just the right paper, take this class!

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