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Spiral-Shaped Journaling
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Add a bit of whimsy to otherwise ordinary journaling using the Type tool and a spiral shape.… Read More

🧡 Shiny Object Syndrome — It’s not always bad! Follow the BUZZ.
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IN THE NEWS: What is Shiny Object Syndrome and how can it help you follow inspiration? Announcement of a new class bundle by Jenifer Juris coming soon. Exclusive Newsletter Sale on 10 Timeless Titles, Volume 1. New free video tutorial by Gina Harper featuring a custom shape and the Horizontal Type tool.… Read More

🧡 First Time for Everything + New FREE Quick Tip Video
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IN THE NEWS: See what’s new on the blog and get our latest FREE video tip. Exclusive Newsletter Sale on Digital Scrapper Premier Volume 1.… Read More

Type Layer VS Text Box
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Digital Scrapper Quick Tip, Type Tool Type Layer VS Text Box by Jenifer Juris Understand the difference between a simple type layer and a containing text box, and learn where each is most helpful. Simple Type Layer Use a simple … Read More

🧡 2 Common Scrapping Myths BUSTED! + FREE Video Quick Tip
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IN THE NEWS: In this newsletter, we’ll bust two common scrapbooking myths! Join Boogie Week and get your classes and projects finished. We’ll do it together. … Read More

Spellcheck Your Scrapbook Pages
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Digital Scrapper Quick Tip, Spellcheck Spellcheck Your Scrapbook Pages by Jenifer Juris Learn how to use Spellcheck to avoid spelling errors on your scrapbook pages. Includes a workaround for Photoshop Elements. How to Spellcheck in Photoshop Elements • In the … Read More