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šŸ§” Fast & Splashy–Right around the corner!
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IN THE NEWS: Get a taste of what’s coming up in the classroom. See what’s new in Community. Get inspired by scrapbookers just like you.… Read More

šŸ§” Joyful Things
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IN THE NEWS: Celebrate National Greeting Card Day. Exclusive Newsletter Sale on Custom Cards, Banner Burst. Loads of inspiration.… Read More

šŸ§” Take the Quick Layers Panel Quiz!
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IN THE NEWS: See if you can match the parts of a layer with the letters in our diagram. Get hooked up with everything you need to know about World Backup Day.… Read More

World Backup Day 2024
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ļ»æļ»æ   World Backup Day 2024 by Jen White Are you prepared in the case of a computer crash? Would you lose important files? What if your phone was lost or stolen? Would you still be able to retrieve your … Read More

Understanding the Contiguous Setting
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In this quick tip, Iā€™m going to teach you about the Contiguous setting for the Magic Wand tool. Itā€™s the difference between selecting all of the same colored pixels or selecting only a section of the same colored pixels.… Read More