3 Avoidable Mistakes for Good Page Design

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3 Avoidable Mistakes for Good Page Design
by Jen White


In our Design Beautiful Pages class we talk extensively about the characteristics of good scrapbook page design.

One of the words that kept popping up in the class was FOCUS.

In this blog post we’ll review three avoidable mistakes in the area of subject focus.

Take the quiz and see how you do.


Mistake #1: Photos do not have subject focus.

The photos on a scrapbook page will always tell a story. They are the most important part of a design. The trick is to only tell one story per page.

Take a look at this group of photos.

QUESTION: Do these photos tell only one story?

How can you tell? Use the “Huh?” factor. If, when looking at the photos, you find yourself in a state of confusion as to what is happening, then something’s wrong.

My Story: On this day we took a hike and then kayaked. While kayaking we encountered a beaver dam and the guys decided to be barbarians and make the dam passable. It was a success.


ANSWER: This group of four photos tells two stories, not one. It’s missing subject focus. If I remove the first photo taken during the hike, then focus returns to only the kayaking story.



Mistake #2: Kit does not have subject focus.

The papers and elements you use for a scrapbook page should always support the subject of the page.

QUESTION: Sticking with my three kayak photos (above), which group of papers/elements should I use for my page?

Remember, my story (subject) is about “While kayaking we encountered a beaver dam and the guys decided to be barbarians and make the dam passable. It was a success.”


ANSWER: All the kits are outdoorsy.

  • The first one is pretty and flowery. But, my kayak story is not a pretty and flowery story. So, the first group is not the best choice.
  • The second group is better, but my photos are about kayaking, not sailing. So, the second group is also not the best choice.
  • The third group gives the feel of nature without anything specific throwing off the subject. The third set is the best choice.



Mistake #3: Title does not have subject focus.

Titles can easily make or break a scrapbook page. Your title should always fully support your story. One great way to do that is to find word art that works well with your subject.

QUESTION: Which of these titles do you think most supports my story?

Remember, my story (subject) is about “While kayaking we encountered a beaver dam and the guys decided to be barbarians and make the dam passable. It was a success.”


ANSWER: We did relax while kayaking, but my story is about breaking the dam…not relaxing. And, this story was not something that occurs often in life, so “everyday life” does not really fit. This story was, however, very memorable. Therefore, the “memories” word art is the best suited.



Does this cover it?
Is this all there is to creating a well-designed scrapbook page with focus?

Nooooo way. There are many more easily avoidable mistakes when it comes to scrapbooking and page design. If you’re interested in learning more, check out the Design Beautiful Pages class below.



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8 Responses

  1. Akrubygal
    | Reply

    Love this class! Thanks for the quiz!

  2. Linda Schroeder
    | Reply

    Good to be reminded of those tips. That was a really great class. Heartily recommend it.

  3. doris edgar
    | Reply

    I agree with Jessie. I loved working on this class.

  4. Sally Rinker
    | Reply

    I took the class Design Beautiful Pages class in the past.. Do I need to update previous downloads?

    • Jen White
      | Reply

      Hi Sally. If there are any updates, we will make sure to send an email to all class members. What you have is current. 😀

  5. Donna
    | Reply

    Good tips! thanks

  6. Jessie
    | Reply

    Great reminder, Jen! Absolutely loved the class. I think it was my favorite of all times (although it’s so hard to choose!). If you haven’t taken the course, I highly recommend it! 🙂

  7. Liz Papenfuss
    | Reply

    Thanks! You always make it seems so simple! I would love to see the finished page.

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