Favorite Food Challenge Winner!

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If you missed the Favorite Food Challenge, you may want to go back and check it out!

This might seem like a just-for-fun challenge, but it’s also one that encourages very scrap-worthy things! If people scrap their favorite food — possibly share a recipe or tell why they love that food — they have no idea what a treasure it will seem to generations to come!

There were some really awesome pages entered in the Favorite Food Challenge Gallery. I enjoyed them all! We did have to choose just ONE person to win this challenge, though — and it was hard for me, as usual! So much talent in this scrapping community! You all keep making it harder and harder to pick a winner!

The layout that was chosen as the winner of this Favorite Food Challenge was this page by dittter:

by dittter

The story of Aunt Betty on this page is amazing! It’s such an awesome tribute to her and such a great recap of her life & personality! I love that this page not only has the recipe (with a photo!) but an actual photo of the person who created the recipe — cute Aunt Betty!

This lady sounds so cool. I wish I knew her! I love that everyone calls this legendary dish “Aunt Betty’s.” That’s just perfect. If you haven’t taken the time to read the journaling on this page, please do so! It’s such a great example of why we scrap, to capture such important memories!

Congratulations, dittter, on winning this challenge!

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And to everyone — thanks so much for entering our Favorite Food Challenge!

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Happy Scrapping, everyone! Have a great day!

~Andrea 🙂

4 Responses

  1. dittter
    | Reply

    Thank you so much. Aunt Betty was one of a kind.

  2. donnak
    | Reply

    Love the journaling. You did a great job of describing a unique lady.

  3. arpeddle
    | Reply

    Congratulations! A great page, definitely deserving to win!

  4. zita b
    | Reply

    A winner for sure – page and recipe 🙂

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