Centering Type Within a Text Box by Jenifer

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Digital Scrapper Quick Tip, Type Tool

Centering Type Within a Text Box by Jenifer Juris

Learn how to properly center type within a text box.

Here’s the Secret

Fit the text box to your journaling before you center the journaling on the document.

This tip is for both Photoshop Elements and Adobe Photoshop.




Card: Jenifer Juris
Quick Tip: Centering Type Within a Text Box by Jenifer Juris
Kit: Driftwood by Meryl Bartho
Fonts: Bolyna, Special Elite


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8 Responses

  1. Anke+Turco
    | Reply

    Very cool. There always is a little something I didn’t think of 🙂 Thanks for the great tip!!

  2. Vivian
    | Reply

    Thank you for another great tutorial.

  3. Nanci Radford
    | Reply

    You’re always teaching us something new! Thank You Jenifer!

  4. Julie
    | Reply

    Great tip! I always have fiddled around moving the textbox! This is quick and easy!

  5. Beverly
    | Reply

    A nice reminder. Thanks.

  6. Elaine
    | Reply

    Thanks for this info!

  7. akrubygal
    | Reply

    what a great quick tip! Thanks, Jenifer!

  8. Beverly
    | Reply

    Great tip, and very helpful, Jenifer. Thank you very much.

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