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December 12, 2023 | Digital Scrapper News | Volume 21, Issue 50

Hi there!

Especially this time of year, do you find yourself in need of shortcuts in order to save time and manage life? I certainly do.

Problems with Shortcuts
The 2 biggest problems I have with shortcuts are

  1. Remembering what they are.
  2. Remembering to use them.

The Shortcut Solution
Shortcuts in Photoshop or Photoshop Elements are often the hardest to remember because, even though they save you time, they don’t always make sense. Here’s my solution:

  • Write a new-to-you shortcut on a small sticky note.
  • Adhere the sticky note to your laptop or monitor. You may have to use tape!

Here’s the thing…you will never learn a shortcut unless you are consistently seeing it and using it. This solution works for me (and my forgetful memory) and I know it will work for you too!

This Week On the Blog

If you use Adobe Photoshop (not Photoshop Elements), this week on the blog, Jenifer Juris has a quick tip for helping you to assign a keyboard shortcut to something that doesn’t already have one. Very cool.


Coming Up the Next Two Weeks
The next two weeks at Digital Scrapper, we will be laying low for Christmas and spending quality, uninterrupted time with friends and family. Here’s what you need to know:

  1. There will be no regular newsletter next week (December 19) or the week after (December 26). We will resume normal newsletter content on Tuesday, January 2, 2024.
  2. I will be checking in on you once a day to make sure you’re not struggling. But if your question or problem can wait until after Christmas, please wait to email me.
  3. Community is open 24/7 and help can always be found there! I love our Community!!
  4. Our greatest days are just ahead.

Love and creative success,

Jen White, Owner of Digital Scrapper & QwikLearn

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It’s Boogie Week! Let’s Get Stuff Done!

Boogie Week is our once-a-month call for you to join us in finishing up loose classes and projects. We want you to get things done because it feels GREAT!


Boogie Testimonial
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Pat K


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Digital Scrapper Quick Tip | Keyboard Shortcuts

Custom Keyboard Shortcut by Jenifer Juris

Quickly create a custom keyboard shortcut in Photoshop.

NOTE: This tip does not work in Photoshop Elements.


Watch the Video

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Template: Shape Up Templates Layered Shapes by Jenifer Juris
Quick Tip: Custom Keyboard Shortcut by Jenifer Juris
Kits: All You Need & Just a Note by Allison Pennington
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