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October 3, 2023 | Digital Scrapper News | Volume 21, Issue 40

Hi there!

Last week I suffered from “Shiny Object Syndrome.”

In the business world, Shiny Object Syndrome is BAD! It refers to overly-enticing bunny trails that whack you upside the head and derail you from your daily goals. Those bunny trails masquerade as shiny objects promising to help you get ahead… when in reality, as good as they might be, you just get farther behind.

But in the digitally-creative world, Shiny Object Syndrome is OH SO GOOD! Here, you see inspiration and you RUN with it. You run until you putter out. And if all goes well, you have come out ahead and have something amazing to show for it.

Here’s an Example of Shiny Object Syndrome
Last week, I was closing unused tabs in my browser and I found one open to a website called FreePik (previously known as FreePNG, I think). The category was set to PSD and staring back at me was the marketing template shown below on the left.


BUZZ, went my brain. I think I could make a scrapbook page from that, I thought.

And as the story went . . . Jen White dumped her morning agenda and followed the shiny object down the narrow bunny trail that lead to creative expression (image above on the right). The end.

I’ve included some shiny objects for you to run with farther down in this newsletter. Enjoy!

Love and creative success,

Jen White, Owner of Digital Scrapper & QwikLearn

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P.S. The header above was created using Autumn Spice by Aprilisa.

P.P.S. The template I used above is from bilalpateldesigner from FreePik. I finished the template with Spring Breeze by Palvinka Designs.



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