Black Friday Blowout Sale

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Black Friday Blowout Sale
by Jen White

We are SO thankful for YOU. Enjoy these savings, a FREE download, and a contest from now through Tuesday, November 29, 2016.

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  • HOW TO ENTER: In the comments below, tell us what your favorite tradition is during the holidays.
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Again, we are SO thankful for you. All of us here at Digital Scrapper wish you a very lovely Thanksgiving.


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65 Responses

  1. Linda Kirsch
    | Reply

    Just being able to spend the day with family and leaving the cares of the world behind us for the day (or even a few hours) is what makes me happy. Whether it be our place, my son home, or my sister’s home those on Christmas eve, just being around I love is what matters the most to me.

  2. Gwen Grooms
    | Reply

    I LOVE being with my family and all 2 day leftovers then shopping on Black Friday. Playing card games while waiting for Dinner is also FUN!

  3. Ladydi
    | Reply

    Serving at Church and watching the kids (elementary thru 6th grade: run into the church up the isles with their trash cans and buckets to play “Little Drummer Boy”

  4. Casey
    | Reply

    We have a lot of family holiday traditions, and it’s fun now to see our kids continue these traditions with their own children. We spend all of Christmas with family and extended family. My favourite part is when we open our stockings together, while sipping on coffee and enjoying homemade cranberry pecan coffee cake. Later, our daughter cooks a fabulous Christmas brunch, and in the evening one of my siblings or I cook a wonderful turkey dinner.

  5. Linda Ireland
    | Reply

    My favorite activity at Christmas is selecting an ornament for each of my grandchildren that reflects something special for them during the year that goes on my tree. My plan is to give the yearly ornaments to them when they get married for their first tree. I am up to 11 grandchildren so this gets really intense looking for that special ornament for each of them. But it is worth it when they come and search the tree for their ornaments!

  6. Karen
    | Reply

    Our favorite tradition is riding around town looking at all the decorated/lighted houses. We have so many fun memories of this night over the years!

  7. Gen
    | Reply

    Our favorite Christmas tradition it taking the train into the city for dinner and to see the Christmas lights.

  8. Michelle Wagner
    | Reply

    My husband and I, our two daughters and the boyfriend of choice at the moment decorate Gingerbread Houses. It’s become quite fun watching the “boys” go from hem/haw to really enjoying the process.

  9. Steph
    | Reply

    Our family has taken a photo for our Christmas card every year since my oldest son was born – so 29 years now. Usually taken at Thanksgiving, we have been lucky that everyone has always been able to be at home together. I love looking back thru all the years to see how we have changed.

  10. littlen
    | Reply

    Favorite tradition is making cookies, especially with grandkids.

  11. Barbara H
    | Reply

    As our son grew and eventually left home, our traditions have changed. Now when our son and daughter in-law are here we have pizza on Christmas Eve. There is no stress or need to cook. Then we come home and play games or cards while munching on Christmas goodies. It is such a fun relaxed evening.

  12. Bev Schweppe
    | Reply

    Too me it’s all about just being together as a family. Now that our boys have moved away from home, I am thankful they make time to visit and be together. I try to make all their favorite dishes. This year both my boys have to work on Christmas day and I told them just pick a day and we will celebrate together whenever that day is. I love listening to my boys discussing sports with their dad. It’s just normal conversation but I just love watching as they have grown into wonderful young men just having conversations with each other, the laughter and the teasing. Makes my heart swell with pride.

  13. Kathleen Hoch
    | Reply

    One of my favorite traditions is with our Women’s Club at church where we all have dinner together and then do an ornament/gift exchange. The exchange is through a game and it is always fun.

  14. taztang68
    | Reply

    For the first 25 years we were together, we slept under the tree on Christmas eve, and unwrapped our gifts to eachother while having our first cup of coffee in the morning. We gradually moved from just grabbing a blanket at night, to dragging the airbed in, and the last couple of years, we found that we can go to sleep under the tree, but our bones may not allow us to get back up in the morning, so now we’re “in between” traditions 🙂 and just have a quiet day, enjyoing eachothers company with absolutely no “have to do today” chores.

  15. Debbie Smith
    | Reply

    My favorite tradition is being together with family and friends, enjoying a fantastic meal and catch up time.

  16. Cheryl Raun
    | Reply

    We have a family feast. It’s getting harder to get all
    the family together on one day, but we try!

  17. Cheryl
    | Reply

    We have a big feast with family members.
    As the family has grown, it is harder to get
    everyone together on one day, but we try!

  18. Kathy
    | Reply

    My favorite tradition is our gingerbread house decorating contest. I bring all the candies, royal frosting and graham crackers, and everyone builds and decorates a house. It is fun to see how more elaborate and creative everyone has gotten over the years, and to see the grandchildren develop their ideas as they get older.

  19. Debi Crosser
    | Reply

    My kids all live in different towns and it’s hard to get them together during the busy Christmas season, so we always have our Christmas celebration early, around the 10th of December. That is about the only time we are all together each year, and I love it. I love seeing the grown-up kids interacting together, playing cards, etc. and the grandkids all playing together.

  20. sweetheaven
    | Reply

    my favorite tradition is getting all the family together and having our picture taken together. Every Christmas Eve we all get together and have one big picture taken. There is about 35 of us so sometimes its a little hard to get everyone in and see everyone’s face.

  21. Betsy
    | Reply

    I really enjoy when we finally have the tree up and all of the decorations out and we pour a glass of eggnog and sit down to take in the beauty.

  22. Lea Foster
    | Reply

    My favorite tradition is having everyone (all 35 of us) at my house for a big turkey meal with all the trimmings and too much desert (is that even possible?). The guys and my niece all sit down to play cards together, the little kids run, play and laugh while the women sit down at the table and pass the Black Friday ads around for everyone to decide where we will all go together shopping the next day.

  23. Sandra Gaubatz
    | Reply

    My favorite thing is getting together with family, some of whom I see only a couple of times a year.

  24. Karla H
    | Reply

    Having a big meal of turkey, gravy, stuffing, potatoes, green bean casserole, sweet potatoes, lefse, variety of sides and pumpkin pie. Spending time with as many family members that can get together.

  25. Michelle Niederhauser
    | Reply

    My favorite tradition is dinner with the family.

  26. Joan Robillard
    | Reply

    With no children and my husband passed away Christmas can be a lonely day. So last year I started a new holiday tradition (did it for Thanksgiving this year too). I leave my house before sunrise and travel to different places to get pictures. Last year I was on Old Orchard Beach for Sunrise and it was joyous. I go to LL Bean’s (open 24-7) for my lunch. Though thinking of going south this year. I bump into others out there enjoying the beaches and the views and feel uplifted. Now I can look forward to the day again.

  27. Cathy L Vernon
    | Reply

    We draw names among the adults, and each year we choose a different theme for the gifts. We normally set a limit of around $50. My favorite year though, was the year we did homemade Stockings. Unfortunately, I lost my EHD that had all my pics on it from that Christmas. My dear had my name and the stocking she did me was The Old Woman in the shoe. She took an old pair of tennis shoes, and crafted a stocking onto them that looked just like the classic tale. It was the most fun Christmas we all had! My Mom made an Ohio State stocking for my daughter…… everyone got so creative!

  28. Nina Graff
    | Reply

    I LOVE heading out to the woods…. snipping greens, and gathering bits and pieces to make centerpieces and wreaths. One year, I asked my big pup (who knew how to bow on command)…if he was ready to go out to cut boughs? And he promptly gave me the perfect bow! One of my favorite memories!! Loved him so.

  29. CrimsonCrow
    | Reply

    Thank you so much, for the sales, and for all the freebies and wonderful classes you have offered over the years.

    I am not the most prolific or gregarious of members but I love this community and the amazing creativity of the members and the talented, creative and skilled teachers.

    You truly have changed my life by teaching me skills that have allowed me to use my creativity in ways of which I never dreamed.

    In gratitude,

  30. AKrubygal
    | Reply

    For thanksgiving, my mom always made two stuffings – the traditional bread stuffing and a wild rice stuffing. I carry on the tradition!!

  31. teri Chaffin
    | Reply

    Two of them — black friday shopping with my kids and baking with my kids and grandkids!

  32. Andrea Taylor
    | Reply

    I love going to the NFR every year in Las Vegas

  33. Claudia Davis
    | Reply

    For the last 50 years I have made what my children call the “green thing”. It is basically the Rice Krispy recipe made with Corn Flakes instead, adding green food color to the marshmallow mix, laid out in a ring to look like a wreath(using a pizza pan), then adding red hot candies for finishing touches. It is festive, delicious, and the best part makes their tongues GREEN!

  34. Jenny Hunt
    | Reply

    I love to make Christmas Cards with My 11 Grandkids like I did with my 3 Kids. We also decorate, Bake cookies. Shop fo presents for Parents and other Grand Parents.Just Togetherness And making Memories.

  35. Karen M in FL
    | Reply

    A few of our favorite things are making cookies, go to our local parade, and driving around to see the Christmas lights after the Christmas Eve Family service.

  36. Debbie Jordan
    | Reply

    We have always grilled steaks on Christmas Eve. I sped a few evening afterwork baking the same cakes, pies and other treats. This is such a relaxed dinner and even the grandkids forget about the presents for a while as we let them have their stockings and there is always a small toy or two in there

  37. Kellie Linn
    | Reply

    When we were growing up my dad used to flock our tree and we had a colored strobe light that he’d set up to shine on the tree. After church on Christmas Eve, we would just enjoy fellowship by the light of that beautiful tree!

  38. Millie
    | Reply

    My favorite tradition is being with family, eating all the wonderful food and then playing table games and catching up with what is going on in our lives.

  39. penny
    | Reply

    Going to church through December sitting quietly & leaving all the hustle & bustle outside.

    | Reply

    How exciting to be able to share our holidays. We actually gather before Thanksgiving Day because several family members work for a store that has to prepare for Black Friday sales the night before…Thursday. Makes for a quiet day on the holiday–which is a treat.

  41. Jean E Toth
    | Reply

    My favorite tradition is making cards for friends and family. Putting together a newsletter with pictures for out of towners. Once in the mail, I love to bake holiday cookies and old favorites from the past, nut and poppy seed rolls. Then, at last, get together with family on Christmas Eve and Day (the family is big) to eat and exchange gifts. Depending on time and weather, we also worship the Baby Jesus, our Savior at our local church.

  42. Pat M
    | Reply

    One of our favorite parts of Christmas decorating is our travel tree. We’ve bought a Christmas ornament everywhere we’ve traveled since we’ve been married. After 31 years we have a tree full. As we unpack and hang each ornament we remember where we were and the good times we had.

  43. Donna Knighten
    | Reply

    One of my favorite Christmas traditions is going to an ornament party at a friend’s house. While we have done this for many, many years, some of the friends attending have changed over time. We all bring a favorite dish for dinner and a nice ornament (within a given price range) and after dinner we do the swap. The swap is a game that provides lots of laughter and good fun.

  44. JulesW
    | Reply

    Christmas Cookie baking! I started baking mega batches and types of cookies with my mom when I was growing up. I inherited the “cookie Plate”; which a gorgeous hand painted plate that’s been in the family since the late 1800’s. I cherish it.
    My dad always said “why do you bake so many cookies?”. Can you guess who ate the MOST cookies!

  45. Ruth316
    | Reply

    My favorite tradition is to have dinner with family and watch a few football games and maybe play some card games, if there is time. I love leftover turkey sandwiches.

  46. Michelle
    | Reply

    My husband, two children and I make pounds and pounds of fudge too share and give during the holidays. We turn on the Christmas song and start cooking.

  47. Renee Diprose
    | Reply

    Baking ‘tortieres’, French Canadian meat pies, using my Dad’s recipe is one of my before Christmas traditions. But my favorite tradition is getting together with our family on Christmas Day. The host cooks the turkey, stuffing and gravy while each family brings their ‘signature’ dish. After the meal, and clean up, we sit around and play a gift exchange and other games. This family tradition is over forty years old!

  48. Gwen
    | Reply

    My favorite tradition is the food. We too are scattered all over. Even if you can’t get together with any family members, you make the traditional holiday dinners. My favorite dish is yams with marshmallows on top! My mom taught me how to make it.

  49. pjscraps
    | Reply

    Our whole family works on the Thanksgiving meal.The recipes are the same every year. The fun is in the competition: who makes the prettiest pie crust, will the cranberry sauce set this year, how much should we make for leftovers. Then naps in front of the television.

  50. Elaine Johnston
    | Reply

    Sad to say – we are all so scattered now – from Alaska to New Jersey – to Florida to Tennessee…we’re Tennessee…we try to get together as much as possible but usually have to settle for long-winded phone calls…may you and yours enjoy every bit of the holidays no matter where you are!

    elaine j

  51. Connie Kresin Campbell
    | Reply

    Our favorite tradition is a White Elephant gift exchange! Thanks for the beautiful cards!

  52. Tammy Worman
    | Reply

    A long workout in the morning followed by coffee and the Macy’s Day parade!

  53. Jane aka Selra
    | Reply

    My favorite holiday tradition is that is when I get to see all of my close family. Between Thanksgiving and New Years either I visit them or they visit me or both! And there is a very rich cranberry molasses pudding I used to make that is now made by my daughter-in-law (with me helping a bit if I’m not in high demand by the grandkids).

  54. Donna
    | Reply

    Our family is like Sandra’s. My sister is a great cook and serves a fabulous meal. I bring the cranberry relish. The recipe has been passed down from my great-grandmother and it is the best.

    Then we sit around the table and talk, and then bring out the games and desert.

  55. Linda Holden
    | Reply

    Thank you to Digital Scrapper for inspiring me in my creative life. We enjoy being together with family and friends at this time of the year and the time to reflect on God’s goodness.

  56. Robin Irvin
    | Reply

    Driving around town looking at Christmas lights with my best friend!

  57. Irene
    | Reply

    My favorite tradition is making and decorating Christmas cookies with the kids and grand kids. There’s always a competition of who decorated the best. It’s great to see the grand kids now a part of that…lots of fun, teasing and laughter.

  58. Pam
    | Reply

    My favorite tradition is the Christmas Eve (not held on December 24) dinner with our sons and their families. It is the meal I enjoyed with my family growing up. Homemade Swedish sausage as the main dish.

  59. Anne Millett
    | Reply

    We have travelled for several years and our family is scattered across the country. The only constant has been the food/meals we prepare and enjoy. We try to spend part of the holiday with someone close to us. As for traditions, they have changed due the moving around and living in different places. But the food we enjoy has changed very little and I guess that would be a tradition. Special sweets that are only made at Christmas, a fabulous turkey dinner on the big day (of course) but we have always had a special meal on Christmas Eve …. usually it would be Tortierre (a Canadian favourite) or rabbit stew if we can get the rabbits.
    Merry Christmas to all of you!

  60. lawyerlyn
    | Reply

    my favourite tradition is going to dawn masses for nine days or what we call “misa de gallo”

  61. Sandra Gaubatz
    | Reply

    Our family likes to get together and have a big turkey dinner and then we all gather around the table and play games, such as Tripoly, Apples to Apples, etc.

    • Jen White
      | Reply

      Congrats, Sandra! You are the randomly chosen winner of the 25 Greeting Cards from I will be contacting you directly via email to help you claim your prize. YAY!

  62. Nightshadow
    | Reply

    We have no kids of our own, so our favorite tradition has become going to the toy store to buy toys to donate to Toys for Tots.

  63. PatriciaD
    | Reply

    My favorite tradition these days is making homemade gifts. We, of course, allow purchased gifts for the kids but for the adults it’s supposed to be homemade (like a scrapbook or journal).

  64. Julie Singco
    | Reply

    Our favorite tradition is driving around checking out all of the holiday lights while listening to our favorite Christmas songs.

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