Top 7 Digital Scrapbooking Supply Websites

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Top 7 Digital Scrapbooking Supply Websites
by Jenifer Juris

Find out my list of the top 7 digital scrapbooking supply stores below. Warning: your digital supplies are about to take a big jump in size! 

The hobby of digital scrapbooking comes with many perks:

  • If you make a mistake, you can undo.
  • If you don’t like how the page is turning out, you can start over and not waste any supplies.
  • Digital supplies don’t take up any storage space in your house.
  • Digital scrapbooking kits cost much less than traditional paper supplies. 

Digital scrapbooking supplies can be found in many places online. But unless you know where to look, it can feel like looking for a needle in a haystack. So here are my top 7 digital scrapbooking supply websites, in no particular order:



  1. The Digital Press Unfortunately, The Digital Press closed in April 2023

The Digital Press currently has 20+ different designers who sell digital scrapbooking supplies there. At the Digital Press, you can find a handful of template designers and a good number of kit designers. Many of the kit designers create more traditional-looking kits, but they each have their own unique design style and offer a great variety. 

The Digital Press also offers a Monthly Chronicles, which is a monthly Pocket scrapbooking collection. Each month has a new theme, and you can customize which part of the collection you wish to purchase. Each Friday is a New Release Day, and they also offer awesome sales at different times throughout the year. 



  1. Sweet Shoppe

The Sweet Shoppe currently has 25+ designers who sell supplies. There are template designers, kit designers, and commercial use designers. The style of kits ranges from traditional, to traditional mixed with artsy grunge. 

Each week, they have a New Release day on Friday, and they offer different sales throughout the year. They also have a Freebie section with a sample from each designer so you can get a feel for their products. 



  1. The Lilypad

The Lilypad currently has 30+ designers who sell their digital scrapbooking supplies. The designs range from traditional to artsy mixed media. They also have a commercial use section in their store.

The Lilypad offers two monthly subscriptions. The first is the Memory Pockets Monthly subscription, which has a central theme each month. It comes with kits, journaling cards, stickers, and other digital designs that cater to pocket and traditional scrapping. The second is the Mixed Media Monthly subscription, which also has a central theme each month. This subscription comes with papers, elements, and other digital products that have a more artsy mixed media style. They also have a New Release every Friday and they have different sales as well. 



  1. Pickleberry Pop

Pickleberry Pop has 20+ designers who sell their products there. They sell both personal and commercial use products, and offer a wide range of styles. Everything from traditional to very artsy, to loveable cartoon-like characters, they have it. They also have templates, fonts, and various other digital designs. 

Pickleberry Pop has New Release day on Tuesdays of every week. They also offer different sales throughout the year. 



  1. Gingerscraps

Gingerscraps has 45+ different designers listed on their site. They sell both personal and commercial use products in a wide variety of styles. Traditional, artsy, cartoon-like, templates, and various other digital products can be found at Gingerscraps. 

Gingerscraps has New Release Day each Friday, and they have many other sales with opportunities to grab some digital supplies at a good price. 



  1. Scrap Girls

Scrap Girls has 30+ different designers listed. They sell both personal and commercial use products. They have everything from traditional to artsy styles to cartoon-like. You can also find templates, brushes, and various other digital products. 

Scrap Girls also has 3 subscription plans available. The first is the Scrap Girls Club. This monthly subscription has a central theme and comes with a coordinated kit that is large and full of papers, elements, and other digital products. The second plan is the Scrap Simple Club. The Scrap Simple Club is a monthly subscription that gives you access to products that are specifically made for you to be able to customize them yourself. The third is the Scrap Simple club but at a higher price for commercial use. Scrap Girls also has new releases every week.



  1. OScraps

OScraps currently has 35+ designers listed on their site. They have some traditional, mixed media, artsy, vintage, and a few other styles to pick from. They sell both personal and commercial use products, and they sell templates, kits, and various other digital products. 

OScraps also has a unique subscription plan. Each year, there is a one-time fee that you pay that gives you access to new content each week. The plan is called the 52 Inspirations and Friends. Along with weekly content, there are a host of other benefits that come with the subscription. And unlike other sites, you can purchase previous year’s content. Like all of the other stores, OScraps has new releases on a regular basis.

All of these stores have a lot to offer. Between sales, variety of styles and products, forums, and galleries; each store brings unique opportunities for saving money and finding inspiration. Take a look around and look through the designers. You’ll soon find you have a wishlist a mile long, just like I do! 


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24 Responses

  1. Christine
    | Reply

    Thank you for this list. I knew almost all of them, just a quick note to say the first one one this list the digital press closed in April this year and will be sorely missed.

    • Julie Singco
      | Reply

      Thanks so much for the reminder, Christine. I have updated the post to reflect the store closing.

  2. Maureen
    | Reply

    I’ve shopped at all but two of those sites but mostly from Katie Pertiet Designs formerly Designer Digitals. I started there in 2008 so you can imagine I have a LOT of Katie’s products. She had many designers in the early days and eventually several designers branched out to have their own stores. That is my only regret as I then need to shop around which can be dangerous!

  3. Lynne
    | Reply

    I have bought from most of these sites and more at one time or another. One I use a lot is Katie Pertiet designs, it wase Designer Digitals. ( ) Lots of neat templates and watercolor flowers. Your downloads never expire. I have more kits and stash than I can use up before I die!

  4. Sheryl Marie Reiber
    | Reply

    Escapes and Scraps great store lots of wonderful designers: Rosie’s Designs, Magical Reality and many more. Pickleberrypop all sorts of beautiful kits, MDD Designs, Jumpstart and so many other designers. Gingerscraps, The Lillypad, Oscraps.

  5. Sheryl Marie Reiber
    | Reply

    I have purchased from all of these websites. I would like to include e-scapeandscrap they have several designers and some unique kits.

  6. Christina Young
    | Reply

    Sorry Jenifer. I am always putting 2 n’s in your name even though I do know it is only 1. Habit I think! 🙁

  7. Christina Young
    | Reply

    You have mentioned all of my favourite sites, Jennifer. And the best is that most of these sites also offer freebies so you can get a taste of each designers style.

  8. Christine
    | Reply

    I have purchased from most of these. Another advantage of digital files is that at least while they have not retired them if disaster strikes you can redownload the files from the stores, as they generally keep a record of your purchases!

    • Jen White
      | Reply

      That’s a great point, Christine. You must keep in mind, however, that there is no guarantee any website on the internet will be around in the near or distant future.

  9. Jobascraps
    | Reply also is a very very good site.

    • Jen White
      | Reply

      Thanks for the idea.

  10. Rachel Martin
    | Reply

    Don’t forget about! It is a subscription site, but it allows you to download 5 kit items ( a paper, an enamel heart, a circular stitch, a flair, a brad, an epoxy star, etc…) each day, free for personal use just for being a non-subscriber. ALL of their scrapbooking items are CU4CU, when acquired using the commercial use subscription (there is a personal use subscription as well.)

  11. Donna
    | Reply

    Hi Jenifer,
    Thanks so much for this listing. I have also bought from all (except Scrap Girls) in the past 10 years I have been digital scrapping. I have sooooo many kits, that I too don’t even know what I have. I especially like OScraps because their products are generally more artsy which is the style I now like. You should also check out The Digital Scrapbooking Studio. They have 60 designers with all types of products. Many of their designers are also with other shops you mentioned. They are my favorite at this time because of the wide variety of products and generally less costly than OScraps. I am always looking for something new and different. Thanks so much for all your great tips and classes at Digital Scrapper–a long time favorite for learning (and previously for kits).

  12. Marty S Rowe
    | Reply

    I’ve purchases from all of these sites! I only use Gingerscraps of the ones you’ve mentioned on a regular basis. I’m old and find many of the sites visually cluttered and not appealing to me for browsing. I used to receive newsletters from all of these sites, but found I was on email overload. I’ve re-bookmarked these sites, thanks to you, and will not sign up for all the newsletters. I know I’ll miss out on some freebies, but my stash is huge! Thank you for your post!

    • Marty S Rowe
      | Reply

      How do I change my photo? It’s at least ten years old!!

      • Jenifer Juris
        | Reply

        I believe WordPress gets your picture from Gravatar so you’ll need to change it w/ them. Once you do, it can take a few days to see the updated picture.

  13. Kay Morrison
    | Reply

    Thank you Jennifer for the great list of scrapbooking stores. I have purchased from most all of them in the past. I am still getting use to using PS CC2021 and have not done much scrapping in the past few months.
    I am getting a new monitor this week so maybe I will be able to see and read the sub menus in PS. In the past I waited for PS’s help for an hour and a half and finally gave up when I was attempting to do your last class. Hopefully things will be better in 2021. Happy New Year!

    • Jenifer Juris
      | Reply

      Hi Kay! I’m so sorry the transition has been hard due to not being able to see it clearly. I really hope the new monitor works and helps you get back to scrapping! 🙂

  14. Kay Cooke
    | Reply

    This is a perfect post since I just asked this question on the Facebook group. BTW, I just finished Jennifer Juris’ course, An Eye for Edits. Although I thought I corrected my photos fairly well, I learned some valuable tips and methods in this course. The practice session were very helpful. I wish I could go back and correct the photos in all the books that I’ve already created!

  15. Loretta Habig
    | Reply

    Thanks Jenifer. I have used all of these sites but it was interesting to see them laid out like this and have their strengths and differences noted.

  16. Jane
    | Reply

    You may not even know about this digital scrapbooking site, but it’s well worth checking out: While they sell their own digital scrapbooking software, all of the kits (and there are many by many designers) will work with PSE and PSCC. Even better, buyers have lifetime access to their purchases. The kits tend to be more traditional whereas I prefer more artistic, but do take a look.

  17. Laurel
    | Reply

    Nice! I have shopped at all the stores you listed, depending on the project I am working on. Four others I visit just as frequently are:

    Oh my goodness…you are so right…I do have a lot of kits. But they are so versatile, and I mix and match. Since lockdown, I have explored more versatility in my pages. It’s been kind of exciting and soothing.

  18. Bonnie
    | Reply

    I have purchased from most of these companies thru the years. I have so many things I can’t even find them. I have been with Digital Scrappers since I started years ago, wow I think of all the things you could of charged me for, you are the BEST.

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