Quick Tip—Photo Embellishment

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Quick Tip—Photo Embellishment
by Jen White

I have a slight obsession with word art. Because of that, I’m always trying out different ways of adding it to my scrapbook pages. Here’s a quick tip to try.


This is a word art element from Live, Love by Kitty Designs. I felt like the bottom right part of my photo was just begging for some attention. Here was my thought process:

  • Clip a piece of word art to a photo.
  • Change the color of the word art to contrast with the photo.
  • Lower the opacity of the word art to blend it in.


I absolutely ADORE how this simple addition to my photo totally dressed it up.

Page: Jen White | Template: 1502-tem-2 by Jen White | Kit: Live, Love by Kitty Designs | Font: Courier Regular
Page: Jen White | Template: 1502-tem-4 by Jen White | Kit: Live, Love by Kitty Designs | Font: Courier Regular


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jenwhite-48x48Author: Jen White | jen@digitalscrapper.com
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  1. Elaine Johnston
    | Reply

    Jen…LOVE it! Thanks so much!!! Know I’ll use this one when I have the time to “play” again…

    Have a great day…
    elaine j

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