Realistically Shadowed Paperclip

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Realistically Shadowed Paperclip
by Jen White

Realistically attaching a paperclip to a piece of paper or a photo is not hard, it’s just a matter of making sure to get the shadowing right.

For this tutorial you will need:

  • A photo
  • A paperclip
  • Photoshop Elements or Adobe Photoshop

Download the photo and paperclip I’m using.

Note: A manual and TOU is included in the download above.



Page: Nosey Finch by Jen White
Photos: Jen White
Tutorial-YouTube: Realistically Shadowed Paperclip
Kit: Farmhouse Style by Melissa Renfro
Font: DJB Annalise


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13 Responses

  1. Sharron Lamb
    | Reply

    Another one of those “simple” tricks that I always respond to with, “almost everything is simple WHEN YOU KNOW HOW TO DO IT!” Now we know! Great lesson, Jen.

  2. Cindy Austin
    | Reply

    Thank you, I’ve always wondered how to get the overlay shadow out. Thank you so much.

  3. judy treuge
    | Reply

    Thanks Jen! fun tutorial!

  4. Suzanne Gmirek
    | Reply

    Thanks Jen. Wonderful tutorial! And great photos!

  5. Renee
    | Reply

    I also got another great tip from this tutorial when you talked about the PS Legacy Brushes. I am relatively new to using PS and wondered where they went. So Thank YOU again:)

  6. Renee
    | Reply

    Thanks Jen. I did know how to do this and now I know how again lol!

  7. Betsy
    | Reply

    Jen, I learn so much watching your videos! Thank you so much. Your voice is very soothing as well.

  8. Mary Anne Chevalier
    | Reply

    Thanks, Jen. I agree you need to scrape these moments – they remind us to stop and smell the roses once in a while. Did you take your photos thru the window? The tutorial was great – now I need to get busy scrapping!

    • Jen White
      | Reply

      Yes! Most of my bird photos are through a window. But I have a zoom lens on my camera, so you cannot really tell. 😀

  9. Julie LaPoint
    | Reply

    Great tutorial, Jen! I’ve always avoided using paperclips because I wasn’t sure how to make them look realistic! Time to use paperclips! 🙂

  10. Barbara
    | Reply

    Thanks Jen for sharing your knowledge and the fun moments of your life.

  11. Sharon
    | Reply

    Great tutorial, Jen.

  12. Joyce
    | Reply

    Thanks Jen, this is great!

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