Framed with a Phrase

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Learn how to create a custom frame with a custom phrase that you can use in so many awesome ways!


Step One: Prepare a Document

  • Create a new 7×5 inch document (File > New > Blank File) at 300 ppi with a white background. (PS: Choose File > New.)
  • Press the letter D to reset the Color Chips to the default of black over white.


Step Two: Create a Stroke Frame

  • In the Layers panel, click on the Create a New Layer icon.
  • Get the Rectangular Marquee tool.
  • In the Tool Options, click on the New Selection icon. Set the Feather to 0 px and the Aspect to Fixed Size. (PS: Set the Style to Fixed Size.) Enter a Width of 6 inches and a Height of 4 inches.
  • On the document, click and drag to position the selection so that it’s entirely on the document and roughly centered.



  • In the Menu Bar, choose Edit > Stroke (Outline) Selection. (PS: Choose Edit > Stroke.)
  • In the dialog box, enter 8 px for the Width, set the Location to Inside, and set the Blending Mode to Normal with an Opacitiy of 100%. Click OK.
  • Press Ctrl D (Mac: Cmd D) to deselect.



Step Three: Add Text

  • Get the Horizontal Type tool.
  • In the Tool Options, choose a font and size. Click on the Center Text Alignment icon. I’m using the font Fonesia with a size of 18 pts.
  • On the document, click once in the center just below the top of the stroke frame and type the phrase you wish to use. I’m using the phrase “Rescued is my favorite breed.” Click the checkmark to commit.
  • In the Layers panel, hold down the Shift key and click on the stroke layer. Now both the type layer and the stroke layer should be active.
  • Get the Move tool.
  • In the Tool Options, click on the Align Middle icon. (PS: Click on the Align Horizontal Centers icon.)



Step Four: Create Space for Text

  • In the Layers panel, click once on the type layer so it’s the only active layer.
  • Use the keyboard Arrow keys to nudge the type layer up to be centered on the stroke line. (See the image below.)



  • Get the Rectangular Marquee tool.
  • In the Tool Options, set the Aspect to Normal. Leave everything else the same. (PS: Set the Style to Normal.)
  • On the document, click and drag an outline around your text. To reposition while dragging, press and hold the Space bar.

TIP: Try to center the selection outline around the title.



  • In the Layers panel, click on the stroke layer to activate it.
  • Press the Backspace key (Mac: Delete key) to remove the selected portion of the stroke frame.
  • Press Ctrl D (Mac: Cmd D) to deselect.



Step Five: Use in a Project

  • In the Layers panel, hold down the Shift key and click on the type layer. Now both the type layer and the stroke layer should be active.
  • In the Menu Bar, choose Layer > Merge Layers.

Note: This frame is not something you can stretch. If you need a smaller or larger sized frame, make sure you adjust the size at the very beginning of this tutorial for your project’s needs.

Now the frame is ready to be used in a project! Here are some ideas on how you can use this:

Photo Overlay:


Photo Frame:




Page & Photo: Jenifer Juris
Tutorial: Framed with a Phrase by Jenifer Juris
Kit: Details by Anita Designs
Font: Fonesia



Download PDF



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12 Responses

  1. Julie Singco
    | Reply

    Finally used this technique on a couple photos, Jenifer. Turned out great!

  2. AnnB
    | Reply

    My heart goes out to you for choosing the subject for your sample. Bless you! I am the photographer for our local animal rescue & adoption organization. My heart swells when I see dogs rescued & adopted. I have 5 of them myself!
    Thanks for the great tut!

    • Jenifer Juris
      | Reply

      I’m so glad you enjoyed the tutorial!! That sounds like a fun and rewarding job! 🙂

  3. Simone Le Nistour
    | Reply

    Thank you again Jennifer….great help… works…..I enjoy your tutorial…

    • Jenifer Juris
      | Reply

      Oh good! I’m so glad you got it to work!! 🙂

  4. simone Le Nistour
    | Reply

    thank you Jenifer….

  5. Jessie
    | Reply

    After reading this quick tutorial, I thought to myself, “Oh, this looks pretty easy and straightforward!” Well….the frame and phrase were, but then I thought I’d try the stacking design version that you showed of Nilla. I’m still in the learning curve with that one! I won’t say how long it took (shame face), but it’s as done as I can make it until I get some CGA! 🙂

    I posted it in the Gallery’s Qwik Tutorial area and in our Design Beautiful Pages Stacking Design area.

    Now, after all that rambling…just want to thank you, Jenifer. Made me do a lot of thinking and utilizing the techniques I’ve learned here!

    Jessie 🙂

    • Jenifer Juris
      | Reply

      I’m so glad you enjoyed the tutorial! I will make sure to check out the page in the gallery! 🙂

  6. Carol
    | Reply

    Thank you – I know I have said it before – but Thank you for offering these great tutorials as a PDF. I like to have the printed instructions to go through step by step until I’ve “got it.!” And being able to save it for reference is a real plus. Thank you for this neat use of the Rectangular Marquee . SUPER!! 🙂 Did I remember to say, THANK YOU!! :))

    • Jenifer Juris
      | Reply

      You’re so welcome! I’m so glad you enjoyed the tutorial! 🙂

  7. simone Le Nistour
    | Reply

    Merci; suis en train d’essayer et impossible d’utiliser le rectangle de selection…l’ellipse marche mais pas le rectangle….qu’ai-je fait ??? j’ai PSE15 depuis avril….votre tuto est très facile …je ne comprends pas …????
    Can you help me….thank you very much
    Simone le Nistour

    • Jenifer Juris
      | Reply

      Hi Simone! I’m sorry to hear you’re having a hard time with the marquee tool. I recommend you put this question in the Digital Scrapper forum and the smart people there will help you figure it out in no time! I know they usually recommend resetting the tool(s) first. If that doesn’t work, they will have more suggestions for you to try. 🙂

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