Photoshop Elements 2022 – Should You Upgrade?

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Photoshop Elements 2022 from Adobe

Adobe has just released the all new Photoshop Elements 2022. Should you upgrade? Let’s take a look.


What’s New for Digital Scrapbookers?


  • Warp Tool. In my opinion, the BIG feature in PSE 2022 is the new Warp tool. Essentially, this tool allows you to quickly and easily alter the shape of any layer. It really is amazing. I’ll be showing you things you can do with this tool in the coming months.
  • Artistic Effects. Sometimes it’s fun to do extraordinary things with ordinary photos.


Take a look:

Warp Tool

This new Warp tool is actually a mode found in the Transform options. After switching from Free Transform to Warp mode, you have the ability to manipulate the edges of your photo to create new shapes.

Artistic Effects

As a fan of art, I love seeing how my ordinary photos can be transformed into 30 different styles of art. You’ll find this feature by opening the Effects panel and clicking on Artistic.


Yes. That’s basically it. But that in itself is a reason to upgrade. Here are a few more honorable mentions:

  • Automatic Software Updates. Keeping your software up to date is important, and now this happens automatically in the background. Of course, you can disable this feature in Preferences > Application Updates.
  • 2 More Guided Edits. If you enjoy playing with the Guided Edits in Photoshop Elements, you’ll enjoy the two that were added in this version. They are:


Perfect Pet Guided Edit

Make your furry and feathered friends look their best. Frame them up just right, adjust color and lighting, select and refine detailed edges like fur, fix pet-eye, and remove collars and leashes in a few simple steps.




Extend Background Guided Edit

Create a stunning landscape or reposition your subject for the perfect social media post by easily extending your photo’s background. The magic of Content-Aware Fill makes it all possible.


Digital scrapbookers should upgrade if:

  • You have PSE 2019 (v17) or earlier. Why? Computer technology is changing faster and faster every year. Older versions of the software were not built to work with newer computer hardware and software.
  • You think you would benefit from the new Warp tool. Knowing what I know, I think you will benefit. I’ll be working to show you what you can do with it in the coming months.

Photoshop Elements vs Premiere Elements

Adobe is going to work very hard to sell you their complete package featuring both Photoshop Elements 2022 and Premiere Elements 2022. But as a digital scrapbooker, do you need the full package? The answer is no.

  • Photoshop Elements 2022 is for photo editing, and is what digital scrapbookers use to create scrapbook pages.
  • Premiere Elements 2022 is for video editing. Unless you’re creating video scrapbooks, this software program is unnecessary.



How and When To Buy

I have to admit, from the information I received from Adobe, I never did find a way to actually buy PSE 2022. Apparently, they do not want to sell it to me?? Weird. Either way, here’s my recommended process for purchasing and downloading the software.


  • Step One: Download a TRIAL of Photoshop Elements 2022.
    • I always recommend downloading a trial and then purchasing your serial number somewhere else.
    • Before downloading, make sure you have a fast and steady internet connection. A slow internet will often result in a damaged download file. I’ve also heard that things will go faster if you eat chips during the download process…but that sounds sketchy.
    • A trial download of PSE 2022 is exactly the same as the full software, it just stops letting you save files after 30 days.
    • A trial download from Adobe will always be up to date with current bug and incompatibility fixes.
    • A trial download can be licensed with a serial number purchased from any reputable website. (ie. Amazon, Best Buy, etc).
    • A trial allows you 30 days to scope out a sale! My money doesn’t grow on trees. I bet yours doesn’t either!


  • Step Two: Wait…and then find PSE 2022 on sale and purchase it.

    • The regular price for Photoshop Elements 2022 is $99 through Adobe. If you provide your serial number from a previous version, you will be eligible for the upgrade price of $79 from Adobe.
    • Your purchase (regardless of website) will include a download link and a serial number.
      • Don’t use the download link unless you purchased from Adobe.
      • Do use the serial number to license your trial version. There’s no need to download again.
    • It’s very typical to find a 20% off sale on PSE 2022. Adobe hosts 20% off often, and it’s great to purchase from them. But, other websites also host sales. You will find 30% off and even 40% in the coming year. I typically wait until a 40% off sale from Amazon. We try to keep our Community members up to date on sales.


  • Step Three. Always register your program with Adobe. Adobe keeps track of all your serial numbers for you. If you ever need to reinstall and don’t have your serial number saved, all you need to do is log in to your Adobe account and it will be saved for you.


Is there an advantage to buying a CD package?

  • The answer is yes…and no.
  • Buying the CD is perfect for those that have slooooow internet. Downloading the software with slow internet can result in a damaged file.
  • The CD is also nice in the case that your computer crashes and you didn’t save your download link or serial number.
  • The CD copy of PSE 2022 you receive in the mail will always be out of date. You will have to install updates after you install it on your computer…unless, of course, you don’t want the bugs or compatibility issues fixed.


PSE 2022 Installation Tips & Notes

  • Download from Adobe, but buy somewhere else during a sale. I highlighted my recommended process above, but I wanted to stress that the BEST place to DOWNLOAD the software is Adobe. I personally would not download it anywhere else.
  • Save your download link and serial number! When you’re given the link to download PSE 2022, save the link in a safe location. I keep my download links in a note on my computer along with the serial number I was given. Doing this will be a BIG help if you ever need to uninstall and reinstall.
  • You don’t have to uninstall previous versions. I’m often asked if it’s okay to have more than one version of PSE on your computer. My answer is yes. I regularly have up to 6 versions installed with no problems. Many people, however, have found that uninstalling previous versions will help their current version to run better.
  • PSE 2022 is Version 20. For anyone keeping track, Photoshop Elements 2022 is actually version 20 of the program. I know. It’s confusing.
  • Stay current with our classes and tutorials. At Digital Scrapper, our classes and tutorials will start featuring PSE 2022 starting January 2022. After January 2022, PSE 2018 and earlier will no longer be supported.
  • Need the system requirements for Photoshop Elements 2022? See them here.



Get more details about Photoshop Elements 2022 by reading Adobe’s blogpost.



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35 Responses

  1. John Hamilton
    | Reply

    The editor in Photoshop Elements 2022 has a problem with extra-large fonts that can’t be corrected. This especially irritating if you have plugins installed since you have to scroll the Menu items to make a selection. As a warning, I would not purchase this product until this problem is resolved.

    • Jen White
      | Reply

      Hi John. Thanks for chiming in. My team and I have not experienced any issues with extra-large fonts in PSE. Everything works as advertised.
      Can you give me an example of what you’re experiencing? What font(s) are you using?
      Sounds like you may have a plugin problem?

  2. John Hamilton
    | Reply

    The editor in Photoshop Elements 2022 has a problem with extra-large fonts that can’t be corrected. This especially irritating if you have plugins installed since you have to scroll the Menu items to make a selection. As a warning, I would not purchase this product until this problem is resolved.

  3. Julie
    | Reply

    I have PSE 2020 and the 2022 trial. Where do I find the serial numbers?

    • Jen White
      | Reply

      Great question Julie. You’ll have to purchase a serial number from Adobe or Amazon or another retailer. This is a great time to do that because Photoshop elements is 40% off.

  4. doris edgar
    | Reply

    Jen Thanks ever so much for this advise. I’ve been away for some time. My hubby
    died in Jan 2022 and I with drew from
    the Human race. But I’m back now.
    Love all the help you give.

    • Jen White
      | Reply

      Sending big big hugs across the miles to you, Doris. I know many have found great healing when scrapbooking about those they’ve lost. I wish this to be true for you, too. xoxo

  5. Vi Burkhard
    | Reply

    Thanks for your reply, Jenn.
    I am still unable to download the PSE 2022 version on my M1 iMac, but yesterday, I was able to download and install the trial version of PSE 2021. It is working fine so far. I will use this version for a while, and then try 2022 again….Or maybe just wait until the next version. I had downloaded the trials for Affinity and Pixelmator. They seem like good apps, but I am so used to PSE. I am very happy that I can use at least the 2021 version on my M1 iMac.
    I always appreciate your input.
    Thanks again!!

  6. Sue Ogden
    | Reply

    Jen, thanks so much for your input! I had actually decided NOT to upgrade because I didn’t think I was interested in the Warp Tool. Then I saw your example of the different elements tweaked by the WARP TOOL and WOW, I’m sold. Since that’s not something I’ll use every day (well, maybe not) I’ll hold off until there’s a sale and appreciate that you’ll let us know when you spot one.

    • Jen White
      | Reply

      Glad that visual was helpful, Sue! Yes, it’s not something you’ll need every day, but when you need it, it’s amazing!

  7. DiGi
    | Reply

    Your thoughts and guidance are always of great help and I appreciate you taking the time to provide them.

  8. Vi Burkhard
    | Reply

    Hi Jenn,
    I was so looking forward to this new version of PSE. My last version was 2018, and it will only work on my old 11 year old iMac, which is still “alive”, but I’m not sure how long it will last. I am unable to put the 2022 version of PSE on it because it is too old. I recently purchased a new iMac with the M1 chip, and I find that PSE 2022 will not work on it. I tried downloading PSE 2022 as a trial version, just for the heck of it, and it came up as an error report. I’ve been using Adobe’s “chat” to see when they may update PSE to work natively with the M1 chip. They said it is being “worked on”, but I didn’t get a definitive answer as to when. Do you have any answers to this? I love this new computer, and I am hoping I can eventually use it with the latest version of PSE. In the mean time, I am exploring other options, but I hate to have to spend a lot of time learning a new application. Thanks, Jenn for all you do to keep us informed.

    • Jen White
      | Reply

      This is a great question, Vi. I’ve been beta testing PSE2022 on a MacBook Pro with an M1 chip for the last 6 months and have it installed and working just fine right now (along with PSE2020 and PSE2021). So…the prob isn’t that it won’t work with M1, the problem is they are still working out kinks. Some will experience the kinks and some will not. I’ve hit some kinks along the way, but currently things are running smoothly for me.

      My suggestion is to:
      1. Make sure you have a very strong internet connection while downloading.
      2. Try downloading the trial again in a couple weeks and see if you get the same results.
      3. It “may” also help to uninstall previous versions, but I have not found this to be a problem.

      Technology is simply changing SO fast that software companies are having a hard time keeping up. :/

  9. Kathy Ryman
    | Reply

    I always count on you to give me the thumbs up before I upgrade! Thanks for your research and passing it along!

  10. Melinda S
    | Reply

    Finally!!! I haven’t upgraded in 3 years because they weren’t putting anything worth upgrading for in it.
    Now to work on getting them to add spellcheck.

    • Jen White
      | Reply

      Spellcheck would be SO SO nice…but don’t hold your breath. We’ve been asking for that for a lONG LONG time. 😀

  11. Karen Nichols
    | Reply

    Hi Jen,
    I have a question. We spend part of the year in Ohio, and part of the year in sunny Florida. I scrap in both places so have two computers. If I buy the new PSE version on a disk, can I install it on both computers? I am assuming I could not do that if I purchased the new version to download from Adobe. I really need to upgrade my Florida version as it is the 2014 version. I have 2019 in Ohio.

    • Jen White
      | Reply

      Great question, Karen. A purchased serial number can be used to activate two copies of PSE2022. So, what you’re describing should work just fine. 😀 If you buy a CD, it will come with a serial number. Use that number to activate the program on both of your computers. Does that help?

      • Karen Nichols
        | Reply

        Yes! Thank you very much! I am on my way to the store now!😂

  12. DeLoris Musick
    | Reply

    Oh WOW! Thank you for all the information. You have been a tremendous help!

  13. Mary Anne Chevalier
    | Reply

    Thanks, Jen. I always wait for the DS scoop before I decide to upgrade. I have version 2020, so might wait for next year’s. Mostly trying to catch up with some of the basics with a little fun thrown in. I’m pretty sure I can do the chips while scrapbooking, right?

    • Jen White
      | Reply

      Photoshop Elements 2020 is still a great program, Mary Anne. You should get along just fine! 😀

  14. Jessica D Trotter
    | Reply

    Thanks for the great information, Jen! I have been holding off (still have 2018) but it’s definitely time to upgrade! I’m going to download the trial version now! 🙂

  15. Shirl/Grambie
    | Reply

    Thanks again for your informative PSE2022 release summary. I just installed PSE 2021 on my desktop last week. I had purchased it last year and with the multiple doctors’ visit, Ataxia symptoms, and IVIG and Chemo infusions, I just forgot. Hoping I can possible control the tremors, as well as attempt some classes, including Premier 2021. I love this place and all its wonderful people. Keep up your good work. Hugs. 🙂

    • Jen White
      | Reply

      Shirl, you are a blessing to so many of us. Hugs to you, as well. I would LOVE to see pages of your grands and great-grands in the galleries.

  16. Nancy Olson
    | Reply

    Thank you for all your research Jen. I’m going out tomorrow to buy a bag of chips and download! 😂👏🏻💕

    • Jen White
      | Reply

      HAHA. Might need some dip, too! Enjoy!

  17. Steph
    | Reply

    Warp Tool – woohoo!! – I have been asking for that every time Adobe gave me a survey to answer for years now. Can’t wait to try that one.

    • Jen White
      | Reply

      I guess it really works to ask…and ask…and ask….and ask. 😀 Thanks for doing your part!

  18. P
    | Reply

    Just purchased, downloaded, and installed. Ready, set, go!

  19. Jen White
    | Reply

    WOW! You were ON it. Congrats!!

    • P
      | Reply

      a little tricky on the buy now, you have to hit the full license drop down to find the upgrade license lower priced option, but it is there.

      • Jen White
        | Reply

        Good info! They certain do make you work for the lower price. 😀

  20. Margaret
    | Reply

    Thank you so much for all your research and tips! It is greatly appreciated.

  21. Terri Fullerton
    | Reply

    Great summary!!

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