Layer Mask Basics Video Tutorial

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Layer Mask Basics Video Tutorial
by Linda Sattgast

A layer mask is an amazing tool that allows you to edit your photos non-destructively. It is accessed and used in the Layers panel, and its purpose is to hide part of a layer.

When would you want to hide part of a layer? Let me count the ways . . . only it would take me all day. So instead, I’ll show you ONE great example. I’ll add a layer of texture above a photo and change the blend mode to create an artistic effect. Then I’ll use a layer mask to remove some of the texture over our cute little kitty so we can see her better.


Watch the video tutorial—available for both Photoshop Elements and Adobe Photoshop:




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7 Responses

  1. Su Hall
    | Reply

    I like to use an all black mask, then, with white, set to a low ‘Flow’, click to bring back only parts of an image or texture. You have such complete control! Thank you for the simple, yet, thorough tutorial!


  2. Linda Sattgast
    | Reply

    Thanks, everyone—I’m glad you enjoyed the tutorial!

  3. Rose Leontini
    | Reply

    Great tutorial, I forgot about using a gray mask, thanks for reminding me because I’ve been using layer masks frequently while editing my photos and a gray mask would be very useful.

  4. Linda
    | Reply

    Super tutorial. Sometimes I forget how to make this happen. You explained it so well. Layer masks really do make such a difference on photos. I just have to use what I’ve learned more often!

  5. Judy Wayment
    | Reply

    What a great summary! Thanks so much.

  6. gin
    | Reply

    Great video! Just getting into layer masks – dabbled in them before – hope to get a handle on them now – this video sure helped!!!

  7. Karen Clinkinbeard
    | Reply

    Great tutorial! Wish I would have seen this years ago as it took me a long time to understand layer masks! This is perfect for new users.

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