[inter]National Scrapbook Day 2020 — Enter to Win

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[inter]National Scrapbook Day 2020

Thank you for choosing Digital Scrapper! We appreciate you. Below you’ll find 4 super celebrations for interNational Scrapbooking Day 2020.


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Challenge — Scrap a Tut & Toot Your Scrap

  1. Choose a FREE Quick Tutorial from our blog.
  2. Create a scrapbook page or greeting card using that tutorial.
  3. Post your completed page in Community on Facebooklist credits & a link to the tutorial.


5 Day Flash Sale — Save 25% on Classes

Through Saturday, May 2, 2020, SAVE 25%* on all classes in our classroom.

  • Browse our huge selection of quality online classes for digital scrapbooking and photo editing.
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Enter To Win a FREE Class

How to enter to win a free class:

  1. Comment on this blogpost by telling me WHY YOU LOVE DIGITAL SCRAPBOOKING.

Fine Details:

  • One winner will be randomly chosen on Sunday, May 3, 2020.
  • The winner will be notified by email shortly thereafter.
  • The winner will receive a gift certificate valid for one class in our classroom.
  • The certificate will be valid for one year and is transferable.


Here’s what some of our Community Team says about their love of scrapbooking:

————- ————- ————-

“For me there isn’t a simple answer.  I was doing traditional paper scrapping, when I started.  I wanted to not only preserve the stories, but the photos as well.  The photos were in boxes, magnetic albums, etc. getting more faded and yellow with each passing year.  That purpose carried over to the beginning of digital scrapbooking.  However, once I was current on photos, scrapbooking took on some other meanings to me.  I love the artistic aspect of creating a page.  I also love the stimulation of my brain that learning new techniques and challenging myself does for me.  All together scrapbooking is a creative, artistic way to tell my story for future generations and provide mental stimulation and mental tranquility, for me personally.” Barbara Hewitt

————- ————- ————-

“Scrapbooking is a creative outlet for me. The possibilities are endless!I love creating pages with family photos and watching them “ooo” and “ah” about how I have transformed photos of them into lasting memories. I use Photoshop as my scrapbooking program. I am always learning new ways to use it to create scrapbook pages! Scrapbooking keeps my mind active and busy! I am hoping that I will be able to continue to scrap for many more years to come!” Joyce Korenuk

————- ————- ————-

“I tell stories about my friends and family because I want them to know they are loved. When they hear my stories, they gain a sense of belonging. They know they are part of my pack. They don’t have to guess if they matter or belong. They don’t have to wonder who they are or where they came from. My scrapbook pages tell the stories they long to hear. For me, scrapbooking is one of the ways I show love.” Jen White

————- ————- ————-

“Because I can take old photographs that are of questionable quality and turn them into a memory that are worthy of sharing with my friends and loved ones.” Jessie Trotter

————- ————- ————-

“I love digital scrapbooking because:
• it is a wonderful way to record the special moments, the ordinary moments, the incredible sights of nature…each photo takes me back to the moment in which the photo was taken.
• it is a way of expressing myself artistically without making a mess.
• it is a challenge for me to learn the computer program I love, which is Photoshop.
• it is a reasonably low-cost hobby.
• it provides instant gratification.
• my creations of scrapbook pages and greeting cards not only bring ME pleasure, but give pleasure to those who receive them.
• I love the community of digital artists.
• it is cheaper and more effective than therapy!
Sharron Lamb

————- ————- ————-





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118 Responses

  1. Cyndi
    | Reply

    I love digital scrapbooking because it just calms me, and I can take it anywhere by just carrying my laptop with me. I do them on my lunch hour at work, it helps me disengage from work. I love the challenge of finding the right items to go with the picture. . I also LOVE giving them as gifts (exp. new baby arrival, wedding day)

  2. Pepper
    | Reply

    I love Digi scrapping bc I don’t have the physical storage or the money to keep up with regular scrapbooking anymore. Also I just like to learn new things

  3. Gen
    | Reply

    I love digital scrapbooking because it doesn’t leave a mess of paper scraps when I leave mid page and I can rearrange objects if I don’t like how the page turned out.

  4. Peggy Marcel
    | Reply

    I have been scrapbooking for over 10 years and just jumped into the digi world and love it!

  5. Phyllis
    | Reply

    When is first found digital scrapbooking, it was an Aha moment for me. All I needed was provided digitally, so no mess, no cutting, no pasting, no cleanup! I can leave and come right back to where I left off and it is sitting there waiting for me, without having to gather supplies. I love that I can change things, I love learning new techniques, I love creating my own papers and elements. along with using them in ways that I cannot do with paper. Blending modes, clipping masks, opacity, shadows, how awesome is that?!

  6. Thersha Lewis
    | Reply

    I love being able to learn new skills, and express myself through sharing with others

  7. Judy Carter
    | Reply

    You can do so much more with digital than you can with traditional scrapbooking. And the techniques, etc. are just mind blowing fantastic. Love digital scrapbooking.

  8. Crystal
    | Reply

    I love digital scrapping because I have a stash always ready to scrap with, there’s always something new to learn. and the camaraderie and support of online scrapping friends is wonderful!

  9. Cindy
    | Reply

    Digital scrapbooking is so much quicker and less messy than paper scrapping. I also love it because it allows me to express my creativity while documenting my family!

  10. Kristy Stephens
    | Reply

    I love digital scrapbooking because it allows me to be creative while creating treasured gifts using irreplaceable memories. I love that I can easily change up something with a simple undo, unlike in traditional scrapbooking. There are so many options with digital scrapbooking; you can find new kits and make new papers and embellishments and you are not limited by print materials. You can create multiple copies of the book or other item. You can also learn new software and techniques to further enhance your skills and options. Through digital scrapbooking, you can express yourself while working on something that is so personal.

  11. Rosa Gómez
    | Reply

    I love digital scrapbooking for all the possibilities that creativity offers. It has no drawbacks. It is the perfect hobby for me.

  12. Ruth
    | Reply

    I’ve learned a lot since I began scrapping digitally when Linda Sattgast began offering classes. I’m now using the skills I learned to make a book for my daughter’s December birthday. I’m scanning in photos that I have before digital cameras were around. I don’t think I could have planned something like this without Digital Scrapper!

  13. Colleen
    | Reply

    I started many years ago as a traditional scrapbooker and then one day happened upon Scrappers Guide and started learning about Digital Scrapbooking. My first choice was to get photoshop elements (4 at that time) and see what I could do. I have been hooked ever since. I love Digital Scrapping because there are so many more options than with traditional and so many new things to learn every day. Not only can you do scrapbooks but you can do cards, make a page to print on a canvas, and so much more. I am a slow learner and seem to forget quickly but having the classes readily available as a reference is the best thing ever. I would love to win a free class and expand on my digital abilities.

  14. Wanda
    | Reply

    I’ve been interested in digital scraping for years, but have yet to create one. Still working on trying to learn PSE, my first version was 7….now on 15……I guess I just need to dedicate more time to it…..have a ton a pictures to digitize and scrap!!

  15. Sherry Morgan
    | Reply

    I’ve been following Digital Scrapper (nee Scrappers Guide) since 2009. I have loved the learning and doing of digital scrapbooking tremendously! And Digital Scrapper made it so much fun and easy too! Win-Win!!

  16. Sydney
    | Reply

    It teaches me the necessary skills to make memorable photobooks

  17. Kate
    | Reply

    I love digital scrapbooking for the flexibility – so easy to change your mind and re-do something.
    I love digital scrapbooking for the creativity – the only limit is your imagination
    I love digital scrapbooking for the economy – I don’t have to buy 10 pieces of the same pattern paper just in case
    I love digital scrapbooking because it allows me to be artistic in a way that I’m not with paint and paper
    I love digital scrapbooking because it helps me to create lasting memories of family, holidays, travel and everyday life

  18. Sarah Vesco
    | Reply

    I love digital scrapping because I get to try things I wouldn’t be able to do in paper scrapping. I love having everything on my computer instead of being all over a table or counter. I love getting to learn how to make my own supplies, with a big Thank You to Digital Scrapper for teaching me most of it. I love that I can use things over and over again, just in different ways. I love everything about digital scrapping.

  19. Patty Alexander
    | Reply

    Digital Scrapbooking is a wonderful way for me to try new things and learn new skills without the fear of “messing up”. I can learn to make my photos more attractive when displaying them through scrapbook pages, cards, and wall hangings with the fabulous tutorials that I have followed through many years. One of the best things about this tool is that I can easily practice new things and erase my mistakes until I get the “look” that I want. It has been a wonderful gift to me.

  20. Cindy Allison
    | Reply

    I love digital scrapbooking so I can share my work and memories with family. Unlike with paper, I can have infinite copies and can share physical or digital pages. I can even make one page and personalize it for my different grandchildren.

  21. Tina
    | Reply

    When I need to bring a smile to face, memories of enjoyable people, places and time are captured in my digital scrapbook creations.

  22. Claudia Green
    | Reply

    I love digital scrapbooking because it allows me to be so artistic in creating a special legacy scrapbook for our family’s purchase of a gathering place. I’ve wanted to chronicle this process for a long time, but the expense of buying paper and embellishments was daunting! I also love the comradery of this special group of people…the sharing, the caring is immeasurable!

  23. Joan C
    | Reply

    I have been wanting to perfect my Photoshop Elements skills for years. Since I found Digital, I am much more at ease using PSE and can also refer back to lessons for refreshers on techniques!! Thank you so much

  24. Casey
    | Reply

    I LOVE digital scrapbooking!!! My friends are into traditional scrapbooking, but it just seemed too overwhelming to me to start and then complete a book. I don’t consider myself to be artistic, and when I glue photos, paper, and elements on a page, nothing looked good to me. I wanted to make books showcasing our travel photos and stories. I discovered digital scrapbooking, and was hooked! It wasn’t messy, and I could clean up at the end of a session by simply closing my laptop. I was really happy with the books I created! I love the availability of all the kits, and the idea that everything would coordinate and look good together. I like working on the computer, and enjoyed learning how to use Photoshop Elements with the digital classes that were available. It is my birthday on May 3, and wouldn’t it be wonderful to win a class on that day??? Thanks for this opportunity!!

  25. Rhonda Swanson
    | Reply

    I love digital scrapbooking because it allows me to share memories, it lets me be creative without having to get a whole bunch of stuff out, I can sit in my recliner with my laptop if I want to and no one even has to know I’m working :D.

  26. Debbie
    | Reply

    I am working on an ebook and digital scrapping makes it visually more appealing to reader.

  27. Mikell Robinson
    | Reply

    I have always loved photos. When I was growing up, at least in my family, photos were few and far between. It was obvious when a roll of film had been purchased and developed. A couple of Christmases here and there, a couple of vacations. There was never even one snapshot of the five of us together until we kids were all grown, then I have the occasional Christmas snapshot. I vowed to do differently with my own family, and I have failed at some of the memories I should have captured. My husband was in the military for 26 years, and in that time we had 25 different mailing addresses. And yes I only have pictures of a few of the houses we lived in. And yet, as I ramble on, I have tried to make up for much of it with photo books. Working on pages for them really gives me pleasure. I have gone back and made books capturing my childhood with the scattered photos and memories (yes, they are scattered as well). I have also done genealogy books and stories that way, thanks to the stories my mother captured and left behind. And I have tried to keep up with the years my kids were growing up and now try to make a large photo book when Shutterfly offers their unlimited pages (allowing 111 pages in their books, for which I always have a free book code as well) covering each year. I do not have them all done. The early books are a bit comical to look at; the later books are much simpler but packed with photos and stories. I started digital scrapping on PSP from a bygone yahoo group that had some basic tutorials. The first class I took here taught me PSE basics and another class challenged me a lot and showed me how to created nicer pages in composition, color, etc. I ramble a lot these days. My husband was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s a little over six years ago, so I stay very behind now on my photo books. However, he loves pulling one out, often the same one over and over. He doesn’t remember he’s just seen it. He loves seeing our kids and grandkids and commenting on how ‘good’ we have done. That alone makes them priceless and makes me really love digital scrapbooking and what it has given both of us.

  28. Andy Peddle
    | Reply

    There are so many reasons, all of them mentioned above. My main reason, I think, is that I can end up with a beautiful photo book that takes up a fraction of the space, and the only supplies I need are my computer and comfy chair!

  29. Kathleen Hoch
    | Reply

    What I enjoy most about digital scrapbooking is the ability to alter and play with some many different things such as papers, elements, textures, so many possibilities. Also when you finish you can still go and make changes without losing what you already have in place. I find it a way to express so much creativity and explore different techniques and styles.

  30. Liz Papenfuss
    | Reply

    I love that I can make one page and put in as many books as I want. I also love that I don’t have to leave a bunch of supplies out that my littles can get into, but I can still quickly get back to work. What’s not to love?
    Thank for all you do to make this hobby so much fun. You help me make my pages look great.

  31. Syndi Phillips
    | Reply

    I love digital scrapbooking because I used Photoshop since 7 and when I left my job because they closed I still knew very little. Taking your classes and practicing on the scrapbook pages helps me learn and remember as I learn. I love how you present your classes. Thank You.

  32. Jodie
    | Reply

    I have been making scrapbooks since childhood. Going digital provides the same experience and creative outlet without the physical mess. I can have as many supplies without worrying about storage. I have preserved stories for our kids and future generations. I’ve also been able to record the stories of my ancestors. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  33. Jane
    | Reply

    I decided to start scrapbooking when my first grandchild was born and quickly realized I couldn’t easily make traditional scrapbooks for everyone in the family. When I discovered digital scrapbooking via a local club, I was hooked. Later, when I wanted to edit photos, I decided Photoshop Elements was the way to go. Not long afterwards I found Digital Scrapper and began to LOVE digital scrapbooking! There is always something new to learn. I can work with many different styles. Favorite supplies can be used again and again, and, best of all, I can share via email or inexpensively create books for each interested family member. I don’t need room except on my computers and storage devices to store my supplies, and I can create much more artistic pages than with traditional supplies. I can even create my own supplies!

  34. Karen
    | Reply

    I love digital scrapping for a plethora of reasons! The one I like the most is it allows me to let my creative juices flow without boundaries. Thanks for giving me an opportunity for a free class. I never want to quit learning new techniques. I still have a lot to learn.

  35. Cindy
    | Reply

    I love digital because “supplies” don’t take up physical space. You also eliminate need to print photos first and then create with paper, trimming, cutting, gluing, finding right embellishment in a physical collection of supplies. Printed books also take up a lot less room than physical scrapbooks and you have freedom of creating so many page sizes when printing books – again without the need for overstock of physical supplies.

  36. connieg
    | Reply

    Digital scrapbooking allows me to be creative, make mistakes and fix them with out having to start over, change colors on my favorite kit to fit my photo, tell my family’s story, and a biggie, no Mess to clean up 🙂

  37. L Taylor
    | Reply

    I ran out of wine 😉 I have been a paper scrapbooker for years and I am just now getting into digital scrapping. I have tons of ideas in my head now on to making pages happen.

  38. Sharee Darce
    | Reply

    I love that it’s a way to unleash my creativity while preserving the photos that have been passed down to me for safe keeping.

  39. Delores Harris
    | Reply

    I have always loved to make personalized things for others. Learning how to use Photoshop Elements has been a challenge but with the tutorials from Digital Scrapper, things seem to fall in place! My friends and family say they look forward to seeing the cards I make for them. Thank you Digital Scrapper…You’re my guru!!

    • Jen White
      | Reply

      Congratulations, Delores!! YOU were the person randomly chosen in our drawing. I will be contacting you via email on Monday. YAY!!

  40. Dana Spear
    | Reply

    Paper is my nemesis. It is everywhere. I can’t justify the cost of buying scrapbook paper, stickers, etc, that can only be used once. I am horrible with scissors. I can’t stand how bulky traditional scrapbooks are. For those reasons and more, I love digital scrapbooking.

  41. Millie
    | Reply

    I love digital scrapbooking – it allows me to size photo, add or create elements – plus change the colors (especially since I took the last class “Make It Match.” I can try different papers, elements and enhance photos till I get what I have it envision it. I am able to scrapbook my family and friends and then print pages or make albums for them.

  42. Karen Mathre
    | Reply

    I learned about creating photo albums and making memories from my mom. I embraced paper scrapping right away. But then along came digital. What I love is that everything is there on my computer. I can adjust the photos while I’m working. All my supplies are there. I can work on 10 layouts in a row or just one when I have a little time. There is so much less mess than when I did paper scrapping. It took so long to get everything out I felt obligated to keep going. So I love the flexibility of digital scrapping. I can even save a page and come back to it later.

  43. Monica Skowbo
    | Reply

    Digital Scrapbooking lets me keep my memories in an artful expression. And when I give a family member a book that is all about them, or about a trip or event they participated in, and I witness the joy on their faces, there is nothing like it!

  44. Linda
    | Reply

    My abode is small with limited storage. Digital Scrapbooking is perfect for two reasons: 1) I don’t need additional space to store papers, embellishments, etc. (I use a single external hard drive, using minimal space), and 2) If I create a scrapbook for one person, and with no additional time or supplies, I can gift the very same scrapbook to another.

  45. Lois
    | Reply

    I have always loved using a computer since the first Macs came out. Also saved mementoes and photos over the years. What a perfect way to have fun and be able to preserve these memories for our family to have. So happy was able to learn so many skills herecat Digital Scrappers through all the lessons. I am in my eighties and m so blessed to be able to continue with this hobby and keep learning!

  46. Shannnon Trombley
    | Reply

    There are so many reasons why I love digi-scrapping! With a simple click I can undo something I don’t like, I can reuse my supplies multiple times cutting down on waste and how much I spend , I can reprint a page for someone if they want a copy too AND best of all if I go to a crop I can bring ONE bag with all my supplies in it!

  47. Susan
    | Reply

    I can use the skills in many areas. It is certainly easier to store supplies (though not always easier to access them!), and over the long haul, more cost effective.

  48. Marcia
    | Reply

    I love the fact that I can put my digital pages on a digital frame! I love that shopping for papers and embelishments is so very easy (maybe to easy LOL).

  49. Anne Hargreaves
    | Reply

    I love digital scrapping because it allows me to be creative and “artistic” in ways I could never otherwise achieve. I particularly enjoy documenting our travels with our little caravan, as well as recording family events and interesting times in our local neighbourhood, of course.

  50. Linda Foreman
    | Reply

    I love digital scrapbooking because I can do it literally anywhere….on a cruise ship, on a plane, while riding in the car, while at the hairdresser waiting while my color is processing! All those amazing and beautiful digital files stored on my 15″ laptop! I can only imagine how much physical space my supplies would take up in my house and I can re-use to my hearts content! Also, I can share my pages with family and friends around the world

  51. Dawn Miller
    | Reply

    I loge it because it is a creative outlet for me; outside of work. I can preserve memories of my family, friends, and events, and there is no worry of losing a book, because I have them digitally preserved in three different locations for safe keeping.

    Also, being visually impaired, it is SO helpful to be able to zoom in when I need to, and there is no need for a pair of scissors!

    Thank you for the opportunity to win a free class!

  52. Anand Prabhakar
    | Reply

    Scrapbook are different way of representing the data visually and in the manner we want.
    That’s why I love it

  53. Lee Dreyer
    | Reply

    I love digital scrapbooking because it is portable and I can do it anywhere, I just need my computer. It gives me an avenue to be creative but still feed my control issues – if the splat is not what I wanted or where I wanted it, I can move it or delete it ….. yay! It is also awesome because I can spend all my time creating and learning instead of looking for the scissors (glue, pencil, ruler, punch etc) that I just had……. (although, choosing paper and embellishments can take up quite a bit of time for me)

  54. Catherine
    | Reply

    As I get older the memories of my life and the lives of my children and their families gives me time to remember the beautiful, hard and sometimes sad times. It is like skipping on your memories and living them in your mind and then trying to put it in pictures and words.

  55. Rachel Carlyon
    | Reply

    I love digital scrapbooking because it gives me a great feeling to be able to create something that makes me feel happy, yet doesn’t take up a lot of space. It is a way for me to handle life’s situations without getting so depressed. It is the thing that brought me and my best online friend together. I wouldn’t know one of my biggest supporters if it wasn’t for digital scrapbooking. These are just some of the reasons I love it so much.

  56. Kathie
    | Reply

    One of the reasons why I fell behind on my scrapbooking was a lack of space. I moved to my “empty nest” home and was excited about setting up an office. Well, Covid 19 hit and my “empty” home has now become my office, my husband’s shop AND our adult children have taken over the spare bedrooms! Obviously, I have to accept that if “space” is going to be the contingency upon which I document my family’s journey – it is NEVER going to happen.
    Digital Scrapbooking will allow me to get started and pick up wherever I can find a corner, even in the backyard! No excuses.

  57. Linda
    | Reply

    I just love digital scrapbooking. It makes me feel creative; my hobby has a purpose so I don’t feel I’m just killing time; and I don’t wonder what to do with the finished product. Everyone loves to see themselves on a scrapbook page, especially grandchildren! There is no better thank you than that. I don’t have to store a lot of stuff in the closet, the costs are minimal, and my husband is glad to have me “do something with all the photos.” They are printed out where we can all look at them and enjoy. I can’t think of any downside except that I loose track of time and forget to cook and do the laundry. It was like a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow when I found Digital Scrapper (Scrapper’s Guide).

  58. Kerry
    | Reply

    I love creating beautiful things. There’s no physical mess to clean up and I don’t have to put supplies away every time. I can do it while I travel. I love printing books and calendars to give as gifts. I just love it!

  59. Joyce Johns
    | Reply

    I love that I can make as many mistakes as I do and it doesn’t cost me anything. I can just erase the file and start all over. Thanks for the free tutorials. They are very helpful for someone starting out.

  60. C Vandenberg
    | Reply

    An artist lives inside me but she needs a little help – that’s where digital scrapbooking comes in.
    Thank you digital scrapbooking.

  61. Vicki Spencer
    | Reply

    I love digital scrapping because it is fun to capture the special moments in my family and then have a book to present each of them for Christmas. No more shopping for Christmas gifts. And they love it! I always scrapped and have been the “historian” for my family. But digital scrapping allows me to share and not have just one book.

  62. Lynden Blossom
    | Reply

    I have done Traditional Paper Scrapbooking for Many years – even to the point of being an Archival Preservationist for a very famous celebrity in their home for 3 1/2 years and making over 150 books of their lives, among other things. I began doing digital things then, also, and have ‘come a long way’ to this point od doing mostly Digital Scrapbooking – and all the wonderful creativity that has come along with it! ;-}

    • Kristin
      | Reply

      I started with paper scrapping but then we moved and I had to downsize. My craft supplies had to go into storage, so I had to find another outlet for saving stories and photos. I soon started to digitally scrap and I never looked back! I love the space-saving of digital, but I mostly love the blending techniques that you wouldn’t be able to get as easily with paper scrapbooking!

  63. Rose Cole
    | Reply

    I love digital scrapbooking because it gives me a way to play with colour and texture in so many ways. I have always been fascinated with light and colour and texture. For many years I did counted thread embroidery (of all kinds cross stitch, hardanger, pulled thread, drawn thread and blackwork). And then I worked on web page design. But there were still things I wanted to do that I couldn’t do on those pathways. I wanted to tell stories, family stories and my own. Digital scrapbooking fills that need, to be creative on multiple levels. And I just love those happy little accidents.

  64. Lisa
    | Reply

    I love digital scrapbooking because it relaxes me, but the most important reason is I get to create something special to pass along.

  65. Kay
    | Reply

    I was a paper scrapper then I discovered digi-scrapping about 15 years ago. I love that I can create 1 LO and share it with all the family (5 grown kids + grown grand kids). I can always revisit a LO and change it. The ability to use photos over and over in different LOs and with different kits. I never run out of supplies and they are all re-usable. No more messy papers and supplies spread out on my work space… and no bulky albums that take up space. Being able to edit photos and improve the lighting, remove unwanted images and adjust or change colors is a big plus. Digi-scarping is a wonderful hobby that gives the whole family pleasure. I look forward to each class I take that improves my skills.

  66. Nadine Leneveu
    | Reply

    so …. at the moment, I spend most of my time scrapping 😉
    not just to scrapp, but especially to remind me of the happy days with my missing loved ones (my mother, my father, my sister-in-law, my niece, my stepfather, finally many of my close or less close family, and especially my daughter who I miss terribly … fortunately, my granddaughter brings me back to life and I thank her every day, by scrapping her pretty photos that her mom sends me. It is a real pleasure for me 😀 who keeps me alive and who eases my sorrows.
    Thanks for this chance to learn .
    to learn again and again ways to showcase our feelings 😉

  67. Jobascraps
    | Reply

    I love digital scrapbooking for ALL the reasons everyone else has stated ! True

  68. Maggie Adair
    | Reply

    I love digital scrapbooking because it is a fun way to capture memories. Unlike paper scrapbooking it does not take up room in the house, and elements and papers can be changed to suit my project. It’s so addictive and I can spend hours and hours lost in my project creation and classes which teach me new techniques to make my pages stand out more.

  69. Mona R Wilson
    | Reply

    I love Digital Scrappers because they have very informative classes that are easy to follow and learn from.

  70. Brenda Suplita
    | Reply

    I love digital scrapbooking because it not only allows me to preserve memories in a fun and creative way, but also helps to improve my Photoshop Elements skills. I have learned so much from each class and have used many of the techniques while designing e-newsletters or brochures at work.

  71. Dawn Miner
    | Reply

    I love to digital scrapbooking because
    I can take my photos which are by far not the best and fix them up and make beautiful memories for myself I am not artistic at all but digital scrapbook and makes me feel like it. And I love to look back at what I’ve made from all the lessons I get in wonder did I do that

  72. Chris McCune
    | Reply

    I came into digital scrapbooking via photography and Quark, a page-layout program I used for our church newspaper. Back in the day, I had to buy collage mats for framing and had to print or trim or reprint photos so they’d fit. Through using Quark, I learned how to create a pleasant page but it was always in a journalistic or newspaper style. Then came Photoshop (which I became quite good at) and Digital Scrapper with Linda Sattgast (who showed me how little I actually knew about Photoshop). I could finally combine my love of photography and storytelling in a more creative way. Along the way, I became the family historian, too, because I was the one with oodles of pictures. My younger grandkids (9, 10 1/2) love to look at their pages, noticing and comment on every little detail. They even take them to school now and then to show them off, and have shown interest in learning to make them. I’ve loved learning more about PS and design and cool techniques and artsy stuff. Digital scrapping has even encouraged me to take some painting classes in real life, which has helped my digital art as well. I also love digital scrapbooking because of the wonderful community here and the friends I’ve made. Priceless.

  73. Cheri
    | Reply

    I love digital because it allows me to showcase some of my favorite photos (of which I have thousands) and capture the feelings and emotions on the page. It also makes it easier for my family to look at pictures in the books that I make rather than on a screen. It helps me to remember important events and trips we have taken.

    The possibilities are endless for creativity. For someone who cannot draw or paint, this is my artistic outlet.

  74. Neysa
    | Reply

    I love digital scrapbooking because it allows me to scrapbook even in stressful situations such as the pandemic. It also lets me share layouts and scrapbook memories from home. It has been a blessing during this difficult time.

  75. Betsy
    | Reply

    I love digital scrapbooking because I enjoy working in Photoshop and Photoshop Elements to create pages that can be made into digital printable scrapbooks. The bookds so much easier to store than physical books. Now it is more important than ever to save our memories!

  76. pat rech
    | Reply

    WHY I LOVE DIGITAL SCRAPBOOKING (DSB). DSB provides both a unique and untethered environment to take your captured photographic or created imagery, and supporting journaling thoughts to a highly personalized and artistic level. No other digital medium grants you the capability to wander in unrestrained imaginative realms pairing your design imagination with artist supplied multimedia elements. A truly gratifying way to preserve memories, create art, and feed your creativity hunger.

  77. Joyce Walth
    | Reply

    digital scrapbooking will be a favorite hobby now that I am retired (made possible by COVID-19!).

  78. Judy Nemeth
    | Reply

    I decided one day that the idea of scrapbooking about my family, especially my grandkids was an aswesome idea. I went to my favorite hobby store to start gathering supplies to “scrapbook”. It was overwhelming! I didn’t know where to start. I did start to buy things, then I had to store what I had bought!. We had downsized just before we retired and I didn’t have much room. That was a challenge that I was losing. I also didn’t seem to have much imagination when it came to creating pages. I was getting discouraged.
    Then, somewhere I heard about digital scrapbooking. I did a google search and found Linda Sattgast. How lucky for me. I started subscribing to her newsletter, then to her monthly pages and it was off to the races. I love it!. No mess, no clutter and no gathering up supplies before I want to start. Just pick up the computer and go. Linda was an excellent teacher and then she gathered other teachers who were just as good. Now Jen White owns the site and does a fabulous job continuing to teach and create great pages.
    The site is awesome and you can create your own pages from scrap or if you are like me you can use their templates to make beautiful, one of a kind, scrapbook pages highlighting whatever and/or whomever you want.
    It’s a great creative outlet and makes meaningful gifts as well as telling the stories you want to tell. The pages from the templates look like actual pages that have been cut and pasted. I have had people see my pages and touch them just to make sure they really were digital and not standard cut and paste pages.
    Enjoy and celebrate National Scrapbook Day!

  79. Karen Phillips
    | Reply

    I love digital scrapbooking because I can relive all of the wonderful memories i have made as I go through all the pictures design layouts. I also love that my kids and grandkids can see there parents and grandparents through the years.

  80. Mary Merrifield
    | Reply

    I love digital scrapbooking for many reasons. First off, your supplies never run out. It is an affordable hobby. You can move things around as much as you want and be as artistic as you want. I love learning photoshop as I go along. It is amazing to me that by changing a shadow or color, items look so different. There is also an amazing group of digital scrappers out there that all help each other.

  81. Nancy Briechle
    | Reply

    For may years I did paper and photo scrapbooks. I started running out of space but I still wanted to create more. I decided to try digital scrapbooking. Digital Scrapper had all the basic and advanced classes I needed to begin to perfect this new art. I have been fortunate to be able to do quite a bit of traveling and I can now create my digital scrapbooks for each trip. I usually also get a print version of these pages as well. I am also in the process of doing a heritage album including some very old photos. This will be priceless for my children and grandchildren when it is finished. Being an artist I have also branched out into doing digital art. I have put a few of my art creations into scrapbook pages.

  82. Debbie D
    | Reply

    I love digital scrapbooking because it helps me share all those photos and moments with family and friends that would otherwise be hidden in the cloud or albums.
    I love learning new techniques and design ideas by taking classes and looking at all the beautiful work everyone does. Since learning digital scraping I’ve made a yearly calendar and special cards for family birthdays and special events. It opened a wondrous world and I never stop learning.

  83. Steph
    | Reply

    I love the edit-ability of digital pages. That is the very practical answer to why I love Digital Scrapbooking. But I was drawn to the concept when I decided I wanted to get photos and stories down on paper for future generations. I have two boys who are not all that interested in photos of the family. I am hoping the next generation will be curious about their ancestors and will look at the things I am creating now with enthusiasm.

  84. Cindy
    | Reply

    I’m in a wheelchair with Muscular Dystrophy. Digital scrap booking gave me back the ability to continue what I love. I started to digital scrap 2007, and I love it.

  85. Sandra Dillon
    | Reply

    I love the digital scrapbooking idea for all of the reasons mentioned above. I used to do my layouts digitally and then print each layer and paper scrap but then I had bulky albums to deal with. I now can create a series of pages and upload them to create a book that is easily shareable. I am currently working on grandson’s year 2 and having a great time reliving the fun. Taking the classes and having the templates to work with makes it easy and rewarding.

  86. Marichu M
    | Reply

    I love digital scrapbooking because the techniques I learn make designing so much easier.

  87. Kathy
    | Reply

    I love the freedom of being very creative. The kits are at your fingertips and there are some amazing kits and digital supplies out there. I love how the pages turn out. I just love to scrapbook!

  88. Pam
    | Reply

    I have been scrapbooking since my first child was born 21 years ago. Paper scrapbooking was tedious and slow for me because I was afraid to cut a piece of paper or a photo “in case I didn’t like it”. Since I lived 2 hours away from the nearest scrapbooking store if I didn’t have the “right color” of paper or made a wrong cut, that project was put on hold.

    Switching to digital scrapbooking was so freeing for me… I can crop a photo, enlarge it, etc and switch out papers to see if I like one better than the other without worrying about my supplies. WOW, I could get so much more done… and no more driving to the store. Online access is always at my finger tips!

  89. PatriciaD
    | Reply

    Digital scrapping is a creative outlet for me. I love that the possibilities are absolutely endless! I like creating pages with family photos and hearing how much they love them. I seem to always be learning new ways to use Photoshop to create scrapbook pages and thank digitalscrapper.com for how I learn!

  90. Darlene Bell
    | Reply

    I love digital scrapbooking because it allows me to mix all the things I love together. I love family, photography, art, and anything creative … scrapbooking allows me to creatively share “me” with my family and record my memories of them. I like the professionally printed books better than the paper and tape/glue one’s I used to make.

  91. Kathy S.
    | Reply

    I love digital scrapbooking because it allows my inner artist to shine. I have always wanted to paint but I didn’t always have the materials or I would sit in front of a blank canvas and wonder how to get creative. With scrapbooking, I have supplies that I just love to mix and match (and buy, who doesn’t like shopping) or jumble all together and like magic, I have created a beautiful page!

  92. Karen Holberton
    | Reply

    Although I don’t digital scrap as often as I really need to, I really enjoy the freedom it gives me to match colors, try textures and to just be creative.

  93. Linda Replogle
    | Reply

    I love Digital Scrapbooking because it is an outlet for the artist in me. I can design in different genres (artsy, clean, themes, etc.) whatever my mood is at the moment. The supplies are endless. A photo can be just a photo or it can be a background or it can be made into an overlay or a mask. You can take an element from a kit and change the color, grunge it up, apply filters, styles, adjustments remake it into what you want. There is always something new to learn.

  94. Lynn Wiggins
    | Reply

    I love digital scrapbooking because I can reuse supplies! The best part is that there are so many cool things you can do digitally which is my main reason I love it. I still like to scrap the old way as I have so many supplies and I can touch things but once those supplies are all used up I will be 100% digital. I also enjoy taking new classes to learn even more. Thanks for a great website. Just wish I had more time. Even with the quarantine, I’ve had to keep working so I haven’t had any more time. I look forward to Saturday.

  95. Stacia Crowe
    | Reply

    I love digital scrapbooking ! I enjoy creating books for my family and helping others do the same, to help relive memories and fun times. I love the digital aspect because I can create on the fly and stop in the middle and pick it back up easily with out having to dedicate a whole room or table to my supplies. I love learning new techniques and finding ways to make pages just that much better. I love the community of scrapbookers that are so willing to help find the answer to “why is that happening!” or “how can I…”. I just love it all!

  96. Sherry Rider
    | Reply

    I love the creative aspect and the memory keeping of scrapbooking. I have been paper scrapbooking for the past 20+ years and just recently moved to digital. It gives me more freedom and I especially love that all my supplies are portable!

  97. Loretta Habig
    | Reply

    Scrapbooking makes me smile! As I work with pictures that evoke special memories or sweet times with grandchildren or remembering people that have been a part of my past or just playing with scrapbooking supplies it all makes me smile.

  98. fl_connie
    | Reply

    I’ve been keeping scrapbooks since I was about 10 – more than 60 years ago, lol! Digital scrapping is so much easier, faster (well, sometimes), and gives fantastic results. One thing that I love to do is scan the writing on the back of photos that my mom identified, and add her words to the page I’m scrapping. I love seeing her writing. There’s no way to do that other than digital. Also, I often change my mind about something half way through and I can do that with no problem! Thanks for a chance to win a new class.

  99. Linda Holden
    | Reply

    I love using my digital photos to be creative.

  100. Christina Young
    | Reply

    I love Digital Scrapbooking because it allows me to make memories for my children and grandchildren. I can do this on my laptop whilst keeping my son company in the evening. He usually watches TV and as I cannot sit in front of the TV without doing something this works well. I used to digitally scrap years ago then stopped. Since picking it up again last year I have learnt a lot of techniques and am much better at using Photoshop.

  101. Marzia
    | Reply

    Thanks for the opportunity to win a free class in this difficult time, I started digital scrapbooking long ago in 2007 and loved it. I lived in 45 sq. meter and digital scrap was the perfect hobby for me since I love taking pictures and creating photo albums , it required little space and I already had the equipment needed. I still love it today and I’m constantly improving!

  102. Ruth Smith
    | Reply

    As a family historian I am a natural storyteller. I have been scrapbooking since I was a little girl and I am now a grandma. When my daughter in law began doing digital scrapbooking I did not understand that concept but she offered to show me and teach me this method. It took this grandma quite a while to “get the idea”, but once I did I was hooked. Some 5 years later I could not think of going back to paper books. I love the digital world, the photos at my finger tips of my 6 grandkids, everything they do has now become my world of storytelling. I love making digital books and even more love that my grands love sitting and looking at these books over and over again. I sit in my comfy chair, buy supplies, make pages and have nothing to put away…… I’m totally hooked on digital!

  103. Amy
    | Reply

    I love digital scrapbooking because it allows me to capture all the memories of our day to day events. Digital scrapbooking is so much better than the paper scrapbooking style I originally started with because everything I need is right here on my computer. I don’t have to worry about pulling out papers and supplies and finding a place to work. I love looking back and the beautiful pages we’ve created in our printed albums.

  104. Janis
    | Reply

    I love scrapbooking because it’s a way to preserve photos and record memories. As a genealogist and family historian this is very important to me. I love digital because it takes scrapbooking to the next level. It can emulate paper scrapping, but without the mess. But my preferred style is artsy. I love learning new techniques in photoshop to further the artistry. Masks, brushes and blending modes are my current favorites to achieve looks that can’t (easily) be done with paper scrapbooking. And if the effect isn’t quite right, there’s always undo!

  105. Sarah Evans
    | Reply

    I love digital scrap booking because it lets me be creative and challenges me to think in a new and fun way. I love mixing bright and colorful papers and elements together.

  106. Carol Huczek
    | Reply

    Getting to relive my travel memories is the main reason I love digital scrapkbooking. Creating pages using my photos from our trips is fun and rewarding. I love it when I finish a page!

  107. Judy Mac
    | Reply

    Why do I love Digital Scrapbooking? That is not an easily answered question. It started as my attempt to save old photo’s. Then I started doing a family calendar every year. That made my extended family ask, is this good enough to make the calendar? Now I not only save the images, I save them in a beautiful and artistic form. This medium allows me to not only save these precious images, these memories, but to preserve them in a beautiful fashion. We can look back at times and people no longer with us and relive them again and again. I have also gained in that I can express myself. With scrapbooking I win,but do does my whole extended family

  108. lawyerlyn
    | Reply

    no mess, easier to “cut” my photos in a straight line and “paste” them on a background, no need to bring lots of stuff when i have to go on vacation and i intended to scrap during quiet moments. these are just some of my reasons why i love digital scrapbooking

  109. Kathi
    | Reply

    I enjoy digital scrapbooking because it is easy to take with me while I am traveling around our beautiful country. I am able to make postcards and cards to send snail mail to family and friends. When we traveled with our grandkids they liked helping make the cards and postcards to send to Mom and Dad when we would be on our travel adventures.

  110. Sue Loch
    | Reply

    I love digital scrapbooking, even more so now because I have learnt so much here at Digital Scrapper the tutorials are so easy to understand and the teachers are so talented. I have been digitally scrapbooking now for a few years and I love it as I can scrap pages on my children, grand children my holidays and even my garden, and so many other things. I think I have improved to when I first started and its nice to see other people’s pages to get ideas and be motivated. My only regret is that I didn’t start doing this years ago as I am getting older now and hope I can continue for a bit longer yet as I have so many photos and things to scrap about. Thank goodness also for digital cameras and our iPhones now as its so easy to take a photo no matter where you are. I love digital as there is no mess no papers and elements taking up room in my drawers and cupboards just Digi kits on my computer.

  111. Ann Bricker
    | Reply

    It has kept me sane during this stressful time!
    Really though, digitally doing scrapbook pages is so much easier than traditional paper. Less messy, and I can change my mind about where something is placed & move it without ruining or ripping paper. And it’s just fun!

    | Reply

    love scrapbooking because it creates a MEMORY that last for years to come.

  113. Cindy
    | Reply

    I love digital scrapbooking because it allows me to be creative with no mess.
    Thanks for the chance to win and happy iNSD!

  114. Karen Prusiewicz
    | Reply

    I love to do digital scrapbooking for large projects, like a vacation. I can take my laptop with me when I travel and still work on the project or while sitting in the comfort of my easy chair. I do like paper scrapbooking as well, but digital give me the opportunity to work on it wherever I like.

  115. Lurline
    | Reply

    I love the ability to digitally enhance and play with a layout. I am always trying new techniques and have fun with a layout. It is so easy to size and resize or move things around, change color, text, or style. I gives me a creative outlet that is most enjoyable and I am always learning new things along the way as I scrapbook memories.

  116. Bernice
    | Reply

    Several reasons why I love digital – I can change my mind on a page, I don’t have the mess of glue and paper scraps and I have learned so much from others and discovered a world of other digital scrappers

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