Vintage Camera Inspiration and a FREEBIE

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Vintage cameras have been considered trendy for some time now and are showing no signs of receding in popularity. I’m sure you’ve seen them around. They typically carry an early 1900s style and tend to be two-tone in color. They can come in the form of stickers, stamps, cards, overlays . . . basically anything you can imagine.


In case you have not ridden the vintage camera wave yet, here are some examples of things you can do with them and how creative people have used them on their pages. The camera used in all these examples is a stamp.


















We occasionally offer free downloads straight from our blog. This is a little vintage camera collection put together by Jen White from Joanne Brisebois’ Photographie kit. It includes a frame, overlay, and cluster all at 300 ppi in PNG format. Click on the orange button below to download the freebie.

Download the Free Goodie


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Be sure to check out the kit that goes with these goodies. This is Photographie by Joanne Brisebois. She is a frequent Premier guest designer here at Digital Scrapper.

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Jen White

15 Responses

  1. LindaBurnette
    | Reply

    Thank you so much…there awesome…I will enjoy using in my scrapbooks.

  2. sally rinker
    | Reply

    Thank you. You are such a great digital scrapbooking club!

  3. Dede Wurl
    | Reply

    Thank you so much! I realize that you put these together, as they were not in the Photographie kit that I have. So, this is a real treat!

  4. Bonnie Cuddihy
    | Reply

    Thanks! I have this kit. She has a couple others along this line and they are very usable.

  5. jayleigh
    | Reply

    Clever! i am a camera buff – first picked up a camera at age 7 and have never put it down. i carry one in my purse, and i still have my beloved 35mm with all its attachments, and a 35mm digi, pluse some antique cameras i’ve collected over the years. The first camera i personally owned was a Kodak Starflash that could also use slide film. i wore that baby out! i worked as a professional, studio photographer for years, as well. At age 70, my love affair with the camera has yet to wane! Thank you for these sweets!

  6. Shirl/Grambie
    | Reply

    I remember well sitting for lengthy times to have a photo taken with similar-type cameras as a small child. Thanks for the cluster, etc., that is a true time saver for me.. I really loved the colors of the papers within this kit. I regret that I didn’t have the physical strength to use this kit as often as I would like. Hugs. 😉

  7. Vivian
    | Reply

    Thank you! I love both the vintage cameras and the inspiration.

  8. Carol
    | Reply

    Totally cute, thanks.

  9. RuthAnn
    | Reply

    Thanks for this great freebie! Great to have these in my stash to use.

  10. stampsalot
    | Reply

    I’ve tried unsuccessfully to remember the first camera I had. I gotta say I love my Rebel now! Of course the iPhone does a pretty nice job, too.

  11. Lana
    | Reply

    Thank you so much! These are awesome!! I remember my mom’s camera back in the 60’s…sure wish I had it now!

  12. Tora
    | Reply

    Thanks for the freebie. I have some vintage cameras (real one´s LOL) and I love´m all 🙂

  13. Caroline Landrum
    | Reply

    My grandfather was an avid photographer in the 1990’s – more than an amateur, less than a professional (never photographed for payment that I know of.) I still have many of his photos. Every time that I see a kit with a vintage camera in it, I think of him. Thank you for the freebie and the inspiration.

  14. KellyRae
    | Reply

    Thank you for the inspiration (and the freebie). The vintage cameras are darling.

  15. Kathy
    | Reply

    Thanks 🙂 that is one of my favorite kits!!

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