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Well, it’s the first of the month. Do you know what that means?

Yes, we’ve got a new challenge for you! This is such a fun one, too! For this challenge, show us what you’re thankful for. It could be one thing or it could be twenty — how you interpret this is entirely up to you!

We are lucky enough to have two beautiful sample layouts (in two different formats) for you to get your creative juices flowing for this challenge!

This eye candy page is from Jan Walker:

by Jan Walker

The other gorgeous page is from Shar Lamb:

by Shar Lamb

This is such a fun challenge. I hope you will all join us in the fun and play along!

Here’s how to enter the challenge:

  1. Create a Thankful page using any kit you love.
  2. Upload your page to our Challenge Gallery.
  3. All participants will receive a lovely posting bonus.

This challenge is open for 2 weeks. It will officially be closed to new entries on the night of November 14th, 2010 at midnight (Pacific time).

The winner will be announced here on the Digital Scrapper Blog, on our Facebook page, and in our forum within a week of the challenge end date.

We can’t wait to see what you’re thankful for and how you create your digital scrapbook page! Plus, keep an eye out — we will also be announcing the winner from our Scraplift Challenge later this week!


16 Responses

  1. Tiffany
    | Reply

    I know it’s past the deadline, but I finished a LO and I am proud to have done so so quickly. See, I just found this website and the challenge on Sunday. I then rushed to complete a LO not knowing there would be a wait time to be able to upload pics after registering… Didn’t get the email saying okay to upload until Monday night. By then, I was unable to get in here to upload…
    I haven’t finished a LO in a long time. I was inspired by the challenge and the freebie template was just too much fun to try! I just have to share it anyways…
    I thank you for the fun challenge, and look forward to more. And I thank you for the wonderful template. I’m sure to use it again and again!
    Hugs, Tif

  2. Kelly T.
    | Reply


  3. Bernice Byrd
    | Reply

    I get an ‘error_nowallowed’ when I try to put my LO in this forum. I put it in Thankful gallery ok.

  4. Priya
    | Reply

    Hi Andrea

    Thanks…Got it …Able to upload now

  5. Becky Monroe
    | Reply

    Thank you Andrea for taking the time to post the links. I found the help I needed on forum as you were posting. I will however go to the link above and print the directions for future use….since I don’t seem to be able to remember anything anymore! Thank you again.

  6. Becky Monroe
    | Reply

    scratch the above…I found the place on the forum that gave me the info I needed for resizing. Got the page resized and uploaded with no problems.

  7. Becky Monroe
    | Reply

    Please lead me to the forum or gallery area that tells me how to properly resize my image for the gallery. Thanks!

    • Andrea Graves
      | Reply

      Check out the links I just posted above your post!
      I hope that helps! Thanks!

      ~Andrea 🙂

  8. Priya
    | Reply

    Hi Andrea

    Thansk..Still cant figure out how to upload.I registered for forum, but when i login and follow the FAQ , I go to Control panel I dont see any “pictures ad album link” to add an album or upload a layout…I have contacted jan@ scrappersguide too and waiting for reply
    When I click on the thankful challenge gallery , it takes me to the challenge gallery , but i dont see any link to upload a file..

    • Andrea Graves
      | Reply

      Hi Priya!

      Okay, to upload, you were going to the right place in the thankful challenge gallery. Then you need to click on “Upload Photos” over on the far right side of the page. Next, click on the “Choose File” and navigate on your computer to find your saved page you want to upload and click on it. Continue to enter your title, and your credits in the comments section and then press the “Upload/Submit” button.

      To save your file for the web, here’s a tutorial that explains how, in case you need that:

      Photoshop Elements:
      Adobe Photoshop:

      I hope that helps!

      ~Andrea 🙂

  9. Andrea Graves
    | Reply

    Hi there. If you click on the words Challenge Gallery – it will take you to the gallery where you need to upload your page. You do need to be a member of our forums, if you’re not just register. I hope that helps! 🙂

  10. Patsy Bolden
    | Reply

    oops, sorry got mixed up! The free pages are for using the Christmas Kit this month! Will be doing that one for sure!!

  11. Patsy Bolden
    | Reply

    I am super busy right now, but will be at least throwing something together for this challenge to be able to get the extra free pages!!

  12. Priya
    | Reply

    Hi I have created my thankful page for the challenge..But not able to post it to gallery..there are no links where it says upload file or post to gallery..Kindly help

  13. Wendy
    | Reply

    This is a great theme. I hope to eke out some time to do a page for this challenge!

  14. charley
    | Reply

    great idea, pages above are great.

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