Shadow Play – Focus on Shadows

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Custom drop shadows can take an ordinary layout from “pretty good” to absolutely outstanding—like “wow” outstanding!

In our Learn Digital Scrapbooking class, you can learn all about custom drop shadows, and there are detailed instructions on several different methods to achieve realistic and effective shadows. There’s simply no need accept the default settings in Photoshop — you have to take control and let your program know who’s the boss!

Over time you will learn what type of shadows you prefer. Some people like to keep it subtle, some want just a bit more, and some want a lot more. There is a limit however, and when a button looks like it’s floating 3 inches from the background paper… whoa!! that may be a bit much… and the shadow police may pay you a visit.

Shadow Tutorial

This month our Digital Scrapper Premier kit is Big Ideas, by One Little Bird. On her blog, “One Little Bird,” Peppermint Granberg has shared her secrets for creating stunning custom shadows. So before you start making your layouts this month, you might want to pop over there and check out Shadow Files: The Basics.

The shadows in the following image were created using Peppermint’s techniques:

Papers, flowers, buttons, and bows—it’s all there. Go check it out and have fun!

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