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Scrap It Now Vol.3 – Masks Edition is open for enrollment.

Instant Access Starts NOW!
No waiting on slow drippy lessons. This FOREVER ACCESS class ready and waiting for you right NOW.
  • 46 unique photo templates (including over 130 complex masks)
  • 7 unique background templates
  • 15 classy frame styles
  • 7 how to videos & manuals
  • 100% customizable and grayscale
  • 12×12 and 8.5×11 sizes included
  • Organized and easily accessible


Give Me the Templates & Videos!


Realize the Value!

Just to give you an idea of what Scrap It Now Vol.3 is capable of, I used the EXACT same photo template to create the 5 scrapbook pages below. Each template has a different background template applied giving each page a completely unique design.



Are you beginning to imagine what all YOU could do with Scrap It Now?


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Your Questions Answered

I already have fancy templates? How is Scrap It Now different?

  • Problem #1. With typical (fancy) templates, there’s too much to reimagine. Once you SEE a beautiful template (with element, title, and journaling placement), it’s hard to imagine the template differently.
  • Problem #2. With typical templates it’s very cumbersome trying to get all the parts of the templates flipped, tipped and nicely rotated.
These two problems are two of the beautiful things about Scrap It Now. It’s easy to reimagine Scrap It Now templates, because your brain is not visually locked in to seeing the template only one way. It’s also easy to flip, tip and rotate the Scrap It Now parts. I show you exactly how easy it is in the videos.

Can an album be created with Scrap It Now Vol.3?

Absolutely! Scrap It Now is PERFECT for albums because you can maintain a unified design throughout.

I scrap 8.5×11, will I have to adapt these templates?

No! Scrap It Now Vol.3 comes in both 12×12 and 8.5×11 sizes.

Is Vol.3 much different from Vol.1 & Vol.2?

Yes! Vol.3 has all new page designs with over 130 complex masks, all of which are unique.


Show Me the Class!


Can I change the white stroke outlines in the templates?

YES! This class comes with a set of 15 frame styles along with video instruction on how to use them. I’ll also show you how to alter the original stroke or take it off all together.

Will Scrap It Now Vol.3 teach me how to make masks?

No. But…we have a class coming very soon that will. I’m very excited about it! Watch your inbox for details.

Can I purchase additional volumes of Scrap It Now?

Yes! After you enroll in Scrap It Now Vol.3, you will find exclusive savings on previous AND future volumes in the classroom.

Do the Scrap It Now videos include closed captions?

YES! All videos, if watched online, are enabled for closed captions.

Will Scrap It Now Vol.3 work with my OLD version of Photoshop Elements or Photoshop?

Yes! These grayscale templates will work great with older versions of software. This class include frame styles, however, that may not like the older versions. See the frame styles below.

Are the videos filmed in both PS & PSE?

No. All Scrap It Now training videos are filmed in Photoshop Elements, but I give Photoshop instruction in the video. The step-by-step manuals also include instruction for both PS and PSE.

Will this class teach me how to scrapbook?

Yes and no. The videos in Scrap It Now Vol.3 will show you how to work with your templates and photos. You will need prior scrapbooking knowledge, however, to finish your scrapbook page.

Give Me the Templates & Videos!

How do I use my Lifetime Premier Coupon?

On the checkout page, where it says “Order Summary,” click on Add Coupon. Note: Lifetime Premier Coupons were awarded in 2016 and are no long available for purchase.

MORE QUESTIONS about Scrap It Now Vol.3?
I’d be glad to answer them for you. Email me now.

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