Quick Tip—Journaling Lines

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Quick Tip—Journaling Lines
by Jen White

As I get older, journaling on my scrapbook pages becomes more and more of a priority. I want my photos to be accompanied by the personal touch of my “voice.”

One way to vary journaling—even if it is just the facts—is by grabbing some journaling lines from a random journal tag and adding them to your page.


This is a note element from Live, Love by Kitty Designs. Here was my thought process:

  • Using the Magic Wand tool, extract the white journaling lines.
  • Turn the lines black—just to make them easier to work with.
  • Using the Elliptical Marquee tool, remove the outer circle.


After adding the journaling lines to my page, I adjusted them a bit further:

  • Turn the lines a matchy, matchy color.
  • Lower the opacity of the lines to blend them into the background.
  • Adjust the Leading of the journaling to match the line height.
  • Using the Eraser tool, remove parts of the lines.

Remember: You shouldn’t feel obligated to fill every inch of the lines. Less can sometimes be more.

Page: Jen White | Template: 1502-tem-2 by Jen White | Kit: Live, Love by Kitty Designs | Font: Courier Regular


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jenwhite-48x48Author: Jen White | jen@digitalscrapper.com
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  1. Jen Juris
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    Great tip, Jen!! 🙂 Love the page!

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