From Layout to Card

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From Layout to Card
by Syndee Rogers-Nuckles

Quickly create a greeting card using an existing scrapbook layout.

After spending time and energy on a layout, especially one I’m proud of, I can’t help but want to show it off! While it’s fun to share it in galleries and email to friends and family, why not make our layouts do double time?

Step One: Create a Card-sized Document

  • Create a new 5.5 x 8.5 inch document (File > New > Blank File) at 300 ppi with a transparent background. (PS: Choose File > New.)
  • Get the Move tool.
  • In the Menu Bar, choose View > Rulers.
  • On the document, click on the top ruler and drag out a guide to the 4.25” mark. This represents the fold line of the card. The bottom half of your document is the front of your card. This is where you will ‘build’ your card design.


Step Two: Open a Scrapbook Page

  • Open a finished, layered scrapbook page (File > Open) you want to use to create a card.
  • In the Menu Bar, choose File > Duplicate. (Photoshop: Choose Image > Duplicate.)
  • In the dialog box, click OK.
  • Close the original scrapbook page.
  • Activate the duplicate scrapbook page.
  • In the Layers panel, activate the background paper.
  • On the document, click and drag the background paper over to the card document.
  • Click and drag on the paper to reposition it.


Step Three: Resize the Scrapbook Page

The elements on a 12×12 inch scrapbook page will be too big to drag directly to the card. Reducing the size of the layout by 50% is an easy way to make sure the elements are a more manageable size.

  • Activate the duplicate scrapbook page.
  • In the Menu Bar, choose Image > Resize > Scale. (PS: Choose Image > Image Size.)
  • In the dialog box, change the Units to Percent. Enter 50% for either the Width or Height. Click OK.

Step Four: Adding Elements

Now it’s time to decide what elements from the scrapbook page to add to the card.

  • Keeping the card true to the page design will keep things quick and simple.
  • Leave a space for a sentiment.
  • The photo area of a layout will work well as the spot for the sentiment on the card.

For my card, I started by dragging the white corner elements from the page to the card to create a framed area for the sentiment.



To move items from a layout to a card:

  • Activate the duplicate scrapbook page.
  • In the Layers panel, click on an element layer to activate it.
  • Get the Move tool.
  • On the document, click and drag the element over to the card.
  • On the card document, click and drag the element into a desired position.

In the example below, I added the painted dots, paper strips, flowers, and the kite to my card.


Finally, I added a sentiment in the area I had previously created on my card.

Here’s my finished Card.


This is such a quick and easy way to create cards. It can be addicting! This is also a big timesaver at Christmastime.

Here is another example of using one of my favorite layouts to create a card.


This one took less than 10 minutes!


I can’t wait to see your card masterpieces!

After posting your results online,
return here and include the link in the comments.

Page & Photo: Syndee Rogers-Nuckles, Belodarova, Alexandr Vasilyev
Font: Brillant, Brock Script, Lulo One
Kit: Weekend at Home by Kate Hadfield, Watery Watercolors Embellishments by Syndee Rogers-Nuckles
Software: Photoshop Elements 14, Adobe Photoshop CC 2015.5

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8 Responses

  1. Nancy M Olson
    | Reply

    Love this idea and I’m trying to follow your instructions. I’m using PSE 11. In Step Three you advise Resizing the duplicate layered scrapbook page, choosing Scale. I don’t get a dialog box where I can change the Units to Percent. I’m using the layered PSD file. Should I be using the JPeg file?

    • Syndee Rogers-Nuckles
      | Reply

      Hi Nancy,
      No, you should use the layered PSD file. When you choose Scale you can edit the size in the Tool Options at the bottom of your workspace, enter 50% for both the Width and Height. That should do the trick!

  2. Kasuku
    | Reply

    I love this……tell me about the envelop… you provide a template for it? If not where can I find one. Thanks!

    • Syndee Rogers-Nuckles
      | Reply

      I just use envelopes I have lying around. You can do a search on the internet for ‘Envelope Templates’ and you will probably find one. HTH!

  3. Donna
    | Reply

    This is a really great idea! I can’t wait to try it.

    • Syndee Rogers-Nuckles
      | Reply

      I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

  4. Terri
    | Reply

    Syndee, what a great idea. can’t get much easier than that. I have thought about doing this, but it seemed like a lot of work. You certainly have proven me wrong. Thanks for the instruction and motivation!!!

    • Syndee Rogers-Nuckles
      | Reply

      So glad you liked it Terri! It’s one of my favorite ways to make cards.

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