Photoshop Elements 11 Giveaway – Mother’s Day 2013

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by Jen White

When preparing for Mother’s Day 2013, I came across this blog post by Documented Legacy. Its goal is to get you and your mother talking about her life and getting it documented. As I read through the list of 20 discussion starters in the post, I found myself wondering how my own mother would answer. So, I Skyped her. . . . This is a small part of what she said:

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The time I spent chatting with my mom about the 20 questions was something I will treasure forever. Since I recorded it, I can go back later and write down her exact words. My sisters will also love having the video.

I invite you to browse through the questions on Document Legacy’s blog post. You might find something that sparks an idea for leaving your own legacy. I sure am glad I did.

For Mother’s Day 2013, Digital Scrapper would like to give you the opportunity to WIN PSE11. All you have to do is respond to this question in the Comments section of this blog post:

What has given you the most joy as a mother? Describe it.

Not a Mother? That’s okay. Call on someone else to answer and then write their response. This could be a grandmother, an aunt, an older sister, or even a mentor.

Official Rules of our A Mother’s Day Giveaway
• Leave a comment on this post answering the question.
• Comments left between now and Mother’s Day 2013 will be eligible.
• One entry or comment per person, please.
• Make your comment as long or as short as you’d like.

How will we choose a winner?
• The winner will be drawn Monday, May 13, 2013, at 1:00 p.m. EST.
• The winner will be chosen at random from the comments on this blog post.
• The winner will be contacted via email on Monday, May 13, 2013.
• The winner will be announced in our May 14 edition of the Digital Scrapper News.

Feeling Shy? You don’t have to give real names when sharing your comment. Just make sure the email address you give is correct so we can contact you if you win. Your email address will not appear on your comment.

Note: It takes a little time for your comment to appear on our blog. We approve each one to keep all the crazy people out. 😀


My mom and I wish you luck on the contest, and we look forward to hearing how special motherhood is to you or someone you love.


185 Responses

  1. DarcyBaldwin

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  2. PatriciaD

    My greatest joy as a mom was being a foster mom. I never had the opportunity to have any biological children of my own but I had 14 children who called me mom for a time. I still pray God is keeping them in his hands. I was blessed to hear back from one of those children a few years after she was able to go back to her biological mom and the kind words she had to say were the very best in the world to me.

  3. Jaimie_M

    It was a difficult few years in a bad marriage and now I am divorced and a single mother of a 10 year old boy who I love with all my heart!! I can’t imagine my life without him… and cannot fathom any person who is a parent and chooses not to be with or near their children. Mine may drive me mad at times but he’s a great kid. I have raised him to be respectful and honest. He’s a smart cookie too! Honor student even with all the crap he’s had to deal with from his father not being around! Money is tight but I try to make the most of it. Happy Mother’s day to all!

  4. Eleanor Wildstein

    What has given me the most joy as a mother is watching my son grow into the caring, nurturing, and responsible father that he has become. In the end, it is all one could hope for. May he pass his kindness on, and leave a beautiful legacy for his “dividend”!

  5. Jolene

    My greatest joy as a Mom of two sets of twin boys and a daughter is that each of them love the Lord with all their heart, mind, and soul. They bring joy to me in unnumerable ways every day!

  6. Marna

    My greatest joy of motherhood has been watching my three sons grow from babies, through childhood, teen years and now as adults. I treasure the many memories I have of those years they gave me, and the wonderful people they have become. I wish my mom had been around to see them grow up. Happy Mother’s Day to all! 🙂

  7. Mary Kuhn

    Life is never how you expect it to be. Being the mother of two beautiful daughter’s. Both from the same parents both raised the same. One the quiet, helpful, full of respect for every one she meets. Her life has been text book every thing the way I dreamed it would be. The first time I met her and held her in my arms, it was love at first sight. We all know the dream because we are mothers. Watching her grow and doing it all the right way! School, College,a Transplant Nurse. She Married a lovely young man and she has the love of my life, a Granddaughter. We had so much fun all her life. I thought that was easy when we gave her away to our Son -in -law.
    The youngest one came with those same dreams, but she was surely a different model 7 years newer and times were changed. She was so funny always making us laugh and she did make us laugh. She had an invisible friend who went every where with us and people would look at me like you have a strange child. As time went on her personality started to change. She had always loved life, she also never met a stranger,she was every ones friend. School was a social event,and she only brought home boys who needed her help. College well that was an extension of high school – which we paid for only to find out she was not going. We had sold her horse and her life spiraled out of control. My life was turned upside down. I worried about the next phone call, or the knock on the door. The challenge of dealing with all the heart ache was enormous. I thought life should not be this hard. I wrote page after page to myself to keep my sanity. Then one day I was at my witts end and I turned to my higher power – and I told him I needed his help I was tuning her over to him. Then On Dec 10th her 19th Birthday my life started to change here she was standing in the drive way all her furniture in the back of a truck and she is crying so hard it broke my heart. I remember that day like it was yesterday. For me it was like I was born again. It took us several month to get our sweet, funny and loving daughter back. However here we are several years past that craziness and she has a wonderful husband, a great job, still has a horse that is the love of her life. After it all, I must say the Joy I feel when she gives me a hug! there is no feeling like it. I am really Thankful that I had some one to help me bring her back home. Now my soul and her soul are settled and LIFE is GOOD.

  8. Chris

    My greatest joy is watching my children as adults. They are responsible, upstanding members of society. They are loving parents who are teaching their children to be good citizens and to give their best efforts as they finish everything they start. My children are kind, considerate spouses who show respect to their partners in life. I am proud they are my children. They contribute to society and have done their share to protect the United States and the freedom we have as both have been in the military, one still is.

  9. Pam

    A recent event that has given me a lot of joy is the 2200 mile road trip I took with my 32-year-old son. It was gratifying to know that we could spend the week together – often in close proximity – and enjoy ourselves. It made me happy to see him excited about ancient things like Native American ruins in New Mexico and Colorado, to see the respect he gave to Native American artists in Santa Fe, and to see him playing unashamedly with my sister’s new puppy. Many parents think that the memory-making is over when your kid reaches a certain age. I’m here to tell you it’s not necessarily true!

  10. Shari

    My greatest joy is the fact that my kids (all boys) not only love me, but like me–now that they are grown they call me just to talk! I always say that love is required, and like is an incredible bonus. I hope it always stays that way.

  11. Erica

    Seeing my kids learn and live out the values and morals I try to impart on them is what gives me great joy! When they make wise decisions on their own I know that the time and effort I put in each day is making a difference.

  12. nancy

    My children are my biggest joy. I admire how well behaved they are when out and about & treat others with respect. It certainly feels good to get a few things mastered and then move on to other areas that need improvement!

  13. beckka

    My greatest joys have come as I see the efforts I have made turn into how they deal with life and what things are important to them. My daughter’s smile gives me great joy. She has a smile that lights up the room. I often refer to her as my sunshine. She shares that joy with all she meets, and I am so proud to have people tell me what a wonderful, thoughtful girl she has become. My son has always adored his mama, and his sweet disposition as a toddler has turned into a loyal and sensitive teen. It is these growing changes I see that make me so happy to be a mom and to have made a difference in the lives of my children. My greatest gift to the world are my children, and their greatest gift to me is the joy of being their mother.

  14. debbie

    The one thing I remember the most was, one mothers day my husband had put all the videos of our daughter on to a disc, I was so happy, I had tears rolling down my face. My daughter is only 10, so in years to come if I receive more gifts like this I think I will be a blithering mess

  15. Selra

    Watching my children grow and learn, reveling in their creative play and accomplishments, admiring their ability to deal with the downs they have faced without falling apart, and seeing them mature into wonderful adults has been what I loved best about motherhood.

  16. Kathy

    To me the greatest joy as a Mother is truly being able to understanding the meaning of unconditional love. It makes me understand the love God has for each of His children.

  17. HJsMyles

    seeing my kids sMyles gives me the most joy, and even better seeing my husband sMyle when he is interacting with them is priceless. My son’s name is Myles, so in my family, smiles has turned into sMyles!

  18. Nastasia Fletcher

    My greatest joy is to see my children become who they are.

  19. Nira

    There’s been so many moments of joy in being a mother. But two moments stand out. My children are now adults. My son just celebrated his 32nd birthday yesterday, and my daughter will be 24 in August. But I still remember like it was yesterday the joy in seeing their faces for the first time. Then two years ago when my daughter graduated from college I realized with a great deal of joy that my job in being a mother was a fulfilling one. I had been a good mother and both my children had set goals and achieved them. There will most likely be more moments of joy as I hopefully some day become a grandmother.

  20. Anita Rhynes

    I enjoyed raising my son because he was always interested in many things that kept me on my toes. He now has 2 children, boy 6 and girl 5. They are very wonderful children and I enjoy being around them as often as I can.

  21. Linda

    Best part of being a mom is seeing those little bundles of joy grow into strong adults, and then becoming a grandmother to watch it all over again.

  22. Natasha

    What has given me the most joy as a mother is watch my two kids, with 2 very different personalities, navigate their world. Each with their own challenges, learning to overcome their own fears and accomplish great things. My daughter at a karate birthday party, waited to be the last child to ‘break a board’, terrified she wouldn’t be able to do it, yet she still walked up this huge hulking instructor and kicked that board with all her might. It snapped right in two. The light in her eyes that day is something I’ll never forget.

  23. Casey

    I have received the most joy by seeing my son mature into a thoughtful and kind adult.

  24. Lulutoo

    My greatest joy (so far) has been watching them emerge from the teen angst years and turn into the caring, loving people that I knew they really were all along. 🙂

  25. Michelle M

    I experience joy & pride when people compliment my kids – both to them and to me. It fills me with joy to know that, even though my husband and I are not perfect, our kids are very polite, well-mannered, and sensitive young people. I don’t see that in a lot of kids these days. I am very proud to be their mom!

  26. Denise

    My greatest joy is to see my girls grow in the Lord.

  27. Connie

    My greatest joy as a Mom was watching my children grow into adults and have their own children. I am so proud of them.

  28. Glynis

    Every day brings something different, life with kids has never been dull! Seeing them now grown & with their own little families is a lovely reminder of some very special moments shared — of joy, love & laughter.

  29. Janet Sasser

    My greatest joy is to see all 3 of my children grow up to be responsible, self supporting adults with their own families and still want to visit and share their lives with me and my husband.

  30. Bevey

    My greatest joy as a mother has been watching my daughter grow up and become a mother too. It has allowed us to share mothering tips with each other.

  31. Glenda J

    The joys and blessings are so many but being surrounded by all the love, sharing, memories and happiness of being the mother to 3, grandmother to 6, mother-in-law and now great-grandmother make my world wonderful. I am grateful for all my children have done for me and with me, especially at this time in my life. The ups and downs of life don’t matter when you are surrounded by the Love of your children and their families.

  32. Kimberly Sudol

    I think the thing that gives me the most joy as a parent has to be when I see my kids demonstrate all the good things I have been trying to teach them over the years, like holding open the door for strangers, or saying please and thank you.

  33. Rae in Reno

    Seeing that I helped raise a wonderful, thoughtful, caring son. I couldn’t be prouder.

  34. Jo

    I love the way my children “light up” with love. For me it is all about the love. The love I feel for them, that they have for each other an that they hold in their hearts and which shines in their eyes. They give me new eyes through which to see, and so much joy. They are treasures!

  35. Ronda Morhaime

    Watching my two Sons grow into strong, independent, polite and successful young men has been a wonderful and fulfilling journey. I love the times when I see my younger Son open a door for a complete stranger and wish them a good day. One of my best moments as a Mother happened in a local restaurant just a few years ago. It was one of those rare occasions when just the three of us were out to dinner, the restaurant was crowded with young people and quite noisy. At a table near us was a much older couple having a meal and when they finished we were surprised when they stopped by our table. The gentleman shook hands with my Sons and then proceeded to congratulate me on raising polite and respectful children, he said “I couldn’t help but notice that your sons helped to seat you and that they both removed their ball caps and placed them on their knees after they sat down.” Then his wife pointed out that almost every other young man in the restaurant had their hats on and several were talking very loud and using quite a bit profanity. They both said that being seated close to us made their dining experience much more pleasing. I am very lucky and proud to be a Mother.

  36. Elaine

    I am actually a “step-mother” and the biggest joy was hearing my step-son refer to me as his mom when introducing me to his friends.

  37. Jennifer

    I was adopted right at birth. I love my family. Becoming a mother allowed me to meet the first people I am genetically related to. I love watching my two girls grow and learn. When I see them doing certain things it reminds me of long forgot childhood days and the way I learned things.

  38. Kelly

    Being a mother is my biggest accomplishment in life. I have 3 children (1 son and two daughters) that I have raised completely alone for over 10 years now. And while I homeschool them, it’s not what I teach them, but what I learn from them that has brought me the most joy. I’ve learned about who I am. How strong I can be. But ultimately through them I’ve learned about God’s love and for that I will be eternally grateful to them.

  39. Nancy Judson

    My greatest joy? My grandchildren and knowing that my children are raising them.

  40. Cherril Crawford

    The joys of motherhood for me are ever evolving. I’m the proud mama of three beautiful children – a daughter and two sons. When they were toddlers, my greatest joy was seeing their wonderous expressions as they delighted in some newfound discovery followed by squeals of delight and usually a warm and snuggly hug for me. As they grew and started school, I would find joy in simply watching as they would painstakingly hold a pencil, and with tongue stuck out to one side, make those alphabet letters on paper. Or the joy felt from sitting in the big chair with three bodies curled around me listening as I read the story of Old Yeller and Savage Sam. As they emerged into young teens, I found a new joy in how they developed their individual personalities with interests in reading, distance running in track or artful painting on skateboards. Grad day is always a very joyful and proud time for any parent and I’m no exception. My heart swells and tears overflow at the sweet memory. My joy in motherhood has evolved over the years and is still evolving – through marriages and those precious grand babies, after all mother is also entwined with grandmother..

  41. 2x2collection

    Seeing my sons as terrific, loving fathers themselves fills me with awe, joy and pride. How did my husband and I ever produce these wonderful young men? Makes you truly forget all the bumps along the way. and the joy of grandchildren is beyond what we imagined.

  42. Wendy

    Seeing my children grow not only physically and mentally but also spiritually, making choices based not only on the effect their choice has on them but also on those around them, seeing the love they have for their new families and the friends they choose–these are my greatest joys as a mother!

  43. Teri Green

    The most joy has been looking at my 11 year old daughter and seeing me in her but also her 75 year old grandmother in both of us. We share so many things in common both physical and personal.

  44. Michele Redding

    I am enjoying watching my daughter gain her independence and grow as a person. She is entering high school next year and I’m so proud of her and the choices she’s making! We have such a wonderful, open and trusting relationship, I am so blessed!

  45. Aleesa

    I have to say the most rewarding thing for me as a mother is to see the outcome of your hard labor over so many years. I have two children who are adults, raising them has been a fun but bumpy ride. Now they are two beautiful women and I couldn’t be more proud of the choices they have made.

  46. RuthAnn

    What makes me so proud as a mom is to see the two married ones interact with their children. They are instilling in them good morals and Christian principles. I also thank God that I have a wonderful relationship with my 3 children(adults but always my kids). We enjoy every opportunity to do things together as a family.

  47. Laura

    I love the spontaneous hugs and kisses my little girls give me!

  48. Joann

    watching my daughters grow up to be mothers themselves

  49. Peggy Crawford

    wow so many awesome comments, bring me to tears. I have experienced being a 1st time Grandma 7 months ago and it truly has been a blessing. I recently retired and am able to babysit daily and watch him grow. It is everything everyone has said it would be and more. It truly is different from having your own kids, being more mature and the way you view life is so much more respectful. You value things way different as you age. God has blessed my family with so much love. If we take time to listen to God we can see how much he loves us by all the love we have around us. I love being a daughter, Mom and Grandma! Happy Mother’s day to all!

  50. Tammy Davis

    My greatest joy has been watching my sons grow and learn and become such wonderful men. While I never felt like I was the “greatest” mom, I have to look around and say that we must have done something right. While we have had our arguments, we always know that no matter what we have each other. I love my boys and wouldn’t trade them for the world!

  51. LindaM

    Watching my two sons grow into men who love the Lord has given me great satisfaction that I did something right, even with all my mistakes. 🙂 But when my youngest son placed my grandson in my arms, I knew at that moment how my mother must have felt when she held his brother, her first grandchild. No joy replaces the first time I held my sons, all their first through the years; but holding that grandbaby certainly comes close!

  52. Ann Sowder

    My greatest joy as a mother has been to see my son identify and develop his own set of interests and passions. His choices are his own but it is fascinating to see the mix of our (his parents) influence and his own uniqueness. I hope he continues to follow his passions.

  53. Bon

    I love to be a mother, but no one ever warned me on how hard it is. We are lucky we never had any trouble with our kids, no terrible twos, polite, great in school and they all found jobs, BUT there were bumps along the way and no one said how hard you can hurt as a mother. When your daughter has her heart broken, yours is crushed. When your kids are hurt, you hurt more. My broken leg didn’t hurt me as much as my sons hurt me. There are more smiles than hurts, but wow when your kids hurt you sure do hurt more. I just want to take the pain away and we can’t.

  54. Cheryl Ausdahl

    I love being a mother and grandmother! One of my favorite joys is listening to little ones learn how to talk and express their thoughts. They say the cutest things! As much as possible, I try to capture those words and facial expressions in the scrapbooking I do for my family.

  55. Lori

    There are so many things that give me joy as a mom…. one of them being the knowledge that my boys make the right choices (usually) 🙂 even when I’m not around. I love to hear from others about things that my boys have done that make me proud. It makes me feel like my boys are listening to me even when I think they are not.

  56. mayneone

    The look on my four year old’s face when he finally saw me after I had been out: his call of “Mum” and the look in his shining eyes as he ran to me has lived with me this past forty years. It is a joy that will never be equalled.

  57. Dawn Howell

    What has given me the most joy is hearing my children give out the advice that I once gave them, such as always be grateful for what you have, instead of dwelling on what you “don’t” have, Or Always treat others with respect, and you will most often BE respected, Or live each day as if it were your last, for you never know when it is your last. You sometimes wonder if they hear you when you impart your advice, and it makes my heart swell, and I laugh when they happen to remind ME of something I once told them!

  58. Betty Campbell

    I was a stay-at-home mother and enjoyed every stage my children went through, including the one where they grew up and became independent!
    Sadly two of the three now live overseas …. thank goodness for Skype and Face Time!

  59. Daphne Ellis

    Becoming a Mother was such a thrill. It was a journey into the unknown and it is difficult to name one thing that was my proudest and most specialas there have been many. To see them(I have 8)grow from baby to adult and then parents and now for some, grandparents has been so special. To see that they all have grown into wonderful adults that would make any parent proud is such a special feeling.

  60. Carol

    God truly blessed me with two awesome kids. I loved and enjoyed each stage of their lives. They were such great kids. Now God continues to bless me more and more each day with the totally awesome grandkids. I love being a mother and especially love being a grandmother. Each day is filled with a new exciting adventure. Can there possibly be anything better in life than being a mother and grandmother!

  61. Priya

    Witnessing many firsts of the my kids and every time the happiness and joy has always
    brought me tears

    First Cry, First Smile, First Laugh, First Steps, First word , First day of school
    with tears flooded in the little eyes when I have to say Bye and leave without looking back
    and from there… Now First Graduation – which has made her ready for First Grade!!
    I don’t know how I will feel when she graduate from University, But I want to tell her
    that I am one happy and Proud MOM now…

    Every Woman has many Roles .For me every role has been experience.
    I learnt from my Parents what Unconditional Love means…
    I learnt from my Grandma’s life “how to survive in most difficult situations”
    I learnt from my Husband “How to always see positive things in every person and ignore the negative characteristics.”
    When I became a daughter-in-law , I learnt the meaning of “Family & Responsibility”

    When I became a MUM I learnt the real meaning of of the word “Patience”
    When I became a Mum I learnt what creativity means..
    When I became a Mum I learnt to be happy even for small achievements!!!
    When I became a Mum I learnt the real value of Time!!!
    and ofcourse when I became a Mum I understood my Mom the Best!!!

  62. Quinna

    Seeing my children grow up to be wonderful adults makes me happy! Having grandkids makes me happier!

  63. K. Hawk

    My greatest joy is seeing my little baby grow into a teenager that I enjoy being around! I can’t wait to see the man he will become.

  64. Connie Holso

    Goodness, there are so many joys of having children. Each is so different in personality and special in their own way. Now that I am a grandmother I have to say that they are the best gift my children have ever given me. I am so blessed to have been at the hospital for each of their birth (even if not in the room as 4 were C-sections). To be there and share that joy with my child and their spouse has been such an awesome gift. I thank them for thinking of sharing that with me. I think one of the greatest joys I have that all of my children are upright moral, spiritually centered individuals. I am thankful for that.

  65. Carmen Lucero

    My children are now adults so it’s nice to hear their friends say that I did a great job raising them. I did the best I could to raise them and the joy I have as a mother is seeing that now they are using the same “techniques” and values on their children as I used on them.
    Thanks for the chance!

    Carmen L
    cal8007 at aol dot com

  66. Jaylin

    My greatest joy is that my children are all following the Lord.

  67. Diann

    What is the greatest thing about being a mom – so many possibilities and I would have to say for me is just having the children when I did. Each girl is 18 years apart and the oldest was the first grand daughter in our family and my youngest was the only other girl and she was the last grand child born. Having the children this far apart has many advantages. One, it gives me time to learn from the first one and second it gives a great lesson to the oldest why not to rush into relationship and have a child too young – it is way too painful to be taken lightly and the oldest is a great built in baby sitter. Those things are all great but the best – is staying young and relevant – you have to stay in the know to stay up with the kids so for 36 years I have been in the know so to speak and to add a little irony to our family history – when my youngest was 18 the oldest had her first born – so we went 18 – 18 and 18 with the girls. So, many wonderful laughs and lots of love to share Happy Mothers Day to each of you also.

  68. pa

    My greatest joy, as a mother, has been to see my six children grow into responsible, God-fearing aadults, five of whom have chosen service professions to help others. They, also, all chose to volunteer in their communities in various ways. And I feel doubly- blessed because the married ones have wonderful spouses and have close relationships with us and with each other.

  69. Barb

    Seeing the outstanding adults our children have become has given you the most joy as a mother.

  70. Jacy Voglewede

    The absolute unconditional love that I never ever knew could be!

  71. Joanne K

    For me, the greatest joy of being a Mom is watching children make the RIGHT choices. When they chose the right shoe, and when they chose to play outside instead of watch TV. When they chose to tell the truth, knowing they were in the wrong. When they chose the harder extra language course instead of pottery, because it would be better for university. When they choose the RIGHT life partner.

    Thank you for the chance to win PSE 11!!!

  72. digione

    Watching my children grow in the things they learned to do–like putting on their own socks as toddlers. Such great effort and final accomplishment was a gateway to change. That was a fun time to watch their successes grow.

  73. Christine Crosheck

    I love seeing my daughter discover her gifts and talents and use them to bless other people. She has a thirst for knowledge, and wants to be a teacher. She also loves people and enjoys being silly. She is always sharing her candy with others and is overall very compassionate and giving. I think she has the potential to be a great teacher someday, and if she uses her gifts and talents to give back something positive to the world, I will consider myself to be very blessed.

  74. Kellie Linn

    I have 3 great kids. They work hard here at home for their dad and me and they represent us well amongst their classmates and community. My greatest joy as a parent will be realized when they have a fear of The Lord and receive salvation through through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. They know the truth, they’ve been trained up in the way that they should go. The most important thing in my life is my relationship with the Lord and my greatest joy as a mother will be to see my children have one too.

  75. KellyRae

    My greatest joy has been watching my son become a wonderful father. He’s loving, patient, tender and I couldn’t be more proud of him. Thanks for chance at PSE11!

  76. Glenda Lovchik

    My greatest joy is seeing the choices my children have made. They are both charitable, giving, loving adults.

  77. Esther

    The most joy as a parent is having my children make me laugh or trying to make me laugh. My 14 year old has recently taken up this challenge to make me laugh as I have battled breast cancer. It is his way of helping me and I am deeply touched with every “old” joke he tells. My 10 year old daughter is so completely the opposite of me that I find her funny a lot. She will leave and say “see ya later peeps”. It just cracks me up. So many funny moments. Those are my favorite children moments..the ones that made me laugh.

  78. Laurie Brausen

    My children and grandchildren have given me the most joy. Watching them grow into adults and making their own career choices. It gave me joy to let them spread their own wings (hard as that is) and to see where they land.

  79. Mary

    When my children were 15 and 13 I was diagnosed with a terminal illness. Quite an unusual one which usually affects older people (70+). In the UK for under forties female they expect to get 7 cases a year. I was 38 at the time. I have always wanted to see my kids grow up – what mother doesn’t?!? So I set myself goals..I want to see my kids through high school, next it was I want to see my kids through University – and so on. Eight years have passed and I am now seeing my youngest do her Masters. I thank God and the best medical treatment available for allowing me the privileged of seeing my kids turn into well adjusted Adults. Sadly my own mother died within 6 months of me becoming unwell – which was a total shock as it happened so quickly (brain tumor). Never a day goes by when I don’t think of her – there is no one like a mum.

  80. Doris

    watching my children grow and feeling their unconditional love through the years, and now enjoying the same with and from my grandchildren.

  81. Faith D

    My greatest joy is seeing my kids be responsible and productive adults. And the wonderful Grand Children they have given me brings me joy beyond measure!

  82. Leslie Wanamaker

    There are so many things about my three children that give me joy. They have all grown up to become Godly adults and that is by far the most important thing to me. Two of them are married and are wonderful parents themselves. The fact that they are funny, loving and very good friends to each other further gives me joy.

  83. Sandra

    What has given me the most joy as a mother is watching my kids grow up to be great adults! They make me proud to claim them as mine!!

  84. Gail

    My greatest joys have been watching every stage of the lives of my 2 sons, and my 2 grandsons. I did not have a daughter, but God gave me a very special daughter when my son married. I am truly blessed with all my children. We always have our memories, but what is great about this day and age is the video capabilities, I can go back and see them at all ages any time I feel like it. To me, I feel like, for a little while I get to relive it all again!!!

  85. Novella

    Someone said that when a baby is born, everyone gets a promotion.Woman becomes “Mother”, Mother becomes “Grandma” and Grandma becomes “Great Grandma”. I’ll never forget the day I was promoted to “Grandma”. I took one look at that sweet little girl and just wept for joy. Now I have two beautiful daughters and three adorable grandaughters.

  86. Mary Ann

    My greatest joy as a mom was watching my grandchildren being born and seeing the love that I gave my daughter being passed on to her 4 children. Having her against all odds that resulted in 9 miscarriages and eventually a hysterectomy after she was born was a blessing from God that has never diminished in the 35 years I have been blessed to have her.

  87. Kait

    My kids are still young, but thus far I get joy from watching them experience life and love the little glimpses of their personalities that are emerging.

  88. michelle

    It is impossible to describe the joy that being a mother has brought to my life. The most rewarding thing has been finally breaking the cycle of poverty and abuse that has plagued my family for generations. My children are a constant joy and wonder.

  89. Terri

    One of the joys of me being a mother is to hear my children pass on the pearls of wisdom to their children that my mother passed on to me from her mother

  90. Cass

    My greatest joy is being able to look back and say I must have done somethibng right, two children that have blossomed into wonderful parents, being at the birth of my youngest grandchild is my mind blowing joy, words cannot describe that moment. My husband was at the birth of our two children, as was our son at the birth of his two children, my daughter had to attend births for her graduate course and I can still remember her ringing me up after she attended her first birth to say that I had to be there when she gave birth, that took ten years, but true to her word she made sure I was there with her husband to witness the miracle of birth. Amazing joy!!!!!

  91. Shari

    God has blessed me with three beautiful daughters. My joy watching them grow into young adults was a great and at times trying experience. There is no words to describe this joy, bitter sweet memories but to watch the fruits of your labor. Now I have two beautiful grandsons and I am experiencing a new level of joy on a grander scale. “Grand” mother is such a great title to carry. God is good.

  92. Bobye

    I’ve been a member for many years and I love this site. I would like to win the PSE 11.

  93. Tare D

    Sharing in the Joy of my best friend in the birth of her first grandchild. Especially poignant as she has defied stage 4 lung cancer, and has prayed to live long enough to see her grandchild born.

    Everyday is a joyful one in sharing each precious moment with this gift of life.

  94. Rhonda Miller

    Being a mother of 11 children, seeing my children happy in their own families gives me so much joy. I love being a mother!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  95. Celea A

    My greatest joy in being a mother has been in seeing my daughter blossom into the wonderful mother that she is to her two wonderful children whom she and my son-in-law have raised to be two terrific adults. It is truly a joyful thing to see the chain to life and family continue like this. We are blessed.

  96. Twylla Smith

    My greatest joy has been to see my children grow and mature to independent adults, living the life they choose with some of the values I have lived by, but with differences that make them uniquely their own.

  97. Elise Harper

    12 weeks ago my daughter became a mother for the first time. I was honoured to support her and her husband in the difficult birthing process. My baby girl is now an exceptional mum looking after her very own baby girl and gets to experience the highs (and lows) of mothering for herself. I couldn’t be more proud of her. Thank you Life for allowing me to experience motherhood and even better my daughter also to experience the incredible love for a child. How lucky am I? This Mother’s Day I will have my Mother, Mother-in-law, Daughter and Grandaughter to share the day with me. 🙂

  98. Jessie Trotter

    Seeing the “lightbulb” go off when my children finally understood something I was teaching them….That “Aha Moment”!

  99. Barb Wessel

    Where to begin??? The greatest joy of being a mother is…EVERYTHING!!! Watching my 3 sons grow from adorable babies, surviving the rough teen years, and turning into wonderful young men has been the thrill of my life. I am just so proud of them.

  100. Paulette aka Supergran

    Watching my 3 children successfully rear their children to adulthood and having 9 great grandkids whom I am proud of everyone of them.

  101. Mary

    Watching your children become responsible, kind and giving adults.

  102. rhonjohn57

    Motherhood…from the moment I knew that I was expecting my first child…my son David, I was in love. A love that was and is so different than any other love. Then my daughter came…and the love in my heart grew bigger and stronger. Yes, my heart became bigger as it was holding such a great love for two. 20 plus years later, my heart grew even bigger as it now holds all the love that I have for my two children + 4 grandchildren! Motherhood is the greatest experience…an experience like no other. I love being a mother and a daughter to my own mother…a different kind of love…but great in it’s own way!

  103. Diane

    My greatest joy of being a mother is probably seeing my children succeed… Kindergarten graduation, High school, College. The joy was increased when my son married the love of his life and unspeakable joy came when my grandson was born. Life is good!

  104. Lois

    To have raised each of our three children as independent thinkers, responsible for their own actions, but knowing if they asked for advice or assistance, I was always there. Now I have the joy of watching these three adults as they soar with their own skills and accomplishments and cope with life’s challenges. Perhaps my greatest joy comes from knowing each of my children would consider me their best friend.

  105. grange75

    I have not been lucky enough to have children of my own but I remember my mother telling me years ago that my brother and I were the light of her life she was very proud of everything we did

  106. Alishka

    I love watching my children play together. It is amazing to me the things their imagination can come up with.

  107. Renee

    My greatest joy is to see my adult children are still friends and enjoy each other’s company.

  108. Joyce

    I think that some of my greatest joys of being a mother (and grandmother) have been seeing my children succeed, especially if they have overcome obstacles to be successful. Also, if they have succeeded after taking my advice it has made me feel validated and worthy of the title “mother”.

  109. Sabrina

    My greatest joy is finally seeing the benefit of all those “lessons” throughout the years finally begin to take hold. Being a mother takes lots of patience, and you can’t always know if it will work or not!

  110. Jennifer D

    I am a mother of two sweet kids, one boy (3) and one girl (1). The most joy for me is seeing the world through their eyes. My kids notice everything and often times will share it with me. They notice the little things and see beauty. It’s all of the stuff, we adults forget to take time to notice, and for that I am truly blessed and have joy!

    Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  111. April S.

    My greatest joy of being a mom is similar to many of the mom’s who’ve already posted. It is seeing these little spirits sent by God grow up to be good, honest, and kind adults.

  112. Debbie Eklund

    What has brought me the most joy as a mother is seeing my children grow up to be responsible young adults who can stand on their own. I am proud of our son, daughter and son-in-law. They are awesome and a great blessing to me.

  113. AnnB

    I think an awful lot of us are grandmothers — and that is truly a joy to see my children as adults; to see them fulfill their dreams; to see the girls become caring & loving parents themselves; and to see them training up our grandchildren as children of God.
    And after losing my own mother last year, I look at motherhood in a whole new manner. It was as if I became the mother & she the daughter the last few years. But what wonderful things she passed on to me for 60+ years – thanks Mom! — I hope my girls feel the same way & I wish my son had lived long enough to share more memories. But I’ve got wonderful memories of his 40+ years and he lives on in my heart.

    • Sherrie Perez

      I was about to enter my comments. After reading your comment I deleted mine. I LOVE what you wrote!!. You really touched my heart. I hope you win!!

      My comments were very similar to yours. Good luck and God bless you…..


  114. Gay H.

    I love my two daughters unconditionally and they have brought great joy into my life. Being a grandmother is something very special and I adore my two grandchildren.

  115. Nan Robkin

    What gives me the greatest joy is seeing my grown children thrive and be happy. All three are intelligent, kind people whom I would choose to know even if we were not related. And as I approach my 80th birthday (one month away) I am more and more grateful that they all turned out the way they did.

  116. Natalie Lively

    I love watching my children share the light of Jesus with others. When I see those random acts of kindness from my inherently selfish children, it brings tears to my eyes. That I believe is my greatest joy in raising my three little girls right now. The days are long and I cling to this hope!!

  117. Pam

    The greatest joy for me is seeing my two sons become responsible, caring adults.

  118. Cheryl Woodward

    Thank you for providing this opportunity to enter to win PSE 11! In response to your question, the continuing journey of life with my three children has given me the most joy as a mother. I cannot narrow it down to just one overall experience. Watching them grow and mature has been amazing. They are each very unique individuals, and they have blessed me with so many happy memories that tears are flowing down my cheeks as I am typing this. All three of them are grown-up now (ages 27, 26, and 19), and I have one granddaughter whom I cherish dearly. She is already my favorite crafting buddy at 6 years old. My youngest child is also graduating this week from college with his Associates Degree, and I will be experiencing Empty Nest Syndrome soon. I am very grateful that I have a close relationship with my children. Words cannot express how much I love them or the joy that I feel as they continue share their journeys through life with me. My whole family loves scrapbooking because it enables us to creatively record our memories, and it brings those memories back to life each time we open one of our many scrapbooks.

  119. Nan Robkin

    I have three grown children, all of whom are attractive and intelligent. All three graduated with honors from their post-high school institutions, and all three are people I would choose to know if I just met them casually. They have great senses of humor, are kind and generous, and work as hard as they can to be successful in their chosen fields. This makes me very proud and happy. What mother could ask for more?

  120. Linda H-T

    My adopted daughter has been my greatest joy – I have been amazed to see her evolve from a very difficult unruly teenager, to an unselfish and affectionate young woman who has shown extraordinary strength and courage while battling against (and winning)two very serious types of cancer. I am very proud of the responsible and caring young woman she is today – my baby girl since she was four days old!!!

  121. Kathy

    The most joy that I get from being a mother is to see how amazing our two daughters are and the caring, loving parents they have become for our 6 grandchildren. The joy of their families is the best gift of all!

  122. Eileen Williams

    Our son was a challenge, wanting everything his friends had and not seeing why he needed to help on our small farm. Our daughter was just the opposite, It was so easy to celebrate her successes which only made it harder for our son. Years later after our son finished college and landed his first job he came home for a visit, the place he said he never would come back to, and sitting at the table after dinner, thanked us for our never ending love and teaching him to work, the value of his word and how to step up when he makes a mistake and correct it. What more could a mother want.

  123. Janet Trapp

    Everyday with my six children is a blessing that God has given to me as long as I see it as such! Very blessed indeed!

  124. CynD

    Even though I am a mother and grandmother, I would like to focus on my mother, who at age 89, still “takes care of me”. I am disabled and have MS and cannot walk or do a lot of things for myself. Her statements are I cannot leave this world knowing if “my baby is being cared for properly”. My grown children and grandkids all reassure her that “grandma please sit down and relax we will take care of her”, but she has to see to my needs herself. She will be 90 in November 2013 and she says she is tired, but she says as long as the Lord gives her the strength, she will keep on doing what she can for her family. Now that is a mother for you and she is truly a blessed woman.

  125. Lois

    I would say the unconditional love of grandchildren. They bring joy to my life every day 🙂

  126. Desmond Walls Allen

    My greatest joy as a mother was seeing my son (now 32) grow through the years as toddler, through elementary school, into adolescence, as a teenager, then into a truly wonderful man. The results made all my gray hair worth it! And he’s given me a beautiful granddaughter so I can see her grow up, too. Grandmotherhood is probably the icing on the cake of motherhood.

  127. Jill

    Being a Mother and Grandmother is the highest honour. To be entrusted to birth, nurture, love and participate in the guardianship of another human spirit gives me great joy. Grandchildren bring you back to being a kid again with laughter and the simplicity of being in the moment.

    Amazing how the heart can expand to hold limitless love!!
    I have been truly blessed.

  128. Shauna Lund

    My joy comes from being able to serve my 35 year old daughter. She is a wife and mother of 3 Children, ages 11, 6 and 2 1/2 years. Recently my daughter had a rare tumor removed from just above her ankle. She had the tumor cut out of her foot. Then the doctor took her forearm to replace tissue in her foot. Then a skin graph was taken from her leg to be placed on her forarm. My daughter had gone from an active young mother who does it all, to being Totally Down, not being able to nurture or take care of her family or herself to someone needing care.. As I have stepped in to help, it has brought me so much joy to be able to care for my daughter and my grandchildren. I am learning that true joy comes from serving and helping others…especially those we love dearly.

  129. Juli

    There are so many great things about being a mom. One of the best times, though, is when my son (now 30) calls or comes to see me “just because”. My husband and I still do “date night” since we are so busy and we know the importance of together time. My son asked me out for a date night and took me to dinner just so we could have some one on one time. These “just because” moments are very special!

  130. Naomi

    I’m not a mother yet, hopefully one day. But here are some words of wisdom I found inspiring and hope to share one day:
    “Your first swan. Your first day by the sea. Your first walk through a field of spring flowers. The first time you heard and loved Chopin. In sharing your childhood discoveries, I have relived my own.” Marion C Garretty b.1917

    • Linda Sattgast

      I love this quote! Thank you for sharing it.

  131. pjscraps

    My greatest joy has been seeing my grown children become self-sufficient, contributing adults. They are capable individuals with their feet on the ground and their arms stretching towards the stars.

  132. Nancy Stoltenberg

    I enjoy seeing my children become parents to my grandchildren, and the family traditions they carry on.

  133. Norma

    The joy of being a mother is seeing my children grow as people and be each other’s best friend. They bring me such joy.

  134. mynanato3

    What has given me the most joy as a mother is definitely hard to put into words as attested by the above comments. Is it the joy watching my three beautiful daughters grow into adulthood and have successful lives and careers or is it the amazing experience being in the delivery room when my grandchildren were born? I did not get to experience the whole thing when my daughters were born because I did not do natural childbirth. No one was in the delivery room with me either like they do now so actually being there and seeing life in the first few moments was beyond wonderful. However, I think the moment that stands out in my memory is when my beautiful granddaughter said, for the first time, “I love you my Nana” which just made my heart melt!

  135. Sharon

    Just seeing my kids change as they grow up. Each stage they go through is amazing to me to look back & see how much they’ve changed since they were born!

  136. glee

    My boys are big now, 15 and 22. I used to say, “my goal is to raise an observant child.” I did. They are both AMA-ZING. More than I could have ever imagined. They are the best parts of my husband and I. And BONUS! they like us; they both still want to hang w/us and we w/them. We just took them w/us on our 25th wedding anniversary dinner outing. Couldn’t have imagined leaving them behind. ohana, for real! (Stitch was right; ohana means never being left behind.)

  137. Cindy J

    My greatest joy as a mother has been to witness my children becoming amazingly caring, responsible, funny, caring, compassionate adults and then to be present as they have evolved into amazing parents!

  138. Marsha T.

    My joy as a mother has been to watch my wonderful little girl grow into a lovely, strong, independent woman who is also now my very close friend.

  139. Judy Anderson

    Seeing my daughter raise her 2 children alone in a Christian home while pursuing her degree in order to be a good provider for them. She keeps them involved in church activities and teaches them the values of what is important in life. They have chores and responsibilities by taking care of small animals they raise to sell. Hearing from others how my son is very kind and respectful and a very hard worker.

    Thank you, Jen for the chance to win the PSE11…I love your picture. You look like such a happy girl!!

  140. Tammy

    The Special Moments when your kids hug or kiss you and you know they truly do love you 🙂 MeltsMyHeart

  141. Margie

    My greatest joy is seeing my kids successful and happy, and of course grandkids!

  142. Paulette A.

    I receive the most joy when I know my adult kids are happy and healthy.

  143. Rose Jones

    My greatest joy as a mother has been to see my son do something kind for someone else. That will always be what brings me the most joy as a mother!

  144. Brenda

    First, Let me Thank You for this Great Opportunity to Win Photoshop Elements 11.

    I am a Mother of 1 and Stepmother of 3, Grandmother of 12 and Great Grandmother of 7. I am so proud of each and every one of them. Each one is so special in their own ways and I am so proud of their individualality. I believe they all have a wonderful Heart. Love is so important in their lives in every thing they do. Family is important to them but so are others whether they are strangers or friends. We all as a family have done different things as a group to help others and I guess that is what makes me the most proud because it shows how much they care about others and that comes down to having a big Heart.

  145. Lisa B

    The best thing is seeing my kids discover what they are good at…the things that bring them joy.

  146. Tina Wilson

    My two boys are now 27 & 30 and we are as close as ever. Someone told me that boys move on and don’t end up as close to their mothers when grown as girls are. I’m proof that it’s not true! They love to hang with me and our personal conversations flow easily. When I think of them my heart warms. They are my joy!

  147. Barbara Gandy

    Moments of joy come all throughout motherhood, and there is just no way to narrow it down to one, not for me anyway!! I remember the thrill of hearing those words, “You’re pregnant!”, from my doctor; the first flutters of life with each child; hearing their cries for the first time in the delivery room letting you know they were OK; the first time they said “Mama!”;the first time they said, “I love you, Mommy!”; the first flower they picked for me; their first day of Kindergarten; graduation day; the pride they felt when they got their first job and their first car; each time they became parents themselves; the day they gave their lives to God!! There are heartbreaks along the way as well, but the love and joy that being a mother brings surpasses all other experiences that life has to offer!!!

  148. Susan

    Mom would say seeing your kids grow into mature women who love God with all their heart, soul, mind and strength.

  149. Billie

    My Joy of being a Morher comes from the way my boys LOVE me back.
    I must have done something right somewhere along the way
    Because they are 16 and 19 now and they do all they can for me
    And they watch over me like two bodyguards when we are out
    And about in town. It makes my heart melt to see these
    Two grown young men, who I use to carry around and Rock to sleep
    And play with all day and protect with everything in me,
    To Now be so protective over me. I sure will miss them when
    They do move out and start a family of their own. But hopefully
    They will always love me and want to protect me as much as they do now.
    I love the LOVE I see in their eyes and the LOVE I feel in
    Their hugs. I am so blessed to have such gentle,humble, loving,
    But strong and protective young men in my life. I am sad that My Mom
    Passed Away so young and didn’t get to see her two favorite grandson grown up.
    I promised her I would raise them to be perfect gentlemen and
    I think they are that and more. I know my Mom would be so Proud of them.
    Miss You So Much Mom! Happy Mothers Day. I Love You.

    • Billie

      Meant to type Mother in that first line. Sorry for mistyping

  150. Sue

    One of the best parts has been becoming “grandma” to my three adorable grandchildren. Another has been seeing what a wonderful mother my daughter has become since the moment she found out she was pregnant. She has taken every precaution and done all the research to make sure she is doing the best for her children in every way possible. I can only hope I had a little something to do with the way she has turned out.

  151. Fay Burnett

    I was only fortunate enough in the motherhood stakes to have one child – a son – but that one little boy, now a grown man and the father of two, gave me more joy in life than, possibly, I deserve. His father died when he was 7 years old and I didn’t marry again until he was 21 and in university. There were many things that happened during those 14 years that I could use to answer this question; however, it is the following incident that made me know, without a shadow of a doubt, that my son loves me as much as I love him. About 5 years ago, when I was 70, it was discovered that I had a tumour between my right kidney and my spine. My family doctor wanted me to have a biopsy to determine whether or not it was malignant. I’m not very brave about having invasive tests but since this biopsy could be done by aspiration, and I don’t mind “needles” no matter how big, I agreed. After the procedure had been done, my son wanted to know how it went and I responded with, “… you would have been proud of your old Mum, it was a piece of cake, and the radiologist told me I was a great patient and he wished he had more like me.” My son replied, “I’ve always been proud of you and I can understand what the radiologist meant.” This, of course, made me feel wonderful but the best was yet to come. On the day I was sitting in the waiting room of my doctor’s office wondering what the results of the test would be, the door opened and in walked my son. He sat down beside me and took my hand in his. It was very difficult not to burst into tears of joy at the love and concern his actions showed. I was one of the lucky ones that day both because of my son and that the tumour is benign and not something that is likely to become malignant. Thank you so much for the chance to win PSE11. 

  152. Jennifer

    I was wracking my brain, trying to think of a special moment… with five kids, there are a LOT of moments!
    I really do think though, it’s seeing the adults they’ve become/are becoming.
    And seeing my eldest boy becoming a father…Precious!

  153. Lorna

    Watching my daughter growing from an infant into a fabulous young woman!

  154. Therese Arsenault

    My 2 boys (who are now young men in their 20’s) must have listened to me when they were rebellious teenagers. It did not seem like it at the time, but now when I see them making their way in the world, the life lessons that I have passed on to them has flourished. I am so proud of them and happy that they are also happy.

  155. Julie G

    Seeing my kids grow up and put into practice the lessons they have learned gives me joy!

  156. Tonya

    The greatest joy is to watch my daughter encourage and nourish her children. Hoping that perhaps I may have had a small part in her being a great mother! (smile) Knowing that my grandchildren will be as kind and responsible as their mother. What better joy can there be than watching the love continue through the generations.

  157. Cindy Peterson

    It’s hard to identify just one thing, but I think seeing my two daughters and the loving relationship they have for one another is what gives me the most joy. I made mistakes as a mom, but I was somehow able to help them treasure each other, and that will be a blessing for them all their lives.

  158. Charlene Rains

    What has given me the most joy as a mother? Seeing my children as successful, responsible adults. They are both excellent employees, impressive spouses, and very confident leaders. When I was raising my children, I thought for sure that I was doing a terrible job. But the proof is in the pudding, so they say. I absolutely am amazed and very proud to see how well they turned out… in spite of me 🙂

  159. Lindar

    My greatest joy in being a mother is my daughter. We are opposites in many ways but totally united in our love for each other. She is very talented in home decorating and creating a loving home atmosphere. I look at her and see a truly wonderful person. One of my most prized possessions is a cross-stitched bookmark she made in high school.I know how much she does not enjoy handcrafts but she did this for me. Then she went beyond and made a second one a few years later. She also has a habit of giving personal notes of appreciation to her dad and I. We thank the Lord for her continually.

  160. Ann K

    There is no greater joy than watching our children parent their children. Our grandchildren are the greatest gift we have and it is so fulfilling to see how wonderful our children are at parenting . . . and sometimes hearing the things that used to torment THEM come out of their mouths. I always said I wished I could turn the clock back to rock more or read more stories or play more with our kids – being a grandparent is giving me the chance to do just that with our three granddaughters. My heart runneth over!

  161. Sharron Lamb

    Best part of being a mom? Becoming a grandmother.

  162. Rachel Huckeba

    My greatest joy of motherhood is the way my 3 daughters have become great mothers. It makes me proud to be the grandmother and greatgrandmother of 8 beautiful grandchildren and 3 gorgeous greatgrandchildren. I have the most rewarding relationship with all 3 of my daughters.

  163. Cindy

    The thing that has given me the greatest joy as a mother is seeing what great parents my kids have become. My grandchildren are so blessed by my kids and the spouses they have chosen. Maybe we did something right during those hectic growing up times.

  164. Nancy Barnes

    There are two things that make my heart swell and beat just a little faster – when my 15 yr old son calls me Mommy or when I’m sitting in my chair and he comes into a room and all I have to do is pucker up and he obliges with a kiss – every time without fail. He is totally the joy of my life and my greatest blessing.

    • Jen White

      Yes! I have one of those 15yr olds, too! 😀

  165. pam meeks

    My greatest joy as a Mom is watching my girls gain independence and spread their wings. I love to see them strengthen their faith in our Lord. I enjoy watching them grow in their abilities and talents (some are a mirror of mine and some of my husband) They make me proud

  166. Gail Bassett

    I have received a lot of joy as a mother from watching my kids grow up to be mature, productive adults who I am friends with.

  167. Leaf Roberts

    My greatest joy as a mother is seeing what great parents my children have turned out to be. I almost said “my daughters,” but that would not be right because my son has also become a great parent as well. We often don’t think about how important a great father is to their children, but my oldest daughter’s notes to her father – my husband – have shown me that a great father can be as important as a good mother.

  168. Barbara

    Oh, my goodness…there are so many moments that my heart was filled and on the verge of exploding. I think when they became parents for the first time, the sheer emotion, the love for their children, the joy they feel… Once again, my heart will just explode.

  169. Julie Jensen

    There are loads of things that have given me joy as a mother. Usually it is the little things — because the big things are just too few and far between. :o) You know how you’ll hear your child say something a little ugly and you realize, “Ugh, that came from me. I say that!” I was THRILLED a couple of weeks ago to hear my four-year-old say a beautiful thing that I could say, “I say that! It came from me!”

    It was something as simple as “Addie, I’m happy to share.” But the joy I felt in my four-year-old making that good choice to share, plus the feeling that I had managed to instill a good habit and had set a good example to my child was a real payday to me. As a sahm of six children, it sometimes becomes difficult to see the good I do. This little thing was a true joy to me.

  170. Lana Anderson

    What has given me the most joy as a mother is watching my son and daughter become good, decent, compassionate adults. Both of them have nice friends. Both care for other people and don’t talk poorly of others. Both have become productive citizens in society. And most of all…they both call their parents(that would be me!!!) and grandparents on a regular basis.

  171. Shel AnnMarie

    There is a saying and I have thought of it often raising my children. “Whey they are little they are little problems, when they are bigger they are bigger problems.”
    My daughter used to be a daredevil when she was little. She would ride her bike very fast but would never used the breaks. One day she used the house to stop and knocked out a tooth. She would play baseball with the boys and one Good Friday we spent the afternoon in the ER because she caught the ball on her eye, the sun was blinding her so she shield her eyes with the glove. Then took a peak to see where the ball was, unfortunately it was right there.
    My son never would study when he was younger. He would say I did all my work at school. Yet, he made good grades. To my surprise he graduated with honors.
    Today, they are grown and still both single. They have turned out to be great people and have made me proud.

  172. Anne Willson

    Seeing my oldest playing with my youngest. A special moment that clearly shows me how much time has passed, but also that my children have learned good things and are well on their way to being responsible, productive adults.

  173. Becky

    Seeing how my kids enjoy each other gives me great joy. While they were growing up the disagreements and squabbles made me wonder if they’d ever like each other. Hearing now that they call and chat with each other, seeing them care for each other, watching them love and enjoy their nieces and nephews
    makes it all worth while!

  174. LilGray

    When I asked my mom this question she said watching me learn and find my own little niche in the world has been her greatest joy. Incidentally it has also brought her great grief when I struggled, but she said the joy won out in the end since I finally found my way.

    Thanks for a chance to win this great program.

    • Jen White

      Wonderful! I’m glad you had the opportunity to ask your Mom. 😀

  175. Lisa Brown

    My greatest joy of being a mother has been watching the journey my twin daughters have taken to become adults. I loved every stage of development from the terrible two’s to one of them getting married. Each stage was unique and gave me unique opportunities to mentor them and enjoy them. Being a mother has made my life so much richer and as I always tell them – they make my heart happy.

  176. Becky

    Seeing the type of people my children have grown into gives me the greatest joy. My daughter is married to a soldier (just like Mommy) and having a child of her own. She is strong, proud, independent and everything I’d hoped she would be. My son is a caring teenager who helps me work with rescue dogs when he’s not working on his path to becoming an Eagle Scout. His future plans involve becoming a police officer and eventually S.W.A.T. I see in them all the good I’ve tried to instill…yeah, they have quirks and off days, but they are fantastic kids.

  177. Jana C.

    My joy comes from my boy’s, when they surprise me by being so good when we are out in public. I feel we (my husband and I)had something to do with that and that we have done a good job so far. We have a thing we do in our home and when we give each other a poker chip we get a great big hug that seems to last for ever and that is okay with me, I know my boys have gotten a million kiss already in their short lives. lol Thanks for the chance!

  178. Andi Walsh

    My parents divorced when I was 5. I swore that when I got married it would be forever, because I felt the divorce caused me lots of behavioral problems when I was growing up.
    So, for the longest time, I was convinced that I had to stay in my (misserable) marriage so that my children would not end up being damaged and screwed up. But, I ended up getting a divorce and have to say, I am very proud that my kids are so together. They do great in school, do sports, and are happy kids, regardless of what has happened between their father and I.
    It’s not divorce that hurts kids, it’s the actions of the parents and how they treat their kids and their ex that causes problems – I am convinced. My ex and I agreed to be civil to one another, and keep them as removed from our crap as possible, and for them to be as stable as possible.
    The decision my ex and I made, to make sure the kids remained as stable as could be, and to see the result, is what has given me the most joy.

    • Jen White

      Beautifully said, Andi. xoxo

    • Shir

      Great advice and congrats to the two of you for having done it.