Project 12—April 2013

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Here’s a quick explanation of how Project 12 works:

Create a layout for each month that highlights that month’s activities or experiences, then post it in our Project 12 Gallery.

When you upload your pages, be sure to choose the Project 12 Gallery and then select the month in which the events on your pages took place and post them there. Here’s a direct link to the gallery where you can post your April 2013 pages, to help you get the idea.

Go check out the Project 12 Gallery today! And, when you put up your layout, don’t forget to head on over to the Project 12 in 2013 Forum and post a link to your page so everyone can check it out!

Each month we like to feature some inspiring layouts.

From our March Gallery:

by Anika

This 2-page spread by Creative Team member, Anika, is simply amazing! Anika is our hybrid artist, and her projects are always so inspirational.

Page 1 by Anika:

by Anika

Page 2 by Anika:

by Anika
by Anika

The strips of paper at the top and bottom add interest and unify the first and second pages. Her photos are so intriguing, and I love that they are a bit tilted and of different sizes. By putting them in a grid formation, Anika has kept this organic page very organized. It’s a feast for the eyes, and I feel a scraplift coming on!

From our April Gallery:

Page 1 by joansmor:

by joansmor
by joansmor

joansmor used a SIN Template for the photos she took while on her walk to a sandwich shop to enjoy her favorite salami Italian. Now doesn’t that sound delicious? That definitely seems like a great spring activity to me!

All the photos are wonderful, but I’m so amazed at the paint splat she extracted from one of them to use on her layout. Fabulous work, joansmor, and thank you for sharing!

by Bev in Houston:

by Bev in Houston
by Bev in Houston

This layout by Bev in Houston is so bright and cheery! The florals that she painted and the yellow background all speak of spring. She has captured a beautiful moment in her life. Thank you, Bev!

If you’re new to the digital scrapbooking scene, Project 12 could be a great way to get motivated to start learning and practicing your skills. And, especially if you are new to digital scrapbooking, be sure to check out our Learn Digital Scrapbooking class to get a solid foundation in the basics!

Please be sure to post your layouts for April in the April Gallery: Project 12. We’d love to see them!



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    So much talent, awesome.

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