Photoshop Elements 9–Working With Out Of Bounds Layers

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Yesterday I posted a video on using the fabulous new Out Of Bounds feature of Photoshop Elements 9, and I promised I would share some tips on how to use an Out Of Bounds photo on a scrapbook page.

So here it is! Click on the video title below to open the QuickTime video. Enjoy!

If you have trouble viewing this QuickTime video, try these helpful suggestions.

Out of Bounds Video, Pt 2

7 Responses

  1. Jean C
    | Reply

    I am doing the happy dance! Thanks Linda for this tutorial on how to put the OOB picture on a scrap page. Easy peasy!


    • Linda Sattgast
      | Reply

      You’re welcome, Jean! have fun with it!

  2. Andrea Graves
    | Reply

    Hi Chan!

    There is still a project bin in PSE 9, Linda just had hers minimized in this video. It’s a little more like CS3 since it now has an arrange document menu mode where it allows floating documents in full edit mode – this has a similar feeling to CS3 by having that. For this video, that setting was necessary to be able to use the out of bounds photo she created and keep it in layers to drag it onto a scrapbook page in order to finish the project. I hope that helps!

    Thank you so much for your sweet words about us, we really appreciate it and thanks for telling your friends, too! 🙂

    • Jodi Hansen
      | Reply

      The out of bounds technique really is neat. I really enjoy your videos so much Linda, they really are wonderful.

      One thing I thought I would mention in case anyone is interested is that I was playing and discovered that if you don’t want to use floating documents, you can drag multiple layers without going into floating documents if you don’t have auto select layer ticked. Then select the three layers in the layers panel, and then just click somewhere in the document of that tab and drag to the other tab. All the layers will go together.


      • Linda Sattgast
        | Reply

        Thanks for that tip, Jodi! I found that it worked even with Auto Select Layer checked in the Options Bar as long as I clicked and dragged one of the selected items on the page itself. I’m so used to dragging from the Layers panel and almost never work in the tabbed view, but some people prefer that view, so I’ll be sure to mention that next time I teach it!

        • Jodi Hansen
          | Reply

          Thanks Linda! You are right, that works. Thanks for all the work you do. I have learned so much.

  3. chan
    | Reply

    I just saw your Out of Bounds video and I was wondering if Elements 9 has a bin for your elements or does it work more like CS3? By the way, I just love everything about Scrapper’s Guide or Digital Scrapper. I tell everyone that this is the best place to learn digital scrapbooking. Thanks so much for all you wonderful tutorials and fantastic kits.

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