Photo Lineup

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Photo Lineup
by Linda Sattgast

If you want to create a fun look with your photos that’s a little different than the usual, try a photo lineup using the Shape tool.

When I create a photo lineup, I like to design the lineup, and even add one or more layers styles, before I add the photos. That way I can be sure the lineup looks good and is sized right for the finished product, whether it’s a card, a scrapbook page, or something else.

Below is an example of a lineup using the Rounded Rectangle tool. You can make the shapes any color you want, and it won’t matter because you’re going to cover them up with your photo. However, being the creature of habit that I am, I usually press the letter D to get black for the Foreground color, so that’s the color of my shapes.

As you can see, I added a white inner stroke outline and a drop shadow.

Photo Shapes

Once you have your shapes it’s easy to clip a photo to each of the shapes. The layer styles will show through to the photo. Then you can design the rest of your scrapbook page or any other kind of project.

Finished Photo Lineup Page
Credits: Kit: Heartbeat-At-My-Feet by Zoe Pearn; twine bow from Autumn-Days by Kristin Cronin-Barrow

A photo lineup doesn’t have to be rectangular. Here I made a loose lineup of circles using the Ellipse shape tool and a heart shape from the Custom Shape tool. Again, creating the lineup first will help you keep the design in the forefront of your mind. You can always adjust the shapes later, but this way you aren’t distracted by the photos.

Photo Lineup with circles and a heart.

Here’s my finished scrapbook page using the design.

Finished Photo Lineup
Kit: Two Hearts by Anita Designs; Stitching from All Stitched up by Susie Roberts; Staples by Linda Sattgast

Photo clipping masks are a great way to create grid layouts as well. I always start with shapes when I want a grid design. I used the Rectangle shape tool with the following layout.

Photo Lineup 3
Papers and elements from Duty, Honor, Country from Etc. by Danyale; Staple and grunge by Linda Sattgast; Stitching and Stamp cancellation mark from TraveMate Postcard Overlays by Susie Roberts; Chevron from Paper Strip Templates by Digital Scrapper Designs

I love the ease of clipping photos to shapes! If you aren’t familiar with how to do this, click on the image below to watch a video that shows you how.

If you already know how to clip photos to shapes, I challenge you to make more use of shapes for designing your scrapbook pages, cards, and other projects!



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18 Responses

  1. Kathleen Larsen
    | Reply

    What a great hint – to create everything first! Thanks!

  2. Eileen
    | Reply

    Fantastic! You make it so easy!!!!

  3. Geri
    | Reply

    Nice video, clear and easy to understand. Thank you, I will probably start going in this direction.

  4. Barbara B
    | Reply

    Such a fun idea! Thanks so much for sharing.

  5. ginny
    | Reply

    Love this technique – great ideas!!!!

  6. Mary Kuhn
    | Reply

    Just spectacular! simple, plain and very pretty. You notice the photo’s. Love these Linda. Thank you so much.

  7. Gayle Gillies
    | Reply

    So glad you shared this idea & video with us Linda, thank you . . . can’t wait to try it. 🙂

    | Reply

    Thanks so much. It certainly livens up even a plain page! The tutorials are always so clear and easy to understand. Thanks especially for writing them this way!

  9. Annette
    | Reply

    What gorgeous examples

  10. Maggie
    | Reply

    Thanks so much. Looks like fun and I will definitely have to try it.

  11. Jenifer Juris
    | Reply

    This is so fun! I will have to try this out!! 🙂

  12. Linda Sattgast
    | Reply

    Thanks—glad you enjoyed it! 😀

  13. Kathy Black
    | Reply

    Loving that idea!! I have ten things in my head already for it!! Thank you Linda!

  14. KFM
    | Reply

    Love the tutorial. Especially the one with the heart.
    Thank You!

  15. Scrapgirl
    | Reply

    This is fantastic! I am going to try this right now. Thank you Linda.

  16. Christine Bishop
    | Reply

    Thank you, Linda! What a great idea and wonderful video!


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