5 Genius Tips for Scrapbooking Success

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April 14, 2020 | Digital Scrapper News | Volume 18, Issue 15

Hi there!

How do you measure your scrapbooking success?

I think sometimes you and I get so caught up in the details, that we forget to step back and look at the big picture.

Here are 5 genius tips for becoming more successful in your scrapbooking journey.

Genius Tip #1: Compare, But Not Unto Others
As a scrapbooker, you will be tempted to compare your pages to the pages of others. But don’t. Instead, compare your new pages to your old pages. The BIG goal is consistent improvement.

Genius Tip #2: Learn Alongside Others
Did you know that “gaining knowledge” is not the only benefit of online community-driven classes? The BIGGEST benefit — you will go farther and go faster when you do it alongside others.

Genius Tip #3: Share Your Work Online
Sharing your scrapbook pages online has a two-fold, give-and-take benefit. First, you will be providing inspiration for others, regardless of your skill level. And second, the love and encouragement you receive from others will blow wind into your creative sails, propelling you on.

Genius Tip #4: Take It Easy
Really good scrapbooking skills take time to develop. Be patient with yourself. Take it easy. It’s not a race. Remember to enjoy the journey. Allow for the time it takes for knowledge and skills to sink in and take root.

Genius Tip #5: Be Consistent
Without consistent nurturing, your scrapbooking knowledge and skills will wither and die. The key to retaining and growing is consistency. Scrapbook on a regular basis — a little every day if possible.

I’d love to know your thoughts on my genius tips. You can reply to this blogpost with these tips or you can add a comment to my post in Community.

Love and creative success,

Jen White



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Easter Pages To Inspire You As You Scrap This Week

by Kelli Linn
Credits: Supplies from Anna Aspnes and images downloaded from google


by Christine McCune


by Joyce Korenuk
Credits: Easter Egg Fun – FranB Designs; Amazing April Templates – Dagilicious; Font – KLCassidy;
Photo – Private

by Joyce Korenuk
Credits: To Dye For – Dandelion Dust Designs; FotoInspired Template Pack No. 2A 8 – Anna Aspnes Designs; Font – Mongolian Baiti; Photos – Private


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