3 New Surprises For You — New Instructor, New Shortcut, New FREE Video Tutorial

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April 7, 2020 | Digital Scrapper News | Volume 18, Issue 14

Hi there!

Do you like surprises?
Personally, I’m not a fan, unless they are low key and do not involve large crowds of people! So, that’s exactly what I’m bringing you today. 3 low-key surprises that are just between you and me.

Surprise #1 – New Instructor

I want Digital Scrapper to be a place where you can find a diverse team of instructors with a passion for teaching and digital scrapbooking. The newest instructor to fit that description is Julie Singco.

Julie joined my team last fall as your go-to gal for customer support. Now, in addition to her CS roll, Julie will be sharing creative ideas through tutorials and classes. Yay! Welcome to the teaching team, Julie!

Surprise #2 – New Free Video Tutorial

As Julie Singco’s first step as a Digital Scrapper instructor, she’s put together a new FREE video tutorial showing you a unique way to display a title on your next scrapbook page or greeting card. You’ll find the details below

Surprise #3 – New-To-You Shortcut

I know and use a lot of digital scrapbooking shortcuts, but when Julie Singco sent me her idea for her first scrapbooking tutorial, and it included a shortcut I totally did not remember, I nearly flipped.

I remembered (and you probably do too) that Shift Ctrl Alt E (Mac: Shift Cmd Opt E) creates a composite layer from all visible layers in the Layers panel.

But I had forgotten (maybe you did too) that Ctrl Alt E (Mac: Cmd Opt E) creates a composite layer from only the active layers in the Layers panel.

Can you visualize what this shortcut might be useful for? If not, check out Julie’s new video tutorial below. It’s great fun.

BONUS Surprise — New Video Policy
As of April 1, 2020, Digital Scrapper will be adding Closed Captioning capabilities to ALL online content — whether on the blog (free) or in the classroom (free and paid).

Okay. Gift giving is over for today. I cannot wait to see all the super-beautiful things YOU create this week!

Love and creative success,

Jen White

P.S. Would you like to welcome Julie Singco on board the Digital Scrapper team of instructors? Here’s three ways you can do that:



New FREE Video Tutorial

Don’t settle for a plain chipboard title. Make it unique by clipping a composite layer to it. Your friends will want to reach out and touch it.

  • Included — everything you need to make this card!
  • Learn a new-to-you Layers panel shortcut.
  • Practice your type and layer style skills.

Watch and download on the blog: Clipped Composite Layer Title by Julie Singco


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  1. Maggie Adair
    | Reply

    Welcome Julie. Thank you for the lovely tutorial. Just in time for my son’s birthday

  2. akrubygal
    | Reply

    Welcome, Julie! thank you for the video tutorial. Can’t wait to make my next bday card!!

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