3 Quick Inspiration Tricks

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November 19, 2019 | Digital Scrapper News | Volume 17, Issue 47

Hi there!

I get a lot of email from creative sources.
I’m sure you do too.

And, occasionally I’m tempted to unsubscribe from most of them. It gets to feeling like there’s just too much clutter. But there’s one thing that keeps me from pulling the plug . . . the inspiration.

Being a visual person, I’m always on the lookout for things to inspire my next scrapbook page or my next scrapbooking class. And I’ll admit, that inspiration often comes from emails I receive from people, like you, and from companies.

Font Inspiration

Last week I received an email from FontBundles. They were advertising their free font of the week. Normally I just delete it, I really do have enough fonts. But, the images in this email inspired me immediately.

As soon as I saw their Sailboat font, I pictured it as part of a word art describing brotherly love. Here’s the scrapbook page that resulted from my quick glimpse of inspiration . . . all because of an email.



You may not know it yet, but you and I are just alike. We are inspired by the things we see and read; even things we touch, smell, and hear.

3 Quick Tricks to Inspiration

  • Don’t stop looking.
    • It only takes a second.
    • Glance quickly at incoming emails, if you’re not inspired, delete them.
    • Scroll quickly through galleries and social media (don’t get stuck!).
  • Learn to recognize what inspiration sounds like in your brain. For me it’s:
    • A thought of, “that would look cute as _____.”
    • A thought of, “that reminds me of ______.”
  • Act upon the inspiration as soon as possible.
    • If you don’t have time for an entire project, get started with the part that inspired you in the first place.
    • If you do have time, finish and post it and start inspiring others.

Here’s what this looks like for me personally.

  1. I was deleting email.
  2. I saw a font that inspired me.
  3. I immediately downloaded the font (it was FREE!).
  4. I started a scrapbook page by creating word art using my new font.
  5. I had 20 minutes, so I finished the page…smiling the whole time!
  6. Now I’m passing on the inspiration to YOU.

This is how it works — you inspire me. Then, I inspire you. Then, it starts all over again. The more you practice and DO it, the easier it becomes and the more joy you get out of it.

Love and creative success,

Jen White

P.S. The Sailboat font can be found for FREE through Tuesday, November 19, 2019 at FontBundles.net. Watch out for all the popups!

P.P.S. The scrapbook page is of my two grandsons. The kit is Soar & Roar by KimB Designs.

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