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Are you going to go for it, or not?

Whenever I’m out and about and I see a cat, I like to get its attention — try to convince it to come over for a little admiration and love.

Most cats won’t take me up on the offer, no matter how hard I try. Today I met one who did. She boldly wound her way up to me and then went crazy rubbing her cheek on my hand and rolling on the warm ground.

Sometimes we are a little like cats. When I encounter something new, I’m not always the one who walks right up to it and dives in, taking a chance. I bet you aren’t always, either. Like most cats, I can be afraid of being embarrassed — or of something bad happening — and I lose out on a good thing that I could have had with a little boldness.

Here are some ideas for those among us who need a little “coaxing” in our scrapbooking lives:

If you’ve been shy or feel like your stuff isn’t “good enough” — get out there and show it off anyway. Most people will see that you’re doing new things and learning, even if the results aren’t where you want them to be yet. They’ll respect you for that and cheer you on. Those who don’t? Wise up and try leaving them out of the loop. That way they can’t discourage you.

On the other hand, if you keep stalling on being creative or trying new things because you’re scared of people seeing and judging your efforts — then trying playing in private. Remember, no one else needs to see your experiments — ever. So take a deep breath. (Though I do hope you’ll let the rest of us support you and cheer you on eventually!)

Each month in Premier, we have a sweet kit and versatile templates to fuel new projects. Four videos keep you learning and moving forward with new skills. So, this month are you going to go for it, or not?

I hope you do.

Check out the May 2012 Premier Trailer:

May 2012 Digital Scrapper Premier Trailer

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