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By Nannette Dalton

If you are anything like me, you love finding new tools to help you scrapbook. And, it’s even better when those tools are FREE! I would like to share with you a website that has a lot of interactivity and theory involving color.

With the Kuler Color Tool website, you can:

  • learn some of the rules of Color Theory (i.e., the differences between an Analogous Color theme and a Compound Color theme);
  • have a lot of fun exploring all the different ways of putting colors together;
  • find the dominant colors in the photo, then turn them into several different color swatches that would work well together.

In this blogpost, I’ll show you how to tackle the task of creating swatches from a photo using the Kuler website. When you are finished here, jump on over to my latest Digi Scrap Tutorial where I show how to use your new swatches to create a custom striped pattern for your digital scrapbook page. Let’s get started.

Note: The only requirement for using Kuler is a web browser with Flash Player 9 or higher.

Step One: Sign In

  • Go to the Adobe Kuler website.
  • In the top right-hand corner, click on Sign In, enter your Adobe ID and password, and click Sign In.


Note: This is the same login that you use for your Elements and Photoshop software.

Photoshop Only: Sign In from Within Photoshop (Optional)

Photoshop users can access Kuler and its tools right from within Photoshop.

  • In the Menu Bar, choose Window > Extensions > Kuler.
  • In the Kuler Window click on the About button.
  • Click on kuler to be taken to the website.
  • Complete the Sign In.


Step Two: Upload a Photo

  • Click on the Create from Image icon.


  • Navigate to the location where the photo is stored on your computer.
  • Click Open. (Mac: Click Choose.)

Step 3: Choose Your Colors and Save

You will see a list of several different Color Mood choices.


  • Click on the Color Mood of your choice.
  • Click Save.
  • Click Download.


  • Navigate to the location where you would like to store the color swatch.
  • Click Save.

Note: I usually store my swatches somewhere that I can easily find them. I have a folder just for swatches.

Here is a scrapbook page I created with my Kuler Color swatches. If you’d like to learn how to use Kuler Color swatches to create a custom striped pattern in Photoshop or Photoshop Elements, read my Digi Scrap Tutorial—Generate a Custom Striped Pattern.


Page Credits:

Paper from Menagerie by One Little Bird, Holiday Sparkle by Michelle Shefveland
Tutorial: Circular Sentiments by Jen White; part of February 2014 Premier.
Fonts: KG-Heart Doodles, DJB CoffeeShoppe Espresso


Nannette-48x48Author: Nannette Dalton | nann@digitalscrapper.com
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15 Responses

  1. Misty
    | Reply

    Just found this in a google search and I love it. Thanks so much!

  2. April
    | Reply

    This is so kule! I tried it on a photo and now I can’t wait to make a page for it, I have always wondered why your pages look like they all match so well. Thanks for helping up step up our scrapping pages.

  3. Lidia
    | Reply

    This is really cool, Nann! Can’t wait to try this tutorial. Thanks a bunch! 🙂

  4. Donna
    | Reply

    Nann – thanks so much for this tutorial. I’ve made color schemes before with Kuler but never by using a photo. Going to try this – Fun!

  5. Anne M
    | Reply

    Awesome! Thank you for sharing.

  6. Kathy
    | Reply

    I am having trouble saving my swatches. After I save it my computer says it cannot read the file.

    • Nann Dalton
      | Reply

      Kathy the .ase file that you download can be opened in your Photoshop or Elements program. I suggest that you take a peek at the newsletter tutorial Generate a Custom Stripe Pattern, that will teach you how to use this file and load it into your program. If you still are having problems let me know.

  7. Julie LaPoint
    | Reply

    I’ve created two color palettes that go with two photos but when I try to download them, the files are .asa or something similar and I can’t open them. I use PSE 11 – is there a way to save the swatches in another format? Thanks so much in advance!

    • Julie LaPoint
      | Reply

      I’m replying to my own comment! I started the tutorial and realized that .ase files are what you save and then load as color swatches!! This is fun!

      • Nann Dalton
        | Reply

        Oh good,I’m glad you figured it out.

  8. Vivian
    | Reply

    Just what I have been looking for. A BIG thank you!

  9. Lisa M
    | Reply

    Kuler also has a color app for the iPhone which is wonderful too! It allows you to take a photo wherever you are and then pull the colors from it. I used it recently on a trip when I wanted to capture the exact color red from a building and use it for a paint swatch for our home. Awesome site!!

    • Nann Dalton
      | Reply

      Good to know. Thanks Lisa.

  10. Betsy K.
    | Reply

    This is very Kul(er). I am definitely going to try it!

    • Nann Dalton
      | Reply

      Ha ha that is funny I wish I would have thought of that. Glad you liked the tutorial and you really should give it a try.

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