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[inter]National Scrapbooking Day 2021

Thank you for choosing Digital Scrapper! We appreciate you. Below you’ll find 4 super celebrations for interNational Scrapbooking Day 2021.

Good Times by Tiramisu Designs


Get a FREE Template by Syndee Rogers

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Challenge — Scrap a Tut & Toot Your Scrap

  1. Choose a FREE Quick Tutorial from our blog.
  2. Create a scrapbook page or greeting card using that tutorial.
  3. Post your completed page in Community on Facebooklist credits & a link to the tutorial in your image’s description.



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Enter To Win a FREE Class


HOW TO ENTER — Comment on this blogpost by telling me:


Fine Details:

Event has expired. Winner of the free class is Judy Mac.

  • One entry per person, please.
  • One winner will be randomly chosen on Monday, May 3, 2021.
  • The winner will be notified by email shortly thereafter.
  • The winner will receive a gift certificate valid for one class in our classroom.
  • The certificate will be valid for one year and is transferable.


Here are some WHYS from our Community Team:

“I want to tell my children and grandchildren the stories of the people that are in our photos. Some of the stories don’t have photos, but I still want to have the stories available. Also, we have family heritage photos that need some context.” Rose

“I love seeing my grands looking through the albums I’ve made them. Even as toddlers they loved their albums.” Sharron

“To scrap all the 1,000’s of photos I have and it gives me a creative outlet. I absolutely love learning new things in photoshop.” Ravelle

“I’ve always loved to learn and digital scrapbooking, using Photoshop and Photoshop Elements has been a wonderful combination of creating, learning and beautiful end products for my children and grandchildren.” Terri

“I scrap because I enjoy the creative process and learning new things about Photoshop.” Val

“My main motivator should be preserving memories for my family, but that may come second to having fun creating pages! Maybe they are equal in motivation for me. I hope to keep memories alive for all those who come after me.” Julie

“Most of the elders in our family have passed and their stories were never told. I want to do what I can to preserve stories that I remember. I regret that I did not start doing this sooner.” Rose

“I want my photos to be looked at. When they are in an album or book, they ARE looked at, not just stashed away in a box on a shelf in a closet.” Sharron

“I enjoy playing around with colour and texture. Adding an interesting backdrop to my stories and photos is a bonus. It is fun to learn new techniques and apply them in my own way to the scrapbook pages I create.” Rose

“I am addicted to Photoshop, and scrapping gives me a reason to use it every day. I love making beautiful art.” Sharron


Tell me YOUR WHY in a comment below

and I’ll enter you into our drawing for a free class.



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135 Responses

  1. Kathleen Elliott
    | Reply

    I always loved to scrap ever since I bought Photoshop Elements 8, It came with a free disk titled “Learn Digital Scrapbooking” with Adobe photoshop Elements 8. I waited till I had time in my busy life to open it, a RV trip (my time to relax), when I did I don’t know if I was more hooked to the voice but imediently following her instructions. Digital scrapbooking was my new outlet from a busy live being a PSW in a nursing home. A wife, whose husband wanted me with him all the time (at the time LOL) Mother and Grandmother. I am retired now (44 yrs as a PSW) and Grand children all grown up, husband more relaxed…LOL, I can get back to what I love… Scrapping Digitally <3

    Thank you Linda Sattgast for the beginning and all the new smart ladies for sharing your time teaching and guiding, answering questions, making and fulfilling lives with this wonderful outlet called "Digital Scrapbooking"

  2. Evelyn Becker
    | Reply

    To tell stories and be able to re-live our family memories for years to come. Have memories to hand down to my son about our ancestors.

  3. Barbara
    | Reply

    I do it for the shear joy of creating and remembering all the memories the photos invoke.

  4. Jeannine Maxson
    | Reply

    I love photography and looking at photos. Digital scrapbooking allows me to challenge my brain and tickles my creative side.

  5. Michelle Belisle
    | Reply

    I love to be able to look back at the pages and remember the events/trips/occasions that the pictures capture. I also do it for a way to relax and do something creative that I can enjoy – it makes me happy.

  6. Vicki Hinshaw
    | Reply

    For my family, it is history in the making, through photography and scrapbooking. It gives me an avenue to express myself creatively and get the my story told, not only for today , but so that story will live on for years to come. My external hard drive may well be a wonderful treasure for my children and their children, and their children as well as the printed books.

  7. Tracey
    | Reply

    I love that even though I don’t have an artistic bone in my body, I am able to create something so beautiful and lasting thanks to the wonderful designers and instructors.

  8. Christine
    | Reply

    For a long time my grand children provided me with a lot of photos to scrap but now not so much – they don’t like their photos being taken. I still have a lot of photos and I also like doing creative pages. There are so many reasons but it is mostly that I love doing it!

  9. Terry Ayers
    | Reply

    I originally started scrapbooking because I love history, particularly family history. I had been doing genealogical research and had a wonderful collection of old family photos. I wanted to be able to organize them into something meaningful and to share them with family members. I toyed with the idea of paper scrapping, but it was so expensive and messy. I found that I didn’t have enough room to store all the supplies, and there wasn’t much available for scrapping family history at that time. When I discovered digital scrapping, I was elated. I had solved my problem. I was able to organize the photos and tell the stories that went along with them, and I could easily share them with the rest of the family.

    As I got more into scrapbooking, I realized that I could tell the stories behind my current photos. My husband and I did wedding and portrait photography as a sideline for a while. We were both always taking photos of our daughter, friends, pets, travels, etc. It was the perfect way to record the events and thoughts behind the photos so that we would never forget them.

    I soon started making cards and gifts with my new-found hobby. They were unique, one-of-a-kind items that our friends and family loved. It was also a way to channel my creativity as well as develop new skills. I also found that I could express my feelings in my journaling in ways that I would never be able to otherwise. It has enabled me to leave a record of my memories and my thoughts and feelings for my family and future generations.
    So I guess you could boil it all down to this: I scrap to preserve the history of those that came before me, to share the moments of my life and my family, and to leave a legacy for my daughter and all future generations.

  10. Kathrine Box
    | Reply

    The scrapbooks are my contribution to family history. I love to watch family members reactions as they flip through my creations. Also important is the stories saved for generations to come.

  11. Gill Dickinson
    | Reply

    Why do I scrapbook? Because it’s fun. Because playing with PSE has helped keep me sane during the pandemic. Because I get a real sense of achievement from learning and producing my own creations.

  12. Debbi R
    | Reply

    As we get older (and our one remaining parent gets older) I have started realising how precious memories are. Last year I started a project to line my mother’s stairway with digital scrapbook memories. She gets excited each time I add a new one to the collection. That alone is worth it all!

    • Lisa McGuinness
      | Reply

      that is such a sweet thing to do for your mom!

  13. C Vandenberg
    | Reply

    I need a creative outlet … the world is much better when I scrap

  14. Michelle Unser
    | Reply

    I like to share the stories of our lives with my children, and now with a new grandbaby, I have her as a new subject to make pages about!

  15. Lisa McGuinness
    | Reply

    I scrapbook digitally for many reasons:

    1. Record the memories and moments because life flies by too quickly.
    2. Be creative and explore new styles (although watercolors are my fav and probably always will be… 😁)
    3. As an outlet for my journaling – it is easier to type a thought/feeling/memory when I have a photo to attach to it.
    4. I enjoy learning new things as technology changes.
    5. It is far less messy and cluttered than paper scrapping!

    And finally, I have been with DS (Scrappers Guide) since around 2004-05 and I look forward to seeing the many “virtual friends” online and seeing their lives through the years; grand children, pets, new houses…. It has been a real privilege to “meet” people through this social group and share our love of scrapbooking.

  16. lawyerlyn
    | Reply

    it’s my creative outlet and my way of recording the moment

  17. Jeanne Rice
    | Reply

    I love the creative process of scrapbooking and that I’m preserving memrpories of my family.

  18. Sarah
    | Reply

    I scrapbook because I love to create beautiful layouts while leaving the stress of my job behind. My girls love getting their annual books about their lives, and I love that they will have artistic keepsakes of their growing-up years.

  19. Tawnya Tolsch
    | Reply

    I’ve thought about creating paper scrapbooks like my mother and sister have done but I don’t like the idea of having to find and manage the physical paper, etc. needed to do this. Digital Scrapbooking solves this problem. I started last summer and love it! I’m able to put photos on a page and tell the story behind them.

  20. Gerrylyn R Wrubleski
    | Reply

    When you scrapbook each page/layout tells a story. You are no longer just looking at a photograph you are looking at a story. I have 2 sons 41 and 38, I am currently working on a book for my eldest son. It is about his life and special moments. Boy it’s a lot of work…but it something that he will have after I am gone…memories not just a shoebox filled with pictures. Once finished I will do a book for my youngest son. Some of the pages I do bring a tear to my eye as I remember that day and how he is no longer my little boy but a man. Some pages make me laugh so hard…as we do have a few clowns in the family.

  21. Joan Storm
    | Reply

    I scrapbook to practice all the training that I have received at Digital Scrapper over the past 12 years. It’s a double whammy benefit to scrap what I’ve learned while using my photos for the tutorial, and voilà a page is done! Also it’s a joy to share with family and friends story pages of special events, parties or family reunions. And last but not least creating scrapbook albums for family, friends or myself is the most rewarding of all!

  22. Kathleen Hoch
    | Reply

    I scrapbook for myself and for my family so we have the memories to share together. Time passes so quickly and we can forget if we don’t take time to record the memories and share them.

  23. GrammaNonna
    | Reply

    I digital scrap because it is relaxing and fun….but most importantly I hope I leave a creative piece of myself behind in every layout that others will enjoy. laugh at, revisit old & new memories, maybe shed a tear over, and maybe even learn things about friends and loved ones who have left us & those who are still with us. I love to print additional pages to share with others who may enjoy one or more pages.

  24. Penny Bell
    | Reply

    I scrapbook for myself as I don’t have children. I look at my books all the time. I did do through the years scrapbooks for my family and I update them with current pages every couple of years. They love their books.

  25. Kathy Sacry
    | Reply

    I started digital scrapbooking a while ago in 2005 when I discovered Scrapper’s Guide just to learn PSE. Sadly I just couldn’t stick with it during those full time working years. Then I moved up from PSE to PSCC in 2018 after retirement and just wanted to learn how to use this new software better so I could highlight my photography better. I found that taking courses in digital scrapbooking was the way to keep my interest high. Now I’m truely a class junkie! I really have grown in the last couple of years. Happily I am expanding my artistic creativity at the same time.

  26. Lois Borger
    | Reply

    I am been creating scrapbooks since I was a child. Also I love learning new skills on a computer. These two pastimes have enabled me to digitize and preserve memories for future generations to enjoy.

  27. Stacia
    | Reply

    Scrapbooking is a wonderful creative outlet and very satisfying when you get the layout just right and it clicks!

  28. Rosina
    | Reply

    Photos have little meaning to future generations if they have no idea who is in them or the story behind the photos. I’m currently working through trying to identify my parents’ heritage photos and realize how meaningless these photos can be unless I can at least put a name to them.

  29. BL Wild
    | Reply

    I scrap for my children, grandchildren, great grand children and into the future. And also for my own enjoyment and learning experience.

  30. Christine Bishop
    | Reply

    I scrapbook not only for personal pleasure and satisfaction, but also to share my creations with my family and friends. I especially love to scrapbook the photos of my grandsons and my entire family. I display my pages on my digital frame so I can enjoy them everyday as they scroll along across from my sofa on my fireplace hearth. Christine

  31. Raels
    | Reply

    I love to travel and enjoy life with my husband. It’s a team effort – he is the photographer and administrator of the photos and I love to scrap. I have only just started digital scrapboooking this year as the next part of my journey to recording our life together.

  32. Nanci Radford
    | Reply

    I would like to say I scrap because I have nothing else to do, but we all know better! Seriously, I have chosen digital scrapping as my legacy for my seven grandchildren. I began paper scrapping in 2000, but thanks to Digital Scrapper (formerly Scrapper’s Guide), I discovered digital scrapping and I have been documenting the lives of my grandchildren since the day each of them was born…happy times, difficult times, birthdays and special moments. It is my way of passing on to them how much they mean to me. They love looking at their albums when they visit and reliving the stories captured on each page. I recently began sorting, organizing and scanning my family’s heritage photos and plan to create a “family album” for each of my kids. I, too, love reliving those stories with my 99 year old mom (who remembers the story that goes with almost every photo). Digital scrapping has become a very important part of my life and I will be forever grateful that I discovered it!

  33. Kay Cooke
    | Reply

    I began digital scrapbooking when we took our first foreign trip. I took photos of everything and journaled countless details. Everything was just a joy and a thrill that I wanted to capture it forever. We’ve taken a few more trips and I still get excited as well as ever so grateful for these opportunities My journals reflect my personality (and some of my hubbs), so I hope they will become clues to our personalities long after we’re gone. They are a little legacy that is easy to keep and everyone can have one (if I get them all done!). I have plans for heritage books of ancestors, my childhood and my children’s. A photobook for my eldest granddaughter is currently in the works.

  34. Annabel
    | Reply

    I don’t scrapbook in the traditional sense, I do it as a for of art therapy for my PTSD; it calms me in a way that nothing else does. I don’t really use pictures (I mean pics of my plants, animals and nature lol), I use quotes, steps for improvement, and daily reasons I am thankful for living. I guess it’s kind of a scrapbook/Journal… It’s helped my recovery so much and, today, that is what I am thankful for 🙂

  35. Karen Ross
    | Reply

    I love to scrapbook to make art pages and cards. I have actually only printed one 55 page scrapbook, but I love making pages using all the creative things taught in many of your classes and blogs. I have taken many photoshop classes and know how to use many of the features in PS but they were mostly on using camera raw, levels, curves and Compositing. I enjoy the creative ideas I get from SB classes.

  36. Marlene Peacocks
    | Reply

    I’m working my way through scrapping the thousands of photos I have. I love the creative process. My grandkids enjoyed looking at the albums I’ve created so far.

  37. Nikki Austin
    | Reply

    I scrapbook because I want to leave my son the memories of our lives. At 48, my memory is so bad, and if I don’t document and write these things down, I don’t remember them. Thankfully, although my son has advised he doesn’t want my physical scrapbooks, he has asked me to save all of his memories digitally for him, and he does love to take a wander down memory lane already.

  38. Stacy
    | Reply

    I scrapbook because it’s a concrete way to retain memories and it provides a creative outlet to augment my photography. It used to also be a way to connect with people. I find joy with scrapbookers! We are awesome!!

  39. gina harper
    | Reply

    “Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.”

    No one has really every asked me why I take so many pictures, but I have heard over and over through the years, “that’s a lot of pictures” or “man, you must really love pictures.” I’m not sure when it started exactly, but I’ve been taking pictures for longer than i can remember, long before cell phone cameras came along.

    As a new wife and mom, I used to keep a disposable camera (google that) handy. I kept one in the diaper bag because it went every where with us. Any time I wanted a photo, I’d whip it out and start snapping away.

    I’ve had many camera upgrades through the years. I use my cell phone camera a lot, especially for day to day things. But for special occasions, I’ll pull out my ‘professional’ camera.

    There’s just something about freezing a moment in time with a photograph. Looking back at pictures for me is like traveling back in time. I can hear the laughter sometimes when I see it in a photo I’ve taken. I can relive the celebrations and good times. I can see growth and changes that happened subtly, right before my very eyes. I notice the good times when I look back knowing how little money we had, but we had the best memories in spite of our circumstances. Every time I share about a place we’ve traveled, I get to go on vacation all over again, even if it’s just for a moment. I take pictures and scrapbook them so that I won’t forget.

  40. marla
    | Reply

    I scrapbook so that I will be able to remember what a wonderful life I had when I am to old to remember who I am.

  41. Lorri Kleinmuntz
    | Reply

    There are 3 reasons why I decided to scrap. My young son loved looking at pictures we took of him as a baby and young child. Instead of saving just the photos, the idea of capturing the stories was very appealing. My own pictures of growing up were also scattered with no dates or story background. I started with traditional scrapbooking; now the digital world seems the most efficient and space saving way to continue the process of capturing events. I enjoy the creative side of scrapping, as I always liked working with the use of textures and colors.

  42. Melinda S
    | Reply

    Scrapbooking is my artistic outlet and I love that it records all of the events and stories of things our family has done for help remembering later. Whenever the kids have an assignment where they have to record some detail about when they did things at a younger age I just tell them to go look in their scrapbook to find out. After 5 kids I fully admit to not always remembering things accurately.

  43. Dawn M.
    | Reply

    When my vision started to significantly decline several years ago, I thought my scrapbooking days were over. It became a hazard for me to scrapbook traditionally. Then I discovered the digital side of it, and I was elated. Being able to preserve memories in this way has been of a great benefit to me, and for family and friends that I scrap for.

  44. Kathy S
    | Reply

    I’ve never been the creative type. When I found digital scrapbooking I found an outlet for my creativity that allowed me to express myself in so many ways. It has brought me so much joy and knowing I can do it to the end of my days is such a bonus!

  45. Krista Fenton
    | Reply

    I scrap mostly for the creative outlet. I love it and it’s fun. Preserving the memories is a bonus for me!

  46. Marzia
    | Reply

    I started in digitalscrapbooking because it required little of no space but my personal computer and at that time I lived in 45 square meter and it was therefore a perfect hobby, I got hooked and I keep scrapping after 10 years because it’a wonderful way to keep memories alive , with several plus: it’s not just a photo I can add notes, feeelings to it, set up the page to create a specific athmosfere…it’s priceless. I use to collect the pages per year when I got them printed in a book it’s just travelling through time and each page tells so much more than just a simple photo. Having learned to digital scrapbook at digital scrapper has made it possible and it’s priceless!

  47. Maggie Adair
    | Reply

    Many of my memories are mine alone. My kids know very little about me, how and where I grew up, what experiences have shaped me into the person I am today or even what makes me happy, sad, excited or feel loved. Scrapping is a way to share with them who the real me is. In my pages they see a memory which has brought tears to my eyes or a smile to my lips. I want them to know the things I love to do, places I have been to and people I knew. Lastly I want them to see my steadfast faith which has sustained me all my life

    • Kay
      | Reply

      I agree with you, Maggie. My kids know very little about me. But someday they might. Just as I have regrets not knowing my parents more.

  48. Irene
    | Reply

    I scrapbook mainly for keeping memories for my family and for our heritage. Also, I just like the creativity part of it!

  49. Meryl Bartho
    | Reply

    I scrapbook for my family. I hate the idea of moments, happy and sad being forgotten, of photos ending up like the big box of photos we all have – people & events nobody can identify. And of course just because I love, love putting pages together!

  50. Sherol-Ann
    | Reply

    I love to scrapbook as the story behind the photo is what you are passing down to the next generation. I recently started teaching my neighbours little girls how to scrapbook and explained to them that there is always a story that goes with every photo.

  51. Connieg
    | Reply

    I love documenting our everyday ordinary lives. I like looking back with my grand daughters and reading the weekly events and random thoughts, being reminded of family and friends who brought joy and tears to our eyes and seeing how we’ve grown as a family.

  52. Tammy Herzog
    | Reply

    I scrapbook because I enjoy it. I digital scrapbook because I don’t require space and it is a lot neater than paper all over.

  53. Jodie Crofoot
    | Reply

    I scrapbook to remember the fleeting moments in my life and the life of my family.

  54. Susan Green
    | Reply

    I scrap as a kind of therapy. I have low vision, no vision in the left eye and only peripheral vision in the right. I don’t always see things as clearly as I like. I use scrapping to help improve the vision I do have and keep myself busy. It is a very good way for me focus on the positive and not think about what I have lost. My vision may not be that great, but I can still manage to poke around the computer and scrap a page,

  55. Cheryl Ausdahl
    | Reply

    I scrapbook mainly to document various life moments, the daily things as well as special times and holidays. I’m a fanatic about making sure each page can stand on its own, identifying the date, the people, the event, the story. I started with paper scrapbooking, but was elated when I found PSE and digital scrapbooking in 2008 because I can make more than one copy to share (I have two children and five grandchildren). It’s hard to balance scrapbooking the current life moments as well as scanning old photos and putting dates, names and stories with them too. If my generation does not do this though, it will not get done, The photos will be meaningless without attached information. Scrapbooking is a gift to our family heritages.

  56. Lynn Wiggins
    | Reply

    My why in scrapbooking has changed thru the years. Originally it was to preserve the memories and my kids enjoyed looking at the pages. As they got older they looked less but I still enjoyed being creative. Now I am at the point where I want to spend time creating beautiful pages while reminiscing about old times as well as preserving the past for when my children actually care! My style has changed but I really enjoy it.

    | Reply

    I love taking pictures and finding creative ways to display them. Scrapbooking is a way to share my photos with family and friends.

  58. Patsy Flowers
    | Reply

    I scrap to preserve memories of times, places and people; to tell stories that photos alone cannot. To leave a bit of who we are for those who come after us — children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren.

  59. Carrie
    | Reply

    While I do some documenting of events with photos, I mostly do art and Bible journaling digitally to record my feelings or Scriptures or song lyrics that have been meaningful to me.

  60. Pat Rech
    | Reply

    Digital srtistry to support photography hobby.

  61. Diane McCurdy
    | Reply

    Scraping gives memories for my family that I may have forgotten to tell them about. My memory is the brightest anymore. I was left with many pictures with no names. I don’t want my family to have the same issue. Have fond memories of those in my past as well as my sweet foamily now. Want to make sure they are documented.

  62. Barbara Hewitt
    | Reply

    I scrap for both my personal creative pleasure and to preserve the memories of our lives.

  63. Cyndy Bray
    | Reply

    I scrapbook to create memories in a fun and entertaining way.

  64. Lori Earley
    | Reply

    I scrap to preserve memories for those of us here now, and for those generations to come. My grandchildren each have a book of memories from the day they were born until present. It will be good for them to look back on how their early childhood was (they’re only 3 and 1, so it’ll be a while, lol) and see themselves grow up and change.

  65. Kate
    | Reply

    I scrap to remember the fun vacations, the work in the garden, the family that was and the family that is.

  66. Jana
    | Reply

    So my family can look back at the fun memories we have created.

  67. Dona Ritchie
    | Reply

    I scrap the memories of our travel, our family (children), and grandchildren. I love to acquaint our grands with who their parents were as children, and who their grandparents were and are. I also love heritage scrapping to leave a record of the ancestors we knew as well as the ones we didn’t know personally. Their stories ground our family in time and place and add to their understanding of history.

    | Reply

    I scapbook for my old age. When I’m sitting in my rocking chair, I will remember all these great moments.

  69. Gail Bassett
    | Reply

    I scrap to remember and save precious memories.

  70. Pamela Lindahl
    | Reply

    My scrapbooking “why” includes wanting a place to tell the story behind the photos. When looking back at photo albums I have just what the photo tells me, not the story behind it. I want my family to have the story that goes with the photos.

  71. sherry pennington
    | Reply

    I scrapbook because I love to create!! Both with my camera and with my Computer. I have always loved crafting and when our move and downsizing milestone happened I lost my craft room and hence I switched to digital scrapbooking and never looked back. I still pull out my supplies when my grandson visits or I want to make a card for someone. I miss the physical joy of Traditional Scrapbooking but I have come to love my Digi Adventure as well.

  72. Cathy L Lamb
    | Reply

    I love all the responses of everyone!! I’m a photographer both portrait and other stuff. Having a outlet to express my ideas for portraits and creating neat effects for some of my flowers and landscapes is one thing that scrapbooking has given me. Digital scrapbooking is a lot easier on my craft room too. With digital I can have zillions of papers, stickers, clusters, fonts, ideas, and freedom. I can size photos to fit the page, squish 20-30 or more in a 2 page spread, the creativity is endless. Thanks to the Digital Scrapper crew for all their hard work, ideas and teaching on PSE & PS to make my pages pop even more.

  73. Lucie
    | Reply

    In my earlier years I kept diaries. Then I learned about scrapbooking and now that’s what I do! I like documenting events and stories of our lives and love embellishing scrapbook pages.

  74. Adelle Fourie
    | Reply

    To create memory keepsakes, I can add these to my digital photo frame or print books or create other digital projects to share with loved ones

  75. C.J. Sturtevant
    | Reply

    I create scrapbooks because my husband and I love to look back on our stories of our many travels, and our more mundane daily lives. When my mom went into elder care, I created a scrapbook with photos and stories from her childhood up to her recent life. She didn’t always know who I was, but she loved paging through her book, and sharing the stories and photos of times she did remember, with her “neighbors” in her new home. I’d like to think that when George and I are old and confused, our scrapbooks may remind us of who we are, and what brought us joy over the years.

  76. Nancy
    | Reply

    My only child was born when I was almost 36. I know I won’t live forever and there needs to some record somewhere of my son’s stories so following generations know how silly and sweet he was as a child. And I’ll throw in a few of my stories as well.

  77. Cindy Allison
    | Reply

    I want to record and pass down the stories and memories of my family, past, present and future.

  78. Phyllis
    | Reply

    I scrap to preserve memories.

  79. Mayumi
    | Reply

    After going through Bi Lateral breast cancer and all that entails, My priorities changed. I realized that life can be short and I needed a way to show and give my love to family and friends. I create pages and cards that are specific to them. Special photos and memories. Scrapbooking keeps my mind occupied and wards off anxiety. It has been a good outlet during this Virus lock down. It’s also a great way to avoid Alzheimers!

  80. Wendy Jorden
    | Reply

    I am the “unofficial” family historian. I love to create memories which will, hopefully, be passed onto future generations. I have created photobooks for all my family, for our holidays and special occasions. I was a litte late making the “First Year” book for our last granddaughter. Our daughter-in-law thought she wasn’t going to receive one – the smile on her face was very gratifying when I placed it in her hands. That is part of “why” we scrapbook. Keeping these memories alive and watching the gratitude my family shows makes me continue to capture those beautiful daily moments, as well as the special occasions. Scrap on fellow scrappers, keep those memories alive!

  81. Lurline
    | Reply

    To document our family history and all the things we do together.

  82. Donna Adcock Knighten
    | Reply

    After I retired, I finally thought I had the time to scrapbook. I started using paper and all the embelishments required but then moved on to digital scrapbooking using PSE since it is much easier. I scrapbook to tell the story along with photos of family members and the places I have been traveled. Pictures do not tell all of the story. Scrapbook pages can tell the story of what was really going on, feelings, and conversations related to the photo. It gives a better picture of what was/is happening at the time. I enjoy looking back on pages made 10-12 years ago and I know my grandchildren do also.

  83. Agnes
    | Reply

    I scrapbook so that my children will have some memories. I have very few pictures of my parents and myself as a child. The ones I do have are mostly black and white. I want my children to have plenty of albums so they can remember their childhood and the good times they had.

  84. Ann Kulseth
    | Reply

    It is important to me to “document” events/happenings in our family – my daughter calls me the family “CMO” (Chief Memory Officer). It is my passion and my gift to our kids/grandkids to have a link to their past through the pages I create.

  85. Glori
    | Reply

    I scrapbook because I feel that it not only brings events but also the photo/s life! Add journaling and you’ve savored those treasured memories that otherwise might be lost unless you see them on a scrapbook page! I also enjoy the whole process of scrapping…it make me feel good and if someone can get the same feeling or inspiration from what I did, that’s a double win!! :)))

  86. Beth Dayley
    | Reply

    I find that making photos look better and creating whole new design is very fulfilling.

  87. Eileen Williams
    | Reply

    I scrap to preserve memories and to make our family history interesting.

  88. Gwenda
    | Reply

    I love the process of creating an album….so much more fun than putting plain photos in a sleeve. Over the years I’ve been able to hear from extended family and learn so much more about them. I hope the generations after me keep it up!

  89. Kate Curtis
    | Reply

    I wanted lo learn photoshop, and digital scrapbooking became a natural process. I love learning new tricks in photoshop, and scrapbooking is a way to be able to to use what I have learned creatively.

  90. Julie LaPoint
    | Reply

    I just read through all the posts. What wonderful posts about memories and creativity and the joy of learning! It really moved me to read everyone’s thoughts.

  91. Judy Mac
    | Reply

    Memories, all the moments that make our story. My children and grandchildren pull my albums off the shelf and laugh and occasionally cry together as they remember the good times, and the ones who are no longer with us. Without these pages many of these precious memories would be lost. How i wish my parents/grandparents had been memory keepers, so much of my past is simply gone

    • Jen White
      | Reply

      Judy, congrats!! YOUR comment was chosen as the winner of the free class. I have emailed you at the address you provided. I’m looking forward to hearing back from you.

  92. Darlene Bell
    | Reply

    My why is to create art, learn and preserve memories. It’s a way for me to combine my love of photography and art in new and creative ways, a photograph tells the story of the person or event, my art tells the story of me. Hopefully some day my children and grandchildren will enjoy my efforts as much as I did creating them.

  93. Diane Gass
    | Reply

    I scrap albums for my grandchildren and family. When my grands were little, I made alphabet and story books for them using their pictures. It was great fun for me to see their smiles as they read my books. I’m addicted to digital scrapping as a hobby and I feel it’s keeping my brain stimulated.

  94. Nancy H
    | Reply

    Currently I am capturing all the pictures my daughter/family have taken and putting into albums. Started with creating albums for each child with growing up and school stuff. Working on getting stories to add to them. HOping they will cherish for years to come!

  95. Joan
    | Reply

    I love scrapbooking because it is so relaxing as I learn something new in Photoshop elements . An excellent program that has so many ways to make something creative and beautiful. I have a new great granddaughter and don’t see her very often. Making a new page for her scrapbook helps me to adore and love her more. I am 78 years next weekend. Learning a new feature in Photoshop Elements helps me to keep my mind active. Thank you for this Digital Scrapper Group. I enjoy all the comments and classes.

  96. Loretta Habig
    | Reply

    I always kept photo albums growing up to keep track of photos, but scrapbooking takes that to a whole new level. I take photos to remember and scrapbooking keeps them in a chronological order and a beautiful place to look at them. I also love seeing others look through my books and enjoy them. And it’s such a wonderful fun creative outlet! Hard to narrow down one ‘why’.

  97. Debbie
    | Reply

    I love making gifts that share all the digital pictures I take of the family during the year as well as share past events.

  98. Marguerite
    | Reply

    I am 87 and thought learning PSE would keep my brain active. My sister who is a lot younger has been making beautiful cards but I am still learning and love the classes. So far I am limited to Quick Pages and enjoy trying new fonts.
    Thank you for the free lessons

    • Lisa McGuinness
      | Reply

      I am so impressed Marguerite! Your idea to keep learning to keep your brain active is right on target! It must the gene that comes with the name… I had a friend in Southern CA who was also named Marguerite and she was the most creative quilter I ever met. Never stop learning!

  99. Jane
    | Reply

    Initially, it was to create photo books of my (then) new grandson to share with all family members. This expanded to creating pages of my children, my ancestors, my friends, my vacations, you name it! I’ve become more artsy and love learning new techniques in Photoshop and Elements.

  100. Sandra Dillon
    | Reply

    To tell the stories of our lives. I love especially scrapping each outing with my grandchildren as they happen.

  101. Sheila Phillips
    | Reply

    I grew up hearing family stories that were handed down through the generations and have actually proven many of them through research. My mother definitely did her part in making sure I knew my heritage. I want the same for my sons and grandchildren. Hopefully one day they will pick up a scrapbook and have the family history bug bite them too. That will make it all worth it. And also, I find such satisfaction in creating pages. I never tire of looking at books created.

  102. Kathleen Larsen
    | Reply

    I love all my photos and memories and I revisit many older folders regularly, but when I can take one of those memories and create something more complete, it is just so special. Scrapbooking makes it possible and more meaningful to share.

  103. Patsy
    | Reply

    I have loved photography since a teenager, (that was a LONG time ago, lol) I started out traditionally scrapping then when I found digital scrapping, I never looked back! To be able to just hit save and turn off the computer and not have ALL THAT STUFF to clean up. I was in heaven!! It is a creative outlet that I love!

  104. Liz Papenfuss
    | Reply

    I scrapbook to keep memories alive and fresh. I want my children to be able to see what has been important in their parent’s lives and to help them remember what happened and the blessings they’ve had in their lives.

  105. Molly McCulley
    | Reply

    I love to share memories. I would rather look at a scrapbook photo book than pictures on a phone.

  106. Sandy
    | Reply

    Scrapbooking gives me a creative outlet and an opportunity to learn new things and the payoff is that I am able to put a little bit of me in each page I create for my children and grandchildren to remember and look at and pass down.

  107. Bernice Kasko
    | Reply

    My grandkids loving looking at the books I make for them so it gives me great pleasure to see that they enjoy looking back on what they have been doing.

  108. Kellie
    | Reply

    Scrapbooking is a creative outlet for me. I think someday my family might appreciate all the fun pages and stories I’ve told but for now I guess it’s just for me. I use my pages as my screen saver on our apple TV so I can enjoy them everyday!

  109. Marileew
    | Reply

    I scrapbook for so many reasons: to preserve my memories, to exercise my creativity, to increase my brain health (learning photoshop elements is a constant challenge!), to get some “me” time, to feel happy, to inspire positive thoughts, and frankly, just to have some fun in these trying times.

  110. Anne Millett
    | Reply

    Hi Jen,
    I got into digital scrapbooking when I wanted to create a memory book after my son died,16 years ago. Since then, I’ve made numerous memory books, wedding albums and have designed many calendar pages, cards etc. I’m not naturally talented & I struggle a bit with the design process but it has become my main outlet for expressing my thoughts & feelings, while creating keepsakes & a source of memories for my loved ones.
    With thanks & warm regards,

  111. Nancy Briechle
    | Reply

    I used to make physical scrapbooks but I don’t have room to store them and all the required stash, We do a lot of traveling – or we did before COVID and I want to retain those memories so I make digital books and then just printout the books. I also love the learning process involved with digital scrapbooking. I recently switched from PSE to Photoshop so lots of learning there.

  112. Roberta Hofmann
    | Reply

    My “why” is simple – time travel. Nothing else allows me to freeze time to revisit later besides photography and digital scrapping. My Granddaughter graduates this June – Covid willing – and I’ve “traveled” to her childhood daily while creating her Open House scrapbooks.

    | Reply

    As I get older my memory is failing and I want to preserve these memories, while I can, to be made available to my family after I pass.

  114. Linda L Holden
    | Reply

    I love artwork along with pictures to share a story with family and friends.

  115. Cindy
    | Reply

    I like creating art without making a mess!

  116. Kathy
    | Reply

    I have learn so many creative techniques through digital scrapbooking. Thanks to all the great teachers at Digital Scrappers, I have learned Photoshop Elements and Photoshop. Love creating art for others and our home, scrapbook pages to record the grandkids growing up, and personalized greeting cards.

  117. Shirley Ferguson
    | Reply

    There are 4 children in my life that I don’t see but several times a year…for each of them I make scrapbook pages to document our adventures or lazy days together. We look over their scrapbooks when we are together and when they are grown they will have glimpses of their childhoods on paper instead of countless photos on phones.

  118. Beatrice
    | Reply

    My why is grandchildren. They really love looking at their books! Thanks for the chance.

  119. Renee Knoeck
    | Reply

    I scrapbook so my photos of my memories are not lost. I have a few of my great-grandmother’s photographs and there is no one alive to tell me anything about them. Some are labeled but no stories regarding them or other people in them. I want my grandchildren to know who I was and about our family. Scrapbooking also keeps me grounded and appreciates the people I have in my life and the places I had a chance to visit.

  120. Lori P.
    | Reply

    To take me to one of my favorite places to go–down Memory Lane! 🙂

  121. Dawn Miner
    | Reply

    I digital scrap because as a child we could not afford many photos and the ones we did have most of them got lost in a fire not like now where you can take as many photos as you like and at least see them so I tried to print them whenever I can

  122. BetC
    | Reply

    I scrap to save family history and to use my love of color and design. I enjoy the conversations and memories when family look through the pages.

  123. Dani
    | Reply

    Looking at photographs in a book that tells a story is so much more fun than looking through a box of photos. I love being able to pick up a book and get transported back in time and places. As a side bonus, who knew I would enjoy creating pages and scrapbooks so much!

  124. Terry L Stuart
    | Reply

    We take our grandchildren camping every summer. I take tons of pictures of all the things they do. For Christmas every year I make them a scrapbook using PSE. I love watching their faces as they review their adventures with us. They will have these albums to pass down to their children, and my great grandchildren will also get to know us.

  125. KD Wright
    | Reply

    I scrapbook to help with my anxiety. I am heavy on journaling for this reason. I quit scrapbooking for a while because I was depressed & anxious. I decided to start back & realized it really helped with the anxiety & haven’t quit since. I make pages of pictures like most people do to remember the visual moments, then I create pages that have nothing but journaling where I can be myself & get how I’m feeling out. May not be traditional, but it helps with my health & I really enjoy it, so that’s all that matters!

  126. Mari
    | Reply

    While I recognize the importance of documenting events and family history, the real reason I scrap is for me. Digital scrapping gives me a creative outlet unlike no other and working in PSE absorbs and then calms me. I find it so peaceful to sit at my laptop and create and am amazed at how much time can pass while doing so.

  127. Carol
    | Reply

    I mainly scrap for the creative element and the learning process. When I travel, I like to make pages of our trips. Hopefully, we will travel again, soon!

  128. Edith Booth
    | Reply

    There are so many question I have about my family that I can no long ask about because my parents have long passed away. So with scrapbooking I can leave a legacy for my children, grandchild, and future great grandchild so they will know our family history. Pictures are all we have to leave our children so we need to give some detail and names for them to know and understand the past so they also have memories for the future.

  129. Valerie Williams
    | Reply

    Scrapbooking helps me to remember events and it’s a fun outlet to grow and learn new things.

  130. Agnew Leanne
    | Reply

    I love taking a plain photo and making it something amazing.

  131. Christine Hunter
    | Reply

    I put photos and stories on a page to record small or important moments so that they are remembered. Families are made from memories, bonded together with joy or tears, and falls to the present generation to preserve them for the future.

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