[inter] National Scrapbook Day 2018 — Three Special Offers

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[inter] National Scrapbook Day 2018
by Jen White

We love scrapbooking and we know you do too! So in celebration of iNSD 2018, enjoy these 3 offers as a gift from us to you.

  • 20 – 40% off all currently offered classes
  • Scrapbooking Freebie
  • Enter to win a free class

QwikLearn Photoshop Elements -- 20% off

Cluster Queen -- 20% off

Design Beautiful Pages -- 20% off

Selections Part 2 -- 20% off

Sale ends Monday, May 7, 2018, Midnight Eastern
Premier discount also applies!

Shop Classes Now


Sale ends Monday, May 7, 2018, Midnight Eastern
Premier discount also applies!







We’ve heard from you over and over…. you LOVE our classes. So, in celebration of interNational Scrapbook Day 2018, we are giving you a chance to win a FREE CLASS. Keep the win for yourself or gift it to a friend, your choice.


Comment below and answer this question to be entered into a random drawing for one free current or future class from Digital Scrapper Classes.

QUESTION: What is the last class you took from Digital Scrapper? Did you learn from it? 

Leave your comments below, then tell a friend about this opportunity!

One comment per person, please.

Comments received before Monday, May 7, 2018, 10PM Eastern will be entered into a random drawing for one (1) FREE current or future class from Digital Scrapper Classes. (Excludes class bundles and Photo Rescue Blueprint.)

The winner will be privately emailed and appear in this post after the contest has ended.

And, the winner is: Karla McCormick





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119 Responses

  1. Karla McCormick
    | Reply

    I took the Cluster Queen class and learned so much. What a joy that class was! I have since purchased the design class but haven’t been able to start it yet. Can’t wait!

  2. Wanda
    | Reply

    Last class was Fix Photos Fast……still learning and using the actions……seems I have to keep referring back to the instructions and so thankful to have them handy!

  3. Casey
    | Reply

    I am taking Photo Rescue Blueprint now, thought I’m just “getting my feet wet” at the moment… I’m excited about getting started, and I’m looking forward to getting boxes and boxes (and more boxes!) of photos organized, scanned, and saved. I love having a plan of attack, and Linda and Digital Scrapper being there as support!!

    • Casey
      | Reply

      And just before that, I took the Cluster Queen class. I learned how to make several kinds of beautiful clusters to finish off my digital scrapbook pages. Digital Scrapper classes are fun, well-organized, informative, helpful, and the forum/Facebook pages are so positive and supportive!!

  4. Linda C McGue
    | Reply

    One of the last classes I took was My Life, Brilliant. I did complete the videos, but not all the work, so I have been going back over it, it has so much great info in it. I have fallen behind on my scrapbooking because I have become very involved in genealogy, and more recently, writing stories. Both of those lend themselves to scrapbooking, so I need to refresh my skills, maybe a new class I haven’t taken would give me that push. I have been using some of the journaling for my writing group. At the time I created it I didn’t think too much about the content, but when I have been desperate for a story before a writer’s group meeting I have gone back and found that some of them are quite good. I love some of the pages I did complete for that class, so should complete the whole thing. I think your training classes are great, they are so easy to follow and you can really learn a lot from each one. I just turned 80, but I still want to keep learning new things.

  5. Kim Irvine
    | Reply

    My last class was Selections 2. I knew the basics, or so I thought so I jumped into class 2 and realized the learning curve was challenging but the rewards huge.
    I’m sure Linda’s Blue Print class is amazing and a huge time saver!!! Wish it had been around 10 years ago when I was scanning old photos (for years) and then really struggled to get them organized in a way that worked for me. Totally LOVED Help for Heritage photo class. That has been gold.
    I just signed up for Actions: Enhance Photos Fast. I LOVE Actions!!!

  6. Shari Beck
    | Reply

    Hi! Currently doing the Photo Rescue Blueprint. Learning a ton & wishing there were more hours in the day to work on everything!

  7. Debi Crosser
    | Reply

    The last classes I purchased were the Snow Globe class and the Selections, Part I class. I haven’t watched the Snow Globe class yet but I did go through the Selections class. It was great and I really learned a lot. I’m looking forward to taking other classes sometime in the future.

  8. Jackie Shumway
    | Reply

    The last class I took was Cluster Queen. Haven’t finished all the lessons yet, but am absolutely loving it! Very informative, enjoyed reading comments and viewing everyone’s clusters on the facebook page. Am currently taking Photo Rescue Blueprint and am excited to feel like I have a doable plan to tackle my hundreds of photos, even if it is few dozen at a time. Love it!

  9. Linda B
    | Reply

    I haven’t taken any yet but would love to! And to win one would be icing on the cake!

  10. Syndi Phillips
    | Reply

    I just finished Selections: Part 1. It was very informative and I really appreciate how you allow us to download your videos. As far as I know no one else does. Thanks!

  11. Penny
    | Reply

    I am currently working through Photo Rescue Blueprint. Over the years I have taken many of the classes. I have learned so much. I frequently revisit the classes to review special classes.

  12. Cathy Lamb
    | Reply

    Photo Recue. Ad I have learned loads, just wish I had pent time with my grandma to learn about some of the “OLD” photos. A lot of my photos are already sorted, just need to get them in a book.

  13. KarYn W. Allen
    | Reply

    I have not taken a class recently, but I have a long time ago back in the old format of the site…yeah I’m way behind. I’d love to jump back in and get started again.

  14. Therese Arsenault
    | Reply

    Enhance Photos Fast! Loved this class. Really helped me to improve the quality of all my digital phots.

  15. Rosina
    | Reply

    It looks like I last purchased Photo Rescue Blueprint. I have purchased many of the classes but have not had the opportunity to work through any of them entirely. Perhaps after my twins graduate from home education this month, I may find myself with a bit of extra time.

  16. lawyerlyn
    | Reply

    I haven’t been in any of your class so I would like to win a seat

  17. Glenys
    | Reply

    My present class is Photo Rescue Blueprint with Linda. Just before that one there was Cluster Queen with Jen White. I thought that I would “have a break” after Cluster Queen. However, this was too interesting to pass up. It is a subject that is so close to my personal aspirations with digital scrap booking. During the past years I had completed large A3 dry mount (made by me) albums for both my daughters from birth to end of school (Year 12). They are really quite “rough” as they were pulled out of those “magnetic page” albums. Similarly I tried to replicate my mother’s dry mount (about A4 size) albums. However, the photos are in bad condition as she had used glue as an adhesive and had to be trimmed. I made two – one before ME and after ME (I am an only child). I also made a large square dry mount album for my mother of her wedding in 1950. This is the only one she was interested in showing off to people. My ultimate goal is photo books way down the track. Thank you.

  18. DebbiR
    | Reply

    Well, I just finished Cluster Queen and am now in Photo Rescue Blueprint. Just can’t get enough of this stuff! The classes are excellent and I have learned a lot since starting in 2014.

  19. Patty Alexander
    | Reply

    I have taken almost every class offered by Digital Scrapper/QwikLearn. Every class has provided me with new tools to make my scrapping easier, more interesting, and more attractive. I am currently taking Photo Rescue Blueprint and I love how it is helping me to get my photos organized in order to preserve my memories and make them available for others in the family.

  20. digione
    | Reply

    The last class I took was Selections 2. There often is more than one way to do a task in PS. I am pleased to have learned different ways to more easily make selections by way of this class. I am currently diving in Photo Rescue Blueprint. The idea of going digital by scanning existing boxes of photos seemed daunting but Linda’s Class is off to a good start to break down and guide me through the process. I am always pleased with how much I learn from these classes.

  21. Lisa Helseth
    | Reply

    I am currently enrolled in the Photo Rescue class, but the last class I completed was Cluster Queen which I really enjoyed. I learned so much from Jen! I have taken most of the classes offered, and have enjoyed them all. I have learned so much from Linda, Jen and the rest of the crew! I always look forward to what is next! 🙂 Thanks!!

  22. Marilyn Darling
    | Reply

    Last class I took for Enhance Your Photos. I use the actions frequently to enhance my photos..

  23. Barb Bruemmer
    | Reply

    Last class I took at Digital Scrapper was the Beautiful Designs year long class. So much incredible information/techniques in this class. Enjoyed it very much.

  24. Sandra Dymock
    | Reply

    The last class I took was Designing Beautiful Pages. I have learned a lot from the classes I have taken, it’s hard to pick one specific thing.

  25. Bubby (Margaret)
    | Reply

    My last class was Cluster Queen which I have really enjoyed, clusters for a long time just was not me, didn’t matter
    what I did nothing would ever look right, but after taking this class my clusters are looking so much better, Once I
    got the gist of the appropriate shadows for each element everything seem to fall into place. I am currently enrolled in
    the Photo Rescue class, but at this stage have not had to much time to get right into it. I have been a member of Digitial Scrapper for a number of years, when I first joined, I did not know quite what to expect but figured I would try it for a
    year, I soon found out after the first couple of months I was in for the long haul. Since then I have taken pretty well
    all of the classes on offer, and have never looked back. I have learnt so much from Linda and the team, everything is
    so well laid out and easy to understand, I especially love having the classes for life, that I can always refer back to them
    which I frequently do. Thanks Linda and the team.

  26. Jill
    | Reply

    I recently completed the Selections 2 Class and learned SO much! I am still referring to the great videos and instructions that have been so helpful. I am currently enrolled in the Photo Rescue Blueprint but haven’t begun working on it yet. I anticipate that it may be a year or so before I will be ready to dive into such a huge project, but I am looking forward to learning from the BEST to help me organize, scan and save my photos in the best possible way.

  27. Grace Taylor
    | Reply

    I am currently taking Photo Rescue. I find the immediacy of the Facebook Group is a great way to follow the class. I have taken many classes but two stand out for having made a difference. The Selections Part 2 class has improved my editing a great deal. But the Your Story Brilliant class was the most important to me. I not only learned a lot about digital scrap booking, I also learned a lot about myself!
    I felt that the Get Organized now class made me much more secure about my workflow and the storage of my supplies. all the classes are great. I look forward to seeing what will be offered in the future.

  28. Grace May
    | Reply

    I am presently taking Photo Rescue Blueprint. For a number of years, I had resisted making a scrapbook of my family. Linda not only inspired me to begin but also is showing me how to tackle this big job, piece by piece. How to expertly organize all my photos has been immensely helpful. I know my family will be grateful when I surprise them with their book.
    Grace May

  29. Linda Schmidt
    | Reply

    I am currently taking the Photo Rescue Blueprint class and, as always with Linda’s classes, I am learning, having fun, and being inspired. Not only is Linda encouraging me to get my photos organized, but also she is having me look at my photos through my children’s eyes – which is giving me permission to toss all those less than desirable photos, and those with unknown faces that nobody will want when my photo collections are passed on. Linda, I know my children and grandchildren thank you!!

  30. Rhonda Miller
    | Reply

    I took Cluster Queen! It was fun and eye opening. I am currently taking Photo Rescue Blueprint. Digital Scrapper is the best. Everything I have learned about digital scrapbooking I have learned from Digital Scrapper. Thank you!!!

  31. Juli Meyers
    | Reply

    Cluster Queen was my last class. And of course I learned a lot. All of the classes are excellent!

  32. Phyllis
    | Reply

    I haven’t taken any classes but would love to have the opportunity.

  33. Dianne Glenn
    | Reply

    I have been with Digital Scrapper for a number of years. I have taken many of the classes. The one that stand out for me is Heritage Photos….. I have retired from full time medical and have used many of these classes from DS /QL to begin a small home based business. I digitize and restore old Photos. The knowledge packed into the classes has helped me create and restore my clients memories for years to come.

  34. Barbara Bertrand
    | Reply

    The cluster class was my last one which was presented so well and I learned a lot!

  35. Janet Ryker
    | Reply

    I am current taking Photo Rescue Blueprint. I have taken probably every class Digital Scrapper has offered. Everything I have learned, I learned from you guys! Love being part of this group!

  36. Dawn Miner
    | Reply

    the last was Cluster Queen still working on it love the classes

  37. Sherry
    | Reply

    The last class I took was A Year of Cards. Loved that I could design, organize, and print all the cards that I would need for an entire YEAR. Amazing class! Would love to take more classes but alas, I am retired. Have lots of time but no money!!

  38. Kathy
    | Reply

    I haven’t taken any yet but would love to!

  39. Gail
    | Reply

    I’m currently taking Photo Rescue and learned that I can break the tasks into manageable ones and not be overwhelmed by the entire project.

  40. Sam Whaley-Oster
    | Reply

    I’m in the process of taking Photo Rescue Blueprint as it is released. I’m learning to be patient with myself getting through my photos (3 kids, 6 step-children, 7 grandchildren, 2 great grandchildren), creating pages & getting the class parts. The latter is the hardest for me

  41. Sandra Gaubatz
    | Reply

    Qwik Learn PhotoShop Elements – All of your classes are easy to understand and learn from. Thank you for these video tutorials.

  42. Joann
    | Reply

    I just took Cluster Queen by Jen, so much fun and as always a person learns so much, great teachers!

  43. Chantal
    | Reply

    I have taken many of the classes. I have NEVER been disappointed. All the classes have been wonderful. I also like the fact that there is a printable hard copy so that you do not need to remember all the directions.

  44. Jobascraps
    | Reply

    Designing Beautiful Pages was the last class I participated in . It was very informative learning about the different common designs in digital scrapbook pages and the common errors too that are often made.

  45. Joan Storm
    | Reply

    I am currently taking Photo Rescue Blueprint by Linda Sattgast, and it is so exciting to actually learn how to sort and organize my mega boxes of heritage printed photos, plus establish a digital file system to match. My children and grandchildren will love it! My class before this was Cluster Queen by Jen White. I had always struggled with arranging elements on a page. I learned 10 design principles, and now am much more confident with creating clusters. Thankful that I discovered Digital Scrapper in 2009!

  46. Debbie Dent
    | Reply

    I just took Jens Cluster Queen Class. I learned so much! Thanks Jen. I learned how to look at clusters in a more usable way.

  47. sherry pennington
    | Reply

    I have not taken any courses yet but I would really love to try one 🙂

  48. PatriciaD
    | Reply

    The last class I took (am still taking) is Photo Rescue Blueprint. I think I’ve taken just about every class offered by DigitalScrapper. You always learn so much, way beyond what is promised. These classes are always amazing.

  49. Laura
    | Reply

    I’m currently taking Photo Rescue Blueprint. I’m finally getting things together and in one place and it feels great. Thanks for that opportunity and encouragement. I hope to learn even more by all your wonderful classes.

  50. Anne R
    | Reply

    The last class I took was The Savvy Stasher. I really enjoyed it. It sounds like the next class I should take it Cluster Queen!

  51. Marzia
    | Reply

    Fix Photos fast, totally love it! I’ve been a subscriber to premier for 7 years and still having benefits for you! Thanks

  52. Judy Mac
    | Reply

    Took and loved the selection class. I use the knowledge so often! Missed Photo Rescue due to family circumstances, sorry I couldn’t do it!!

  53. Renee
    | Reply

    Me too – I’m taking Photo Rescue Blueprint and after only the first two classes I feel less overwhelmed and ready to commit to getting this project done. I always learn so much from any of Linda/Jen/Jennifer classes and I always come away with key tricks/ techniques that I continue to use on all my pages.

  54. Sharon
    | Reply

    I am currently taking Photo Rescue. I often go back to Design Beautiful Pages as I am making pages for my kiddos books.

  55. Sharon C.
    | Reply

    I’m currently taking Photo Rescue Blueprint and I’ve learned that although I have a lot of work to do, I have the tools to make a plan and get it done.

  56. Joyce Walth
    | Reply

    I have enrolled in Photo Rescue but haven’t gotten time to sit down and “study”. I love the fact that the class is mine forever (not like some other sites you pay yearly to learn)! Thanks for the chance to win a class I don’t have yet!

  57. Valerie Jackson
    | Reply

    I am currently taking Photo Rescue Blueprint as I’ve been putting off the Heritage album for quite a few years. Now I’m motivated and I’m excited to learn a few new tricks as well. Although I signed up for Cluster Queen, I haven’t been able to actually take the class. I was a Premiere Member so I’ve had access to a lot of classes. I need to finish and re-visit quite a few, but since I have “forever access” that gives me some comfort!

  58. Linda Replogle
    | Reply

    My last class was Cluster Queen taught by Jen White. I enjoyed learning the organizational make up of different kinds of clusters.

  59. Cyndy Bray
    | Reply

    I am currently raking Photo Rescue Blueprint and haven’t finished Selections 2. I have learned from every class I’ve taken and really enjoy them all

  60. Joyce Werner
    | Reply

    Photo Rescue Blueprint in progress now. While I’ve been with Digital Scrapper since it was called Scrapper’s Guide, I still have lots to learn and appreciate Linda, Jen, and the others approach to teaching and styling pages.

  61. Cindy
    | Reply

    Cluster Queen was the last class. Learned many new ideas.

  62. Sharon
    | Reply

    The last class I took was Learn Digital Scrapbooking/2018. As always this is an excellent class. Even though I have used Photoshop Elements for many years I was happy to review and learn about the new additions to Elements 2018. When complimented on my layouts and cards I always give credit to Digital Scrapper as my go to Guru’s.

  63. jpothoof
    | Reply

    My last class was Design Beautiful Pages. Yes I learned much and continue to learn. Love it.

  64. Bonnie
    | Reply

    I took Cluster Class and Selection part 2. I pretty much have taken all of the classes. Missed maybe two. Reason I take them, they are so easy to follow!!!!! I think teachers are beginning to forget what it is like to write a class everyone can understand. You get past that beginner stage and can’t make classes for beginners to understand. I have never found that with Digital Scrapper classes, have no problem recommending them. Did I learn from the two classes I just took? So sad, but life is getting in the way and have never even looked at them, BUT I have no doubt I will learn, I always do.

  65. Leng
    | Reply

    Design Beautiful Pages was fabulous and I learnt sooooo much, loved it! Thanks to all you clever ladies at Digital Scrapper.

  66. Leng
    | Reply

    My last class was Design Beautiful Pages and I loved it. I learned heaps!

  67. Gwen
    | Reply

    My last class was Selections Part 2. Learned a lot from both Part 1 and Part 2. Love those tips and tricks. Can’t get enough of them.

  68. Gen
    | Reply

    The last class I took was Design Beautiful Pages. I learned so much. It seemed every example of what not to do could have been one of the scrapbook pages I had made. Hopefully my pages are looking better these days. I love the fix photos fast and enhance photos fast classes too. I use the actions from those classes ALL the time!

  69. Stephanie
    | Reply

    I just took the Cluster Queen Class. I loved having the Faceboook group along with the class. Seeing the samples from other members really enhanced the information provided by the class. Jen White is a great instructor who explains things in an easy to learn fashion. I need more practice with my clusters but i have a great resource to go back and review.

  70. RuthAnn
    | Reply

    The last class was Cluster Queen and there was so much to learn but presented in a very easy way to learn. I am currently taking Photo Rescue Blueprint. Looking forward to getting a handle on my photos. Thanks for these great classes!!

  71. Julie LaPoint
    | Reply

    My last class was Cluster Queen taught by Jen White. The class was outstanding with each week bringing a new lesson and challenges. I would recommend it highly to anyone who is “cluster challenged” like I was!

  72. Kathleen Hoch
    | Reply

    I completed over the last year the class Design Beautiful Pages and learned a lot about planning and executing scrap pages. I am still going back again and again to refresh and review. I really enjoy your classes!

  73. Sheryl Haer
    | Reply

    I am currently taking Photo Rescue Blueprint, and I am also working my way through Selections Part 2. The last class I finished was Cluster Queen. I have learned so much from each of these classes. I only wish I had found them years ago!

  74. Edi Ulloa
    | Reply

    The last class I took was Cluster Queen, and I loved it! I have tried to make clusters in the past, but just couldn’t get it right. Now my clusters look so much better! I have been a fan of Digital Scrapper since forever and have gotten several friends hooked as well. Classes are broken down in an easy-to-understand way that makes it simple to follow along and do. Thank you, Linda and Team for all you do!

  75. Marie C
    | Reply

    The last class I took was Cluster Queen, which really helped me to improve my clusters. I’ve purchased the Photo Rescue Blueprint class and can’t wait to get started. I know it will teach me so much and inspire me to finally get my grown daughter’s baby and childhood digital albums done (yes, I’m blushing with shame — I haven’t even done paper albums for her).

    When I was a complete newbie to digital scrapbooking and PSE, I couldn’t make any headway in learning either until I started taking the Digital Scrapper classes. Every class was filled with moments of “Oh, I get it now!” Many thanks to Linda, Jen, and the other great teachers who have taught me so much the last few years!

  76. Tammy
    | Reply

    I’m going through Design Beautiful Pages. And yes, I am learning! Your classes are great. Thanks so much!!

  77. LeeAnn Snare
    | Reply

    I have lovwed every class I have gotten from Digital Scrapper. I appreciate the skills that I learn. I am currently working my way through the Selections 2 class. It is exciting to know what I can do–if I can remember how–thankfully I can always go back and work step by step through the section of the video or through the printed instructions. I also have purchased the Cluster Queen Class, but have not been able to start it yet. Looking forward to it. Thank you so much for providing such excellent learning opportunities.

  78. Lynda Milligan
    | Reply

    I have signed up for several classes, but the one I refer to most often ks “The Art of Blending”. It is a luxury to be able to go back again and again and learn something new, or reinforce something you’ve already been taught. Thank you for the opportunities to take so many great classes.
    Lynda Milligan

  79. Deborah Wagner
    | Reply

    My last class was Cluster Queen. Although I finished it after the live class, I learned so much about building clusters and now feel much more confident with creating realistic clusters.

  80. Kate
    | Reply

    I have never taken a class before, but I have loved all of the tutorials you share on the blog. They have provided many “aha” moments, made my scrapping easier and shown me some really fun techniques! Thanks for all you do.

  81. Irene
    | Reply

    I really enjoyed Linda’s Design Beautiful Pages class. She is such a good teacher. I find myself looking at my pages to figuring out why something is ‘just not right’, and I can use the principles she taught to improve them. Keep up the good work Digital Scrapper and thank you to all the instructors, their all great!

  82. Nancy Halma
    | Reply

    I am currently enrolled in Photo Rescue Blueprint. I haven’t started yet but the principles are wonderful! I have heritage photos to organize.

  83. Bev Schweppe
    | Reply

    I’m taking Photo Rescue Blueprint at the moment and just completed Cluster Queen. I have been scrapping for years but I had not mastered clusters. I really enjoyed the class and will be revisiting the well laid out steps for all the different types of clusters often. The Photo Rescue Blueprint is going to be a real work in process for awhile and my goal is to accomplish organizing, scanning and then scrapping my mountains of historcial photos.

  84. Linda Schroeder
    | Reply

    The last class I have taken is the Cluster Queen Class by Jen White. It was a great class in all ways. By doing the assignments I was forced to analyze and construct the different types of clusters in a very logical way. It all made sense to me. I have used what I learned and enjoyed the class immensely.

  85. C.J. Sturtevant
    | Reply

    I’m currently working my way through the Selections Part 2 videos. There is SO much useful info in this class—far more than I can absorb in one go-round. I’m also going back through some videos in my previous classes (Enhance Photos, Art of Blending, Design Beautiful Pages…), and am realizing that as my skills have advanced, lessons and techniques that seemed way too difficult or complicated at the time are now perfectly comprehensible and really useful at my new level of expertise. Thanks to all you Digital Scrapper queens for both the top-quality classes, and for making them “forever” available (for those of us who have an annoying tendency to lose things on our computer ;o) I would love to win one of your future classes!

  86. Linda Holden
    | Reply

    I’ve taken many classes, finished and loved Cluster Queen and am currently taking Photo Rescue Blueprint.

  87. Pam
    | Reply

    The last class completed is Cluster Queen. I feel comfortable making and using clusters now. Currently I am taking Photo Rescue and hope to make progress with the photos I have. Thank you Digital Scrapper.

  88. Janet
    | Reply

    Organizing my photos

  89. Sydney
    | Reply

    I am going through the class Fix it Fast and thanks to it have rescues many photos with horrible lighting.

  90. Regina Harris
    | Reply

    I took Selections Part 1 Master the Basics. I learned about it through an e-mail message.

  91. Bernice
    | Reply

    Cluster Queen was the last class I took and I loved the class

  92. Bonnie Duke
    | Reply

    Hello, I just love all of the designs, ideas, and tips presented by you and others here and keep telling myself to take one of your interesting classes, but Alas…I haven’t committed to any yet! Toodles

  93. Loretta
    | Reply

    Cluster Queen was the last class I took. I learned so much and it was such a practical and fun class! I love all the classes I’ve had through Digital Scrapper!

  94. Patty Lee
    | Reply

    Fix Photos Fast and yes I learned a lot. I have taken a couple classes and hope to have the time to take more. I have saved the files for all the free ideas. Love Digital Scrappers.

  95. Karen Wilhelm
    | Reply

    I just signed up for Linda’s new class on how to organize and save my photos. So far, I haven’t had time to delve into it, but I’m looking forward to it! I’ve taken several of Linda’s classes in the past and loved them all.

  96. Jeanne R
    | Reply

    I took Clusters Queen. Wow, I learned so much and it was so much fun. I really understand the principles behind how to develop clusters and now I know what I’m doing. Highly recommend this class.

  97. Kathy
    | Reply

    The last fabulous class that I took from Digital Scrappers was Cluster Queen. I thoroughly enjoyed taking the class and I learned a lot. I especially liked it because it got me back to being creative. I had been away for quite a bit. Thank you 🙂

  98. Jane aka Selra
    | Reply

    I took the Cluster Queen class but did not complete it. Still, I learned a few things from the lessons I did complete which were very well done. And I have a ‘lifetime’ to finish the class. The only thing I didn’t like was Facebook. The old system was much better.

  99. Kathy
    | Reply

    I’m currently taking Art of Blending with Linda Sattgast and just completed Cluster Queen with Jen White. Did I learn from it, let me count the ways!
    1. I had never used Facebook much so that stretched me to post my clusters.
    2. I really enjoyed and learned from seeing what my fellow classmates posted.
    3. I took the class slowly and did not look ahead, (I let the sun go down on my thoughts) plus I challenged myself to understand and do my cluster without help. When evaluating my clusters I did make some mistakes, but this helped me to see what they were and I was better able to identify mistakes in other clusters.
    4. I began to understand what to look for in my stash to make a cluster.
    5. I learned to use different textured elements for my clusters.
    6. I learned to pay attention to details in the placement of my elements.
    7. I learned how to use appropriate drop shadows on the different elements.
    8. I learned how to assemble different clusters and how to make them eye-catching without being the star of the page.
    9. I learned about the focus and focal points of the cluster.
    10. I felt my confidence grow, especially when I received positive comments on my postings.
    Love being a part of Digital Scrapper!

  100. grannymike
    | Reply

    I honestly don’t remember which one I took last, but I know which one impacted me the most. Easy Page Design taught me so much about scrapping and design. I thoroughly enjoyed it from beginning to end. In my opinion, there is much to be learned and enjoyed by all of your classes.

  101. Mlg
    | Reply

    I haven’t taken any courses yet but I’d love to!

  102. Cindy Allison
    | Reply

    I am also taking Photo Rescue Blueprint right now. It has given me the courage to get all the photos inherited from my family and my husband’s family in order. Before they had just been stuck in binders with no rhyme or reason. It will be so much easier to find the pictures I want when I finish. Linda is doing a great job as always!

  103. Lois B
    | Reply

    The last class I took was Cluster Queen. Jen taught everything there is to know about clusters that is for sure.I will be referring it oftenest create layouts.Through the years I have learned so many techniques from all the classes.

  104. Eileen Williams
    | Reply

    I’m also taken Photo Rescue, a little behind, life is getting in the way of my plans. Think I have taken almost every class, have learn so much. Thanks, Thanks , Thanks.

  105. Pam Cadd
    | Reply

    I’m going to cheat just a wee bit and mention the class that taught me the most – Shadow Mastery. It gave me skills that I use on almost every project, and lifted my work to a new level of professional polish. I love the step-by-step that I can watch over and over until I get it, or refer back to – and the actions that come with the class are a fabulous bonus.

    Thanks, Linda, Jen and all you Digital Scrapper ladies – because of you, my 10-year-old granddaughter has a shelf of annual photo books that she enjoys looking at over and over to review memories of her life.

  106. Margot Wintemute
    | Reply

    My last class was Cluster Queen. Absolutely loved the class and learned so much from it! I never knew there were so many different clusters and now I know how to make and shadow them properly!

  107. BL Wild
    | Reply

    I am in Photo Rescue and just finished Cluster Queen. Love these classes!

  108. Gwenda
    | Reply

    I have taken many of the classes and am now taking the Photo Rescue Blueprint, but the last one that I completed was Design Beautiful Pages. I learned many things in that class including the Do’s and Don’ts of page designs. It has been very helpful and love how the classes seem to come up at just the right time needed.

  109. Barbara Richards
    | Reply

    Cluster queen was interesting and I managed to make some really good clusters. Now can inhance my pages much better.

  110. Carla
    | Reply

    The last class I took was Cluster Queen and I learned new things each and every lesson! Jen broke it down so I could understand why things work and why they didn’t. Thank you Jen!!

  111. teri chaffin
    | Reply

    Design in thirds. I do a lot of symmetrical work and loved this! I watch tons of the free videos and rewatch them to remember how to do things. The one where you do the word within the line that goes around the page/photo really helped me to understand how PE works! Thanks

  112. Aileen
    | Reply

    The last class I took was Cluster Queen and I loved, loved, loved it! After taking this class, I feel confident in making various types of clusters, which will save me so much money because I don’t have to buy pre-made clusters anymore! Now I can make them myself, and make them exactly how I like for the page I am doing. If I ever had to recommend just one class to take…it would be this one!

  113. Julie Bookser
    | Reply

    I’ve taken several classes, but my most current one in Photo Rescue Blueprint. Thanks for all the great learning opportunities.

  114. Marylou Lynn
    | Reply

    I am currently taking Cluster Queen. I enjoyed learning about the horizontal and vertical clusters and am now moving forward with others.

  115. pjscraps
    | Reply

    I’m enrolled in Photo Rescue Blueprint. I always learn from classes at Digital Scrapper. It is my favorite place for all things about digital scrapbooking and photos.

  116. Julie Singco
    | Reply

    The last class I signed up for is Cluster Queen. I definitely learned so much useful information. I no longer just clutter up my pages with randomly placed elements. I fill them with lots of well balanced, eye appealing clusters.

  117. Lupe Rodríguez
    | Reply

    I’m new in this blog and in digital scrapping so I haven’t learned anything so far. Iwould like to learn. So I think that knowing nothing and wanting to learn makes a good learner. Thanks

  118. Ruth Everson
    | Reply

    I’m taking Photo Rescue Blueprint at the moment and just completed Cluster Queen. Learned a lot and can now make good clusters and the Photo Rescue class has prodded me to tackle the huge project of sorting the many photos I have before digital arrived. Love being a part of Digital Scrapper!

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