Let’s Get Inspired – September 2017

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For many of us, the month of September means summer is over and it’s time for the regular school year to start. So, this month, we asked our Creative Team to create a scrapbook page that has to do with school and boy did we get some inspiring pages from them!

Star Pupil by Danica:

Danica’s page is an excellent example of how using repetition in your page design can have amazing results! Her trio of clusters with repeating colors and elements really give the page a cohesive look. She then repeats those colors in her papers to draw our eyes to the adorable photo of Duncan. What a cute dog and a cute layout!

White Coat Ceremony by Paula:

Paula did a great job of using the colors from the photo to create a layout that compliments it! The light blue, white, yellow, and brown are all represented in the colors of the scrapbook page. Her use of clusters to draw attention to the photo really works well here and what a neat story, too!

Change Your Mindset by Lori:

Lori created this page so that her big photo was the big focus. I love how, again, the colors in the photo compliment the colors in the layout! And the message here is an important one. Often, changing our focus is half the battle and I love how this message can impact people of all ages.

Hello School by Deborah:

This page is another great example of how to use a photo treatment to compliment the colors and hues in a kit. She also used the rule of odds in having three main pops of red to draw our eyes around the page. I always enjoy layouts that show a jump in time and this one is just wonderful!

School Days by Vynette:

Look at all of those yummy layers! This page uses a limited color palette to its benefit. The soft colors go well with the heritage photo without overwhelming the layout. Her use of various anchors behind the main cluster really helps ground the page while giving it a bit of an artistic feel.

We hope these pages inspire you to scrap about your school days, too!

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3 Responses

  1. Suzanne J Scriven
    | Reply

    What kit was used in the “Hello School” page by Deborah? Sooooooo cute!

    • Jenifer Juris
      | Reply

      Hi Suzanne! I’m sorry, this blog post is from 2017 and we just don’t have that kit information handy anymore. When the old gallery and forum were changed, that information was lost. I’m guessing if you went to the various digital scrapbooking stores and searched for school kits you might find it if it’s still on sale. I’m sorry I can’t help out more.

  2. Wendy Bellino
    | Reply

    Such great examples from the DT! Just the boost I need to start scrapping my children’s school days. Thanks for sharing!

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