Type with a Focus

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Type with a Focus
by Jenifer Juris

Learn how to add emphasis to a lengthy title the Blur Filter and Rectangular Marquee tool.

Step One: Open a Photo

  • Open a photo (File > Open). If you’d like to use my photo (for personal use only), click HERE to download.
  • In the Menu Bar, choose File > Duplicate. (Photoshop: Choose Image > Duplicate.)
  • In the dialog box, click OK.
  • Close the original photo.

Step Two: Add Type

  • Get the Horizontal Type tool.
  • In the Tool Options, choose a font, size, and alignment of your choice. I chose Josefin Sans with a size of 90 pts and center alignment. My Leading was set to Auto.
  • On the photo, click once to start typing.

Note: For multiple lines of type, just press Enter (Mac: Return) to go down one line. Also, in my example I spaced my letters out for emphasis using the Tracking settings in PS.

  • Once you’re satisfied, click the checkmark to commit the type.


Step Three: Simplify the Text

  • In the Menu Bar, choose Layer > Simplify Layer. (Photoshop: Choose Layer > Rasterize > Type.)
  • Get the Move tool.
  • In the Tool options, make sure Auto-Select Layer is unchecked.
  • On the document, click and drag the simplified type until it’s exactly where you want it.


Step Four: Blur the Text

  • Get the Rectangular Marquee Tool.
  • In the Tool Options, click on the New Selection icon. Set the Feather to 0 px and the Aspect to Normal. (Photoshop: Set the Style to Normal.)
  • On the document, click and drag a selection around the part of the type you want to blur.


  • In the Menu Bar, choose Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur.
  • In the dialog box, set the Radius to 12 and click OK.
  • Press Ctrl D (Mac: Cmd D) to deselect.


Here is the finished image after I added some finishing touches:


I hope you enjoy using this technique. It’s a fun and simple way to draw the eyes in while making a visual point at the same time.

Page & Photo: Jenifer Juris
Extras: Cardstock Blank Canvas by Susie Roberts, Water Color Brushes from Design Cuts
Fonts: Josefin Sans, Century Gothic Regular

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5 Responses

  1. Kasandra Mathieson
    | Reply

    Thank you Jenifer!! What a great idea…..

    • Jenifer Juris
      | Reply

      You’re welcome!! 🙂 So glad you like it.

  2. Susan
    | Reply

    I love it! I can think of so many ways to use this! Thanks!

  3. Lisa
    | Reply

    Very cool idea!

    • Jenifer Juris
      | Reply

      Thank you!! 🙂

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