Boogie Week + Title Tip #9

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August 16, 2022 | Digital Scrapper News | Volume 20, Issue 33

Hi there!

Are you a fan of word strips? I am. I can hardly create a scrapbook page without adding one or two tucked between photos and other elements. Jenifer Juris created this title tip for anyone who loves word strips.

Here’s Title Tip #9: Word Strip Title
Pair an extra-large word or phrase with a coordinating word strip to make a title that draws attention.



Tips for creating a title like this:

  • Place a large title behind a much smaller, coordinating word strip.
  • Use the word strip to either finish the title or complement it.
  • Add a drop shadow to the word strip, but not to the larger title.



As the summer is winding down, this week is a great time to look back and see if there are any projects you have that need to be finished up. You’ll find details of Boogie Week below.

Love and creative success,

Jen White

P.S. The header above was created using Stick Together by Aprilisa.

P.P.S. The font for “You Are” is Bebas Neue Pro Bold with a word strip by KimB Designs. The font for “Family” is Grayson Rough with a word strip from Mari Koegelenberg Creations. The font for “Birthday” and “Thank You” is Rampage Monoline with word strips created by Jenifer Juris.


News from Our Community Forum

  • Friday Favorites. See what others found and shared from the web last week. Go to Friday Favorites.
  • Finding the Title Tips. Did you know that you can find all of our title tips on the blog? They are tucked inside the issues of our archived newsletters. If you are enrolled in 10 Timeless Titles, Volume 1, however, you will have access to a beautiful PDF containing all the tips starting August 23, 2022.
  • Sympathy Messages from Southern Living. Do you find yourself in need of a unique and appropriate sympathy message for cards or posts? Get the list of messages here.




It’s Boogie Week! Let’s Get Stuff Done!
Boogie Week is our once-a-month call for you to join us in finishing up loose classes and projects. We want you to get things done because it feels GREAT!

NOTE: The Boogie image was created using Pretty Day by CarolW Designs.



Coming Soon… Digital Scrapper Premier 2023!
We’re pulling together all the details. It’s shaping up beautifully, and we are super excited. Here are a few more details of what’s coming up:

❤️ Bundle Pricing, Only Through September 19
Just like last year, we’ll be offering you the chance to buy the whole bundle of Premier 2023, either as a one-time payment or 9 monthly payments.

❤️ Fancy Tutorials for PS Only and PSE Only!
There are things that Photoshop Elements can do better than Photoshop. And, of course, the opposite is true, that Photoshop has capabilities that PSE does not. Premier 2023 will be focusing on a few of those differences.

Watch for Enrollment Details at the End of the Month!


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