Fur freebies, challenges, stories, and more — Celebrate Dog Week with us in Community.

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August 24, 2021  |  Digital Scrapper News  |  Volume 19, Issue 34

Hi there!

Here at Digital Scrapper, I have one goal — to help you get your stories told. And this week, I’m inviting you to focus your stories on fur.

Maisy is part of my story. She’s a lovable 7-year-old toy schnauzer. In my selfie, she’s the one with the hot-pink arrow over her head.

Maisy loves to be with me, especially on the lake. I’m pretty sure the water relaxes her as much as it relaxes me. She’s obsessed with babies, is constantly trying to escape her confinements, loves to give kisses, and is always looking for the opportunity to go bye-bye.

If you have a special fur baby in your family, you likely have a similar story to tell.



Come & Celebrate Dog Week in Community
Dog Week isn’t just for dogs. We welcome anything fur-related—dogs, cats, and even abundantly-chunky, domesticated rodents! Our Dog Week event includes:

  • fur stories & scrapbook pages
  • fur challenges (details below)
  • fur selfies (see mine above)
  • fur freebies (details below)
  • and lots of fur fun!



Woof! Woof! (that’s dog-speak for “Love and creative success”)

Jen White

P.S. The images in this newsletter were created using All Dogs Go To Heaven by Little Butterfly Wings. The credits for the scrapbook pages in this newsletter can be found in Community on Facebook.

P.P.S. What’s coming up? Next week is our birthday week! Watch for our semi-annual BIG SALE and a SUPER BIG SURPRISE! We’ve been keeping a secret for months and we’re about to let it out of the bag.




Dog Week Challenge — Show Us Your Fur Selfie!
We challenged our team to send in selfies featuring them with their fur babies. Join them this week by posting your fur-selfies along with theirs in Community on Facebook. I’ll be posting mine, too!




Dog Week Freebie — Newsletter Subscriber Exclusive
Think you’d have some fun with this grayscale template? Click on the image above to download the template straight from this newsletter. You’re welcome!




Dog Week Freebie — Community Member Exclusive
This is the template I used to create my scrapbook page about Maisy’s favorite things. This week in Community, the list-worthy template is yours FREE. I can’t wait to see what you do with it!

The template includes three pre-made titles for you to capture the thoughts and wishes of your favorite furry friend. Click on the image above to go to Community and download the template. NO LONGER AVAILABLE.



I gave this template to our Team in advance. Check out the great pages they created. Some of the pages feature fur and some do not!


by Simone Ruf


by Val Sleger


by Lori Bickford


by Julie Singco


by Julie LaPoint


by Gina Harper


by Jenifer Juris


by Michelle Belisle


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  1. Christine Bishop
    | Reply

    Very cute LOs!

    • Jen White
      | Reply

      Thank you, Christine!

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