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August 17, 2021  |  Digital Scrapper News  |  Volume 19, Issue 33

Hi there!

Do either of these describe you?

  • I don’t pay attention to what my photos look like.
  • I don’t have or take time to fix my photos.

Those words have described me before. I get it. For me, I now describe fixing photos as a “necessary evil.” Why? Because of this:



I used to spend tons of time perfecting a beautiful scrapbook page, only to ruin that page within seconds by putting a bad photo on it. Let me show you a recent example.



Here’s a before and after of a recent photo from my personal stash. The photo on the left is how it came out of my DSLR camera. I thought the photo was ADORABLE until I saw what could be done (photo on the right) with just 90 seconds of editing in Camera Raw.

Jenifer Juris Made Me a Believer!
After Jenifer Juris showed me what Camera Raw can do to my photos, I’m a believer. I now take the time (a very short amount) to edit every photo that goes on my scrapbook pages. After a year of using Camera Raw, I’m still amazed at what it does to my images.

Check out Jenifer’s newest class bundle below. I’m fully confident you will LOVE it.

Love and creative success,

Jen White


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P.P.S. The Next Level Editing classes are for Photoshop subscribers only. Sorry PSE users! To make up for it, we have a BIG surprise coming for you on September 4th.

Have questions? Contact Jenifer Juris.




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I am a long-time user of Adobe Camera Raw, and I still learned a number of great basics, tips and tricks from this course! –Val Sleger, Arizona


Be Advised

  • These classes can also be purchased separately.
  • The Lifetime Premier Coupon can be applied at checkout.
  • The Next Level Editing classes are for Photoshop subscribers only. Sorry, PSE users. We’ll make it up to you on September 4th!


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  1. Sharron Lamb
    | Reply

    I so agree. I often use my Boogie Week (15 minutes per day) just to edit photos so they are good to go when I want to make pages. Instead of photo editing being a boring task, Jenifer has taught me to see it as my own magic show. Sometimes I am so dazzled, I invite my husband over to look at what “I” did (giving teachers like Jenifer and tools like Photoshop all the credit!)! He is equally dazzled. Now when I see lovely pages with dark photos, or crooked horizon lines, I think, “what a shame.” At Digital Scrapper we don’t make suggestions unless someone asks, so I don’t say anything…but I sure would like to sometimes when I know how much better the layout would look if the photo had been edited.

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