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August 3, 2021  |  Digital Scrapper News  |  Volume 19, Issue 31

Hi there!

I’m hearing encouraging feedback from others about our Summer Scrapbooking Series videos, which is GREAT, because I’ve got more coming! Woot.

Summer Scrapbooking Series
This week, you’ll find a new (and totally amazing) scrapbooking video from Jenifer Juris. Jenifer had such a fun time creating this video for you. I know you’ll love it. You’ll find details below.

New FREE Video Tutorial
And then, just to double your creative investment this week, you’ll also find a new FREE video tutorial below. This one will make you want to create LOTS of scrapbook pages.

Love and creative success,

Jen White

P.S. The header above was created using Embrace Your Inner Weirdness by Red Ivy designs.

P.P.S. Next week is Boogie Week! What do you think you could accomplish if you spent 15 minutes per day, 5 days in a row, on a project? I already know the answer! It’s a LOT.

P.P.P.S. I WISH I could tell you our BIG SURPRISE coming in September. And when I say BIG, I’m stretching my arms and giggling. I AM SO EXCITED TO SHARE!! But for now, let me say that this month we will have another class released by Jenifer Juris. So watch for it in a couple of weeks.




Summer Scrapbooking Series
New Video by Jenifer Juris

New this summer, the instructors at Digital Scrapper are coming together to create a series of videos where we show you how we create a scrapbook page or greeting card from beginning to end.

Jenifer Juris has created a video (The Missing Glasses Saga) showing you the steps she took to design the scrapbook page above.

Note: You must be enrolled in our FREE Fundamentals class in order to watch this video.





New FREE Video Tutorial
Brushed-On Anchor by Carla Shute
by Carla Shute

Brush small areas of patterned paper onto your background to anchor your focal points using a brush and an inverted mask.

This tutorial includes:

  • Closed-captioned video
  • Step-by-step PDF manual
  • Layered PSD file w/ 2 papers



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  1. Christina Young
    | Reply

    Enjoyed watching you scrap your page and also learnt some new tricks.


  2. akrubygal
    | Reply

    Loved hanging out with you Jenifer as you scrapped your page. Love it! …… and thank you!

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