4 things you could focus on for Boogie Week

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May 18, 2021  |  Digital Scrapper News  |  Volume 19, Issue 20

Hi there!

It’s time to boogie!

This week, we are gathering together as a scrapbooking community to:

  • put finishing touches on dangling scrapbook pages
  • get started on that album project you’ve been dreaming about
  • finish any classes you’ve not yet completed
  • set yourself up for success by organizing your supplies and photos

Whatever it is you need to get done, this is the week to do it. Why? Because anything you do is easier when you know you’re not alone. I’ll be boogying this week to get things caught up and so will others on my team.

I can’t wait to celebrate your successes with you. Let’s get boogying!

Love and creative success,

Jen White

P.S. The header above was created using Brave by Red Ivy Designs.



Today starts May’s 5-day push to finish your classes and other digital scrapbooking projects. If you can spare 15 minutes per day for 5 days in a row, we can get much accomplished together.

Credits: The image above was created using Souvenir by Kim B Designs and Anita Designs.


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