Scrapping Through Loss & Tragedy — Nanci’s Story

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October 6, 2020  |  Digital Scrapper News  |  Volume 18, Issue 40

Hi there!

I’m wondering. . .
When loss or tragedy strikes, do you invite scrapbooking to play a role in the healing process? Or, does your favorite hobby take a back seat?

Recently I caught up with Nanci Radford, a long-time member of Digital Scrapper. She shared her story of how scrapbooking, and a recent tutorial of ours, was helping her to heal from heavy loss. Her story gripped me.

I’ve heard stories like these before. Some told tales of using scrapbooking as therapy for their healing soul. But many others spoke of their creativity going by the wayside during the healing process.

I’m willing to bet YOU can place yourself into one of these two categories.

This Week on the Blog
Nanci Radford and I teamed up to bring you a story of healing after loss and how scrapbooking played a major role. The link to Nanci’s story can be found below.

Life is precious. Let’s work together to get our stories told.

Love and creative success,

Jen White

P.S. Next week, get ready to boogie. You and I will be working together to get things accomplished in 15 min a day for five straight days. Ahhhh, I love to mark things off my list, don’t you??

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Scrapbooking Through Loss & Tragedy

Scrapping Through Loss & Tragedy
Spotlight on Nanci Radford

Last month I connected with a longtime member of our community, Nanci Radford. She shared her story of devastating loss and how scrapbooking played a major role in the healing process.

Read Nanci’s story on the blog.



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