Artsy Sketch Effect in Second — New FREE Tutorial

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September 22, 2020  |  Digital Scrapper News  |  Volume 18, Issue 38

Hi there!

Can you draw?

If you have a paper and pencil and want to sketch a scene, a person, an animal, or even a simple object, can you recognize the subject once your drawing is complete?

My answer to that question is a big NO. Despite the encouragement of my 8th-grade art teacher who told me that I would improve with practice, that never happened.

That’s just one of the reasons why I love Photoshop. It gives us multiple tools to draw or sketch with.

Today I’m going to show you how to create a sketch using the little-known Minimum Filter. I’m pretty sure you’re going to love using this obscure Filter!

Love and creative success,

Karen Schulz, Instructor

P.S. I heard from so many of you that were able to spend 15 minutes per day getting classes, tutorials, and organizing done last week during our September Scrap 15 Boogie. Our next Boogie week is in October.

P.P.S. The newsletter header above was created using Cats by Just Jaimee.



New FREE Video Tutorial
Sketch Effect, Part 1
by Karen Schulz

Create an artsy sketch effect in seconds with the use of the little-known Minimum Filter.

This tutorial includes:

  • Closed-captioned video
  • Step-by-step PDF manual
  • Photo for you to work with



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