Customize Your Panels Video Tutorial

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How to Customize Your Panels
by Linda Sattgast

A convenient workspace is worth setting up. Here’s how to customize your panels in Photoshop Elements and Adobe Photoshop.

Photoshop Elements Video Topics Include:

  • Set Up a Custom Panel Bin
  • Add New Panels
  • Other Panel Arrangements

Adobe Photoshop Video Topics Include:

  • Default Panel Arrangements
  • Working With Panels
  • Sample Panel Configuration
  • Save Your Custom Panels

Working with a personalized panel arrangement will make your workflow a lot easier. As you get more familiar with your personal workflow, you can create your own panel arrangements. Watch the video tutorial—available for both Photoshop Elements and Adobe Photoshop:





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6 Responses

  1. bonnie
    | Reply

    I have 13 and it usually stays where I set it, every once in awhile it does pop out. Love this video, it was in one of your classes and I can never remember which one, so GREAT to see it again, it is a huge help.

  2. Marilyn
    | Reply

    Occasionally when I open PSE13 (Windows) my customized panel is there, but most often it has returned to the default. Not sure what I’ve done differently on those occasions that it stays. Is there a way to save this configuration?

    • Linda Sattgast
      | Reply

      When I manually arrange my panels the way I describe in the video, I never have to redo them unless the program crashes. Even then, rarely. Do you use the same method to arrange them that I do in the video? I’m on a Mac, but I’ve also used Photoshop Elements with Windows without problems. Perhaps some Windows users could chime in and give your experiences regarding panels sticking once arranged.

      • dede3
        | Reply

        I’ve had this happen on many occassions as well. So far it is holding this time. It can be very aggravating as I have to always re-customize. I started looking through preferences but cant seem to find out why it goes back to default.
        I will mention it to my computer man:) He knows Photoshop as well:)
        Dede Wurl
        Toshiba Laptop PSE 12

      • dede3
        | Reply

        Just opened my PSE12 (that I customized the workspace last night on), and VOILA, it is back to the previous settings!! Very irritating as I have to keep resetting it. Was wondering how to keep this custom workspace…I went to preferences and if I check on the box that says keep settings…there is a warning. I HATE warnings….they scare me! lol
        Dede Wurl

        • Linda Sattgast
          | Reply

          I’ve done some searching and can’t really pin point anything that would be helpful online. I find it odd that some have this problem and others don’t, so there must be something in the operating systems of different computers that causes the problem.

          I would recommend that you make note of this in the Adobe forums which you can access here:

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