3 Everyday Photo Solutions for the Chronically Uninspired

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I’m in the stage of life where I’ve run out of photo taking opportunities–or so I think. My kids are really no longer “cute,” I have no grandchildren, and I really don’t need any more photos of my dogs. Seriously, 1400 photos of the same adorable canine expression are probably enough! I need help!

Sound familiar? Check out these great helps:

Capture Your 365. Play along with Katrina Kennedy’s daily photo prompts that will get you noticing the world around you. These are typically broad tips to help spark your imagination and creativity while photographing daily life. And the best news is . . . there’s no pressure. Play if you can, pass if you’re pressed for time.

Magazines (paper or online). Scrapbook magazines offer a lovely variety of inspiration–often including daily photo prompts. Creative Keepsakes Magazine published a free 365 Photo Prompt PDF in 2009. Its ideas are timeless and could easily be reused every year. What I like best about this list is that the ideas are very specific, and you could just scratch an idea off the list as you go. Don’t you sometimes welcome things that shout, “No imagination needed!?”

Google Images. Okay, seriously folks. Google Images is a one-stop-shopping mecca for the chronically uninspired. Need inspiration for recording everyday life? Shop no further. Type “Photo-a-Day” into Google Images and prepare to be whisked away to . . . well, somewhere fabulous, I’m sure! You’ll find boatloads of photo prompts from real life bloggers and photo enthusiasts.


QUESTION: What are your go-to inspirational ideas when you need a boost?

Leave a comment below. 😀


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4 Responses

  1. Frenchie
    | Reply

    I’ve run out of ideas for taking photos today and/or can’t go safely out of doors because of the cold, snow and ice. I’m too afraid of falling. But, I have hundreds of photos to organize and scrap and family memories to journal. Look through your old photos, keepsakes, postcards, etc. You may be surprised at the number of happy memories they bring back, along with the urge to scrap and journal them. If you have no descendants to inherit them, a local historical society might be very happy to get them. Your life and memories are the history others are seeking today, or will be seeking tomorrow.

  2. Lisa
    | Reply

    I loved that 365 Photo Prompt PDF – that was great! Soon my youngest will be gone and there are only so many photos of my dog that I can take and I need ideas and inspiration! Thank you!

  3. Virginia Hodgins
    | Reply

    I run out of ideas, too. I don’t have any grandchildren, and you all have seen many, many pictures of my horse, Tristan!

    I’ll have to keep these ideas in mind!

    Sometimes new papers or kits will remind me of photos that I have that I have not scrapped yet.

  4. Jenifer J (rfeewjlj)
    | Reply

    This is so me – we don’t have kids (but we have 2 dogs that you guys see in LOTS of my LO’s), I’m home sick so never get out and do stuff so I often struggle w/ this, too! Thx for the inspiration!

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