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Have you ever played around with brushes? They’re actually quite fun to play with. Brushes can give a very artsy feeling or, depending on the brush, add some whimsical feeling to your page. I’ve seen brushes that are shabby, fancy, beautiful, cutesy, etc.

We wanted to have a challenge to give you the excuse to pull out your brushes and use them!

Want to see what our awesome Creative Team came up with? Prepare yourself for some eye candy:


by marylc

I love how marylc added such beautiful coloring to this stunning vintage brush.


by Annette

Annette was very clever and created a checkerboard edge to match the floor in her photo and used her brushes in each square. Very fun idea!


by Nann

Nann used some whimsy frames and added darling elements to compliment her adorable brushwork.


by connieg

Connie has such a beautiful style and has used her brushes in a subtle way that really adds to her page. For a closer look at connieg’s pages, click here for pg 1 and here for pg 2.


by ouisiekelly

ouisiekelly did fun things with the snowflake brush and the rainbow brush! I think it has a whimsy feeling.


by simplyhx

This page by simplyhx is just breathtaking. I love how she has created the artsy feeling here to match her heartfelt journaling. It’s a stunning page.

Do you feel inspired now? I hope so! I think each of these Creative Team ladies have managed to capture and express such different and beautiful ways of using brushes.

We would love to see what ways you love to use your brushes — or any experimentation you would like to try!

Please join us in the Brush Challenge by doing the following:

1. Create your own layout with any kit you love using any brush you love.

2. Post your individual pages in the Brush Challenge Gallery.

3. Leave some love on the other pages and cards in the gallery. (Not required but highly encouraged!)

This challenge is open for approximately 2 weeks. It will officially be closed to new entries on the night of February 3rd, 2013 at midnight (Pacific Time).

We will announce the winner and post the winning layout here on the Digital Scrapper Blog, our Facebook page, and in our forum within a week of the challenge end date. The winner will receive a $10 gift certificate to our Digital Scrapper Shop that can be used towards Photoshop Elements & Adobe Photoshop Video Tutorials and awesome kits and templates! (Note: Gift Certificate codes cannot be used for classes or Premier Membership.)

I can’t wait to see all the creative ways you guys use your brushes! Happy Scrapping!

~Andrea Graves 🙂

11 Responses

  1. Jo
    | Reply

    Simply beautiful designs. I’m in the same waiting line as Shirl. Would love to see a blending class. So much creativity to top into.

  2. Shirl
    | Reply

    I want to congratulate all the young ladies on their beautiful eyecandy. I especially have to give my kudos to #1, marylc and and #6, simplyhx. I love brushes and have collected so many throughout the years. I have digital scrappers to thank for my change in digital scrapping layouts designe and techniques. The classes here have been a major cause factor of that change. I am currently waiting on a blending class here that will include artsy layout design techniques. (One year has passed. Hint!) The team here is truly spectacular and ingenious in their layouts designed techniques as shown above and in the Premier gallery. Love all you sweethearts. 😉

  3. Hazel Leavell
    | Reply

    how do I submit my page to the bursh work challdnge

  4. Elaine Johnston
    | Reply

    Would love to know what #1 – marylc and # 6 – simplyhx did to achieve their finished look…any recent lessons to be found on DS? Love them all…thanks so much for sharing!

    • SimplyHx
      | Reply

      Hi Elaine, thanks for the lovely compliment… I’ve put some details of how I achieved the finished result in the details box below my layout. Hope that helps! 🙂 Hx

  5. Dede Wurl
    | Reply

    I’m still trying to figure out how to work with brushes. Will look at a tutorial..have a lot of them through DS, just don’t know where they are, etc. Sounds fun, though;)

    • Bonnie Cuddihy
      | Reply

      First, you can locate your brush files by doing a search using .abr (that’s the file extension for Brushes). Create a new folder and move those files to the new folder. I call my folder ‘PSE Brushes’. Now you have all your Brush files in one place. You need to keep the file there so that in the future, if you delete a loaded brush in PSE, you always have a backup. Also, if your PSE should become corrupt or experience big problems, you might lose the loaded Brush files. When you load a Brush into PSE, create a COPY of the Brush file you want to use and load the copy. Hope that makes sense to you.

  6. Lozzie
    | Reply

    I haven’t worked with brushes very much at all….so I think I will dive in the deep end and do this challenge …

  7. Jen White
    | Reply

    I am in AWE of these cards and layouts. We have an amazing creative team!

  8. Jenifer Juris
    | Reply

    I’m excited about this one…gonna have to think awhile on what I want to do… 🙂

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