Anna Aspnes Kit Inspires Digital Art

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When I first laid my eyes on the ArtPlay Palette Family kit by Anna Asnes, I was intrigued. I had never worked with a kit like this before. The kit was to be featured in our March Digital Scrapper Premier membership program. Would our Premier members like it?

The first clue that they would like the kit came when I played with it myself and found it to be a lot of fun. Then our illustrious Creative Team began creating pages that I absolutely loved!

Now that March is almost over, I can say with confidence that Anna’s kit was a resounding success. Many Premier members who had never used a kit like this decided to take the plunge and try it out—and their pages are wonderful!

I’ve also been amazed at the different looks created with the kit and have compiled a few examples for you to see. Read more >>Read More

Keyboard Shortcut Quiz—How Many Do You Know?

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I was working on a scrapbooking project recently when Photoshop weirded out. It happens once in awhile. No big deal. This time was unusual, though, because my Tool Bar disappeared.

I wondered if I had pressed the Tab key to temporarily hide my Tool Bar and panels, so I pressed Tab again, hoping the Tool Bar would reappear. It didn’t.

At that point I faced a choice… Read more >>Read More

February Digital Scrapper Premier

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Isn’t it fun when you get a kit that you absolutely love—especially when it’s perfect for a specific project? That’s how I felt when I saw the featured kit for the February 2012 Digital Scrapper Premier members. It’s called Count the Ways, and it’s created by one of my favorite designers, Joanne Brisebois.

I used this kit to create the following tri-fold Valentine card for a dear friend. Read more >>Read More

3 Scrapbooking Lessons I Learned At The Symphony

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I recently attended a symphony of a composer I know almost nothing about.

The composer’s name is Gustav Mahler, and all I really know about him is that my son likes his music so much that he talked our entire family into going to LA to attend a series of concerts featuring his works. Read more >>Read More

January Digital Scrapper Premier

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Kit and Tutorials Bring Back Memories of Warmer Days

It’s January, the middle of winter in the United States, and in my home town of Portland, Oregon, the rain has settled in. Just a few short months ago, the temperatures were warm and mild, and now all I want to do is huddle by the fire.

If you’re experiencing the winter chill, you might wonder why the Digital Scrapper Premier January 2012 issue is all about sand and sea and palm trees, but isn’t that what we long for this time of year?

Oh, to sink my toes in the sand instead of pulling on my Ugg boots! Read more >>Read More

Printing Your Scrapbook Album

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Printing a scrapbook album used to be a no brainer for me. I used Shutterfly and always got great results. But now Shutterfly has made some changes that have left me scratching my head.

What are they thinking? Certainly not about digital scrapbookers… Read more >>Read More

How To 10X Your Scrapbook Productivity in 2012

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On this first day of 2012, allow me to me ask you a very important question. What are your scrapbooking goals for 2012?

What? You don’t have any?! OK. It’s time to get down to business and do some serious planning.

Do you have some areas of digital scrapbooking that could be improved?
Are there some new skills you would like to tackle?
What projects would you like to finish in 2012? (Notice I said “finish,” not “start.”)

Perhaps you’ve heard the story of the 1953 Harvard graduates who were asked what their goals were, whether they had written them down, and whether they had a plan to accomplish their goals. Eighty-four percent of them had no specific goals other than “to enjoy life.” Thirteen percent had specific goals, but only 3% had actually written the goals down and had a plan of action to achieve them.

Twenty years later, the same class was surveyed, and the results were astounding. Read more >>Read More

Learn Digital Scrapbooking—For PSE9 and CS4-5

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I’m very excited to announce my new training for Photoshop Elements 9 and Photoshop CS4 & 5!

My course is called Learn Digital Scrapbooking, and I’ll be teaching it in an online classroom environment to help you learn and actually apply the material better.

Here’s what you receive as a class member: Read more >>Read More

I Met A Gnome While Rock Climbing

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I know I said I would never rock climb.

But it was a beautiful, late summer kind of day with a hint of woodsmoke in the air, and rain was predicted for the next several days, so Charlie, Caleb, and Allison decided to go bouldering at Rocky Butte.

Bouldering is where you climb horizontally along a wall of rock not too far from the ground, so you don’t need to harness up. The most you’d fall is about four feet.

I know I said I would never rock climb, but how could I stay behind, chained to my computer, on a day like that? And with all that peer pressure. Read more >>Read More

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