August Guest Designer Spotlight – Darcy Baldwin

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We’re excited to announce a new feature at Digital Scrapper! We’ll be inviting a Guest Designer to join us each month, which will give you the opportunity to experience the work of some amazing digital artists. This is a great way for you to discover talented designers you’ve never seen before or to indulge in new products from artists you already know and love.

To kick off our Guest Designer Spotlight, we’re pleased to have Darcy Baldwin {fontography}. By day she is Digital Scrapper’s Forum Director (and by night, too), but in her life outside of Digital Scrapper, she is a fontographer at Sweet Shoppe Designs.


Digital Scrapper: Tell us a little about yourself.

Darcy: I’m a homeschooling mom of two fantastic young men (sad that I can’t say boys any longer!). We happen to live in a home with two cats, lots of school projects, and a million books. We love science and reading and learning and playing.

We’re a very geek-centric family, loving technology, movies, computer games, and Doctor Who.

I am an archer, a cook, and a not-so-great housekeeper! My favorite time of day is after lunch when the boys and I settle in to read aloud together; that or bedtime!



Digital Scrapper: Darcy, tell us a little bit about how you got started creating fonts.

Darcy: About six years ago, I was a creative team member for a friend who was creating handwriting fonts. She was about to take a sabbatical and offered to train me in the art of fontography. This opened up an opportunity for me to begin my own career.


Darcy: My absolutely favorite part of working with people to create their own fonts is seeing those fonts in use on their scrapbook pages. Their stories are being told in their own ‘voice,’ by their own hand. It’s a legacy they can pass down to their family for years to come.

I love it when customers email me saying, “Wow, it’s so weird seeing my own handwriting when I type. This is so cool!”

Digital Scrapper:  What goes into creating a handwriting font?

Darcy: First, you have to pick the right tools. No old ball point pens or ratty felt tips will do! Then you need good paper. Graph paper is usually best.

Next, practice a few lines to get yourself warmed up. Writing out your alphabet cold turkey often leads to a bit of stress when things don’t seem to line up. But don’t overthink your writing, either. Just be casual in how you write your letters and think of them as flowing out of your hand, even though the letters aren’t connecting to each other.

Whenever you purchase one of my handwriting font services, I give you a quick tip guide on creating perfect samples!

Digital Scrapper: Do you consider yourself a designer or a scrapper first?

Darcy: I’m a scrapper, definitely! That’s my first love. I don’t get to do it as often anymore, but that is where my passion really is.

Digital Scrapper: Would you show us your last three favorite layouts? How would you describe your style?

Darcy: Sure! I’d say my style is digital with a paper look. I tend toward using a simple layout design with lots of storytelling! I really love using templates to help me get past the initial design of a page so I can get to the part I love the most—papers and storytelling.

I love this page because I just got back into one of my favorite sports from when I was younger—archery. I love feeling powerful and really good at something, plus I’m learning I have a desire to be outdoors—as long as it isn’t a Texas summer day in July or August! Because my sons are doing it with me, it’s turning into a wonderful family tradition.

This is my Daddy helping my sons work on our Ham Radio project. I loved watching him work and passing along his skills to my boys. It’s a hobby he’s had most of his adult life, and now we are studying to get our licenses!

I love this layout because I got to tell my story about why I love doing all the boy stuff I do. When designing this page, I got to play with a ton of elements, which I don’t normally do, and I was able to use a boy kit just for me!

Digital Scrapper: Can you show us some of the fun products you’ll be bringing to the store?

Darcy: I sure can! I’ll have a few new releases each week, but right now, you’ll be able to find these!



Digital Scrapper: Thanks for spending some time with us today, Darcy!

When not at Digital Scrapper, you can find Darcy here:

Shoppe  |  Blog  |  Pinterest

11 Responses

  1. Caroline
    | Reply

    Glad to get to know you a little better, Darcy. After communicating a bit with you for two years now, it’s about time. Love your layouts. I never had any sons and my only grandchild is a girl, too, so the only boys in our family are my husband and our three son-in-laws. I do have a brother, though, and also three nephews (and two nieces). Really nice picture to have of your Dad . My own Dad died when I was eleven, so unfortunately, my children never knew him. They get to know my husband’s dad for quite a few years of their lives, and that was very special. Anyway, again, I enjoyed reading about you.

  2. Luisa
    | Reply

    Wonderful article about you Darcy. Love the photo of you and your family and also your daddy’s Like the others I feel I know you a little better. You created my and my daughter’s fonts a couple of years ago (before I was involved with DS) and we have enjoyed them very much. I have many of your fonts and love them all.
    Keep up the good work.

  3. Marzia
    | Reply

    I loved reading the article and get to know you as person, I took the time to read the journalling on your dad Lo, it’s wonderful! Your DAD is really a super dad and grandpa. I wish I could journal like you do, I always feel afraid when it comes to that point, gotta work on it…

  4. shirl/grambie
    | Reply

    It is really a joy to have you spotlighted as our first guest designer for August 2013. I have one of your beginning fonts that was included in a guest bundle. After I returned to Digital Scrapper, I felt like that I had met an old friend who had joined our family during my absence. Since your return, I have purchased a few of your fonts here, but also at Sweet Shop Designs. I regret that I will not have a font of my handwriting to leave behind for my family. The Ataxia, along with my recovery from being a quadriplegic, have eliminated my ability to write at all or to print legibly. Congratulations on being an assets to Digital Scrapper as well to this community as a whole. Your family is just fantastic with your wonderful boys. On your return to archery with your family, I say to you continue on with pride. Love your fonts that I have purchased. Blessings to you and yours. 😉

  5. Kathy Black
    | Reply

    Wow Darcy!! I am so excited for you and am so looking forward to seeing your stuff. I love your fonts and have several which I often use! I think this is fabulous for Digital Scrapper as well!

  6. CrimsonCrow
    | Reply

    Really wonderful to get to know you, Darcy. Thank you for the great interview and inspirational pages. And, you got me thinking about trying to find a place for archery around where I live. I loved it in High School! I used to have a font in my handwriting. Had it done years ago. Lost track of it along the computer upgrade road. I think I’ll be ordering that from you soon!

  7. Brigitta (Scrapgirl)
    | Reply

    Hi Darcy, just saying hello and nice getting to know you a little a better. Wow! Archery sounds like a great family sport. Love your page layouts and reading about your Dad. This new monthly addition to the blog sounds very interesting. Looking forward to it.

  8. Barbara Schladitz
    | Reply

    Enjoyed reading about YOU, Darcy. So many parents here in Texas are homeschooling. That wasn’t an option for me when my sons were in school; however, I’ve seen some awesome examples of the results.

    Every time I use my handwriting font that you created for me, I’m asked, “How did you do that?”

    Good luck with that archery thing!!!

  9. Annette
    | Reply

    I enjoyed getting to know you a little better. Several years ago I created my own font in script and print. It was a struggle and when I finished I was not sure it looked like my writing. Now I found out I have essential tremors and it would not look the same anyway.

  10. Lana
    | Reply

    Oh,that was so interesting. This will be a fun addition to the blog. Thanks for sharing part of your life.

  11. Tora
    | Reply

    Nice to get to know you LOL loved to read you interview

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