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Photo apps are big right now. It does’t really matter if you are a Mac or a PC or an Apple or an Android—you’ve probably experienced some part of App Hysteria.

In this blogpost I’ll introduce you to Adobe’s version of a free photo app. Then I’ll give you a chance to WIN Photoshop Elements 11 just for telling me what YOUR favorite photo app is.

Update: The posting deadline has expired, but we’d still love to hear your favorite photo app.


What Is Adobe Revel? describes Adobe Revel as: “A photo app for your Mac, iPad, and iPhone, Revel lets you have all your memories with you wherever you go.
• Import your photos into Revel and you can access them anywhere.
• Organize your photos using albums and captions.
• Crop and apply Looks to easily create amazing photos.
• And share photo albums privately on or post photos to Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, or Tumbler.”

Adobe Revel - Quick Overview

Subscription Cost

• Regular Plan—FREE
• Premium Plan—$5.99/mo

Photo Storage
• Regular Plan—Unlimited for 30days, then up to 50 photos per month
• Premium Plan—Unlimited

File Formats Accepted
• Adding additional formats

Social Sharing
• Facebook
• Twitter
• Flickr
• Message
• AirDrop

Platforms Supported
• OS X (Mac)
• i-devices (iPhone, iPad)
• Adding Android and Windows later

Adobe Revel FAQ

Adobe Revel - Sneak Peek

Now that you have the facts, how about a sneak peek?

The Looks Editor

The Adobe Revel app has the sleek look that you might expect from an Adobe product. Upon opening your photo in edit mode, you are greeted with four main edits. What you see here is called Looks.

The Looks editor offers 25 Instagram-ish style settings including several vignettes and a frame overlay. Pressing the Compare button lets you see the before and after of your photo. You might be tempted to click on the Auto Fix button. Don’t. I’m not sure why that button is there, but I do know that it’s not to make your photo look better.

Caution! Don’t click Apply until you are done editing entirely. Apparently in Adobe Revel Land, Apply means “Completely Finished”, not “Accept the Change and Make More Edits” like you’d expect. HA! Get what you pay for, right?

Adobe Revel 1

The Adjustments Editor

The White Balance, Exposure, and Contrast features of the Adjustments editor are actually pretty good! Again, let’s just pretend we don’t see the Auto button. Trust me. It’s bad news.

Adobe Revel - Adjustments

The Red Eye Editor

The Red Eye editor is up next. Surprisingly enough, the Red Eye editor’s Auto button is smart enough to know where the eyes are in your photo AND if they are red. Don’t ask me how it does that!!

Adobe Revel - Red Eye.

The Crop & Rotate Editor

A no-fuss straightener is one of the surprise features of the Crop & Rotate editor. Nearly all my photos need straightened either horizontally or vertically. This one is easy to use with the Straighten slider.

Adobe Revel - Crop & Rotate
How about a few test runs? I asked three of my pals here at Digital Scrapper to give Adobe Revel a QUICK test drive. Here are their before and after shots:

Lydia Tarbox, Digital Scrapper Tutorial Writer
Lydia used the Adjustment sliders and the Straighten feature. Nice!

Lydia Tarbox - Adobe Revel

Sharon Maughan, Digital Scrapper Webmaster
Sharon was able to give her NYC photo a nice fill flash with the Adjustment sliders. She commented that it was the best fill flash adjustment she’s found.

Sharon Maughan - Adobe Revel

Susie Roberts, Digital Scrapper Creative Director
Susie used Crop & Rotate and Adjustment sliders on her photo. Like Sharon, she was impressed the program’s ability to add fill light to the photo.

Susie Roberts - Adobe Revel

There are a lot of photo editing apps out there, why should you try this one?

#1 It’s a free app that uses some of Adobe’s amazing photo editing technology.
#2 It syncs between ALL your devices. (currently only Apple products)
#3 It comes packaged with storage and organization solutions.

Will it replace your Photoshop Elements? Heck NO!
Is it a great little on-the-fly app for the entire family? YES!
Check it out!

Comment & Qualify

OK. Now it’s your turn to comment for a chance to win Adobe’s Photoshop Elements 11.

Update: The posting deadline has expired, but we’d still love to hear your favorite photo app.

To win this:

One copy of Adobe’s Photoshop Elements 11 (sponsored by, which you may:

• Keep  for yourself.
• Gift  to a friend or relative, or
• Gift  to another member of the DS community that has inspired you.

About Photoshop Elements 11

Do this:

• Tell me about your favorite photo editing app. (see note)

Note: By “photo editing app” I’m referring to a mobile app that allows you to correct a photo’s composition or exposure. Examples of this would be: Apurture, Camera+, Snapseed, VSCO Cam

• One comment/entry per person, please.
• Feel free to include a link to your favorite app’s website.
• Please do not include apps for scrapping or overlaying your photos.

• The deadline for posting is Midnight Eastern Time Friday, August 2, 2013.
• Late comments are welcome but will not be eligible to win.

Then we’ll do this:

• Collect all eligible comments on Saturday, August 3, 2013.
• Draw a winner via random generator.

• The winner will be emailed directly on Saturday, August 3, 2013.
• The winner of this drawing will be announced in Issue 31 of the Digital Scrapper News.

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62 Responses

  1. David
    | Reply

    Mine favourite is Photo Album – Photobook and would like add it in this list, let you create the albums on your iPad. Photo Album is the most unique and advanced photo book and album creating app. Download from

  2. pam
    | Reply

    I like snapseed and I like over (over lets me add texts to pictures)

  3. Chantal
    | Reply

    My favorite photo app is Snapseed.

  4. Linda T
    | Reply

    I seem to be using my camera phone more and more for photo taking. My favorite app is Cymera. I love the ease of this little program, the changeable lens, the photo editing. Fabulous app.

  5. Evelyn Fink
    | Reply

    I like Camera Black + White for HD iPad/iPhone. Will be available later, according to info, for android. takes great black and white photos and has box in viewfinder for photos you want for Instagram. You can access it here:

  6. Tricia
    | Reply

    I don’t have any devices that use apps. I think I might just be alone in this at this point? LOL I have a laptop and PC, but my phone is not smart. Even my MIL has an iPad and uses iPhoto for her pics. Thanks for the chance to win PSE11. 🙂

  7. Judy Anderson
    | Reply

    I have not tried a photo editing app yet. I am still learning new things I can do with my iphone. I have used Adobe Photoshop Elements for the last several years (PSE 5 and 9). I definitely will be trying this new Adobe Revel App though…love what you can do with it!! Thanks for a chance to win PSE 11. I really need this upgrade for Linda’s “Learn Digital Scrapbooking” class I just signed up for.

  8. Debi Crosser
    | Reply

    I use Adobe Revel. I haven’t used it a lot for editing but after reading your tips, I will certainly try it out. I like to share my photos with my family via Revel. I also like that I can pull up my Revel account on any computer and show them to my family that way as well.

    Thanks for the chance to win PSE 11. That would be awesome to be able to upgrade my PSE. I understand it is so much easier to load styles, etc.


  9. Jan Ring
    | Reply

    Does Adobe Bridge count as a photo app? If so it is my favourite without a doubt. I can’t scrap without it open. Its keyword features are a life saver when hunting for an elusive pic or gathering up a collection of birthday photo. Find what I want, double click and there they are in PSE waiting to be paged.

  10. Paulette aka Supergran
    | Reply

    Favourite app for android Adobe Photoshop Express

  11. BettyC
    | Reply

    I got an iPod for Christmas & have tried several apps. I like KitCam a lot. You can make adjustments, kinda like SLRs, & the filters are fun to play with, along with frames.

  12. Tiff
    | Reply

    I like instaflash for a quick fix on dark photos. Thanks for the chance to win. I would love to update my photoshop elements.

  13. Duzzy
    | Reply

    I am an addict when it comes to apps for either Iphone or Ipad. Snapseed & PS Express are my most used however I have a couple I like to play around with – ColorSplash is fantastic for changing objects in a photo from colour to B&W & vice a versa, can give your photos a whole new dimension & Retouch is just brilliant for removing unwanted items in your photos. Whilst you can do all of this in PSE if you need a quick fix on a photo to post to Instagram, Flikr or FB you cant go past these apps. I also love Photo Transfer App for transferring photos from all our household devices, Ipad to Iphone, PC and Samsung Tablet.

  14. Peggy Merton
    | Reply

    My favorite app is Snapseed. I have tried several but Snapseed is easy to use and produces good results. It is handy to use on my iPad, I can sit and play with photos while my hubby watches TV.

  15. RuthAnn
    | Reply

    I have several apps for various uses for photos as Snapseed, PixLR Express, Vintique, PaintFX, Mobile Monet. I have looked at them all but don’t use them a lot. I think Snapseed is the most versatile.

  16. Jlynn Wilkinson
    | Reply

    Adobe Revel sounds really awesome! The only one I’ve played with is Instagram, so it’s the only one I am using right now! But this Adobe app sounds perfect for me! Thank you so much for the opportunity.

  17. Pixie
    | Reply

    For casual editing on my iPhone, my favorite app is Photo Toaster. For more serious on-the-go editing on my iPad, I like Filter Storm.

  18. Jeannine
    | Reply

    I like and use Photoshop Express. I have it on my Ipad and my Android phone.

  19. Melinda Wilson
    | Reply

    I take pictures with my Iphone alot but I then send them to my computer to edit them. . . so in other words, I haven’t completed any editing on my phone.

  20. Robinsismai
    | Reply

    I don’t use any photo apps as I don’t have a fancy phone LOL.Maybe I should look around for something for my laptop. Thanks for the interesting post on photo apps and thanks for the chance to win!

  21. Elaine Johnston
    | Reply

    Adobe Revel is sweet! Just installed on my IPad and it pulled up photos from I don’t know where off my computer…did it on it’s own.

    This is going to be fun if I ever have the time to play with it. Another learning curve for the “old gal!” First I still need to learn how to use the camera on this IPad!!

    That’s all folks! Work is calling…still trying to make a dollar out of 99 cents! Have a great day!

  22. Kweta Danner
    | Reply

    I think I like the looks editor application. The fact that you can change the picture vignettes for instagrams for facebook or twitter sounds nice. I am always using photoshop elements to crop and adjust my photos. I love this program!!! Thanks for the opportunity to get the new version. Kweta.

  23. Annabel Falkiner
    | Reply

    I have an android phone(samsung galaxy) and my fav app for that has gotta be snapseed.. it’s easy to use and because it’s popular it gets updated a lot and it’s free- nice. You can get that at the google store and did I mention that it’s FREE lol

    I will say though that I find Pixlr express is pretty cool too but I find harder to work. It had some amazing features though and I am sure once I get a little more used to it that it will give snapseed a run for it’s money (or lack of money cause it’s FREE.. I think I said that right lol) Link to pixlr is

  24. PatriciaD
    | Reply

    Since I’ve never tried an app for photo editing (especially on my iPad I don’t have a favorite…but having said that I may have to try Adobe Revel especially since you can at least try it for free (love that word).

  25. Helene Rogers
    | Reply

    My new favorite mobile app is Perfectly Clear. The link is:

  26. Kathy
    | Reply

    Unfortunately, I don’t use any photo editing apps. I use Photo Shop Elements to do all my photo editing.

  27. Regina Harris
    | Reply

    My favorite is Camera as I like the grid feature that has helped me better compose my pictures.

  28. Denise
    | Reply

    I use snapseed, it is easy and does a great job!!

  29. Michelle Peacey
    | Reply

    My favorite is Repix!

  30. Peggy
    | Reply

    Camera + on my iPhone

  31. Sharron Lamb
    | Reply

    Jen, I use a Motorola Droid. I wish Revel were available to me. But that said, I do enjoy an app called Night Camera. It enhances shots taken in poor lighting.

  32. Canay
    | Reply

    My favorite app for taking photos is Camera+. I like that I can set exposure separately from focus.

    My favorite app for editing photos is Snapseed. I like it because it is easy to use and can do all the basic edits that I need.

  33. Vickie
    | Reply

    Snap seed

  34. Monica
    | Reply

    I love Snapseed…looking forward to trying this one, though!

  35. Maggie
    | Reply

    INSTAPIC-PHOTO EDITOR is a great app. It is a complete photo editor for all of your needs. Many options, including 12 different frames, your choice of fonts, colors, and other editing techniques that are in PSE. I love it and it is rated almost five stars, overall.

  36. Sheila Zorn
    | Reply

    Photo shop elements 10 This is where I do everything including Photo editing

  37. Ruth
    | Reply

    I have an older iPad and use Luminance ( ). Luminance isn’t free, but it’s well worth the $.99 charge IMO. It has presets, filters, layers, and allows me to crop, edit, and share photos socially if I choose.

    I don’t generally take photos with the iPad, because the quality isn’t that great IMO (Luminance definitely makes them better). That said, I do add photos from my computer to my iPad to share with friends/family (in person), so in that regard, Adobe Revel has my interested piqued.

  38. digione
    | Reply

    I am my favorite photo editing app!
    (Able to Provide Possibilities).

  39. Lorrayne Ingram
    | Reply

    I have photoshop express on my phone and photoshop express and reveal on my Ipad. I pretty much only trust Adobe products. Thanks for sharing all the tricks that I have not had time to learn.

  40. Maureen Green
    | Reply

    I actually like the Tadaa app for editing & sharing photos. It has many filters, frames, all the exposure adjustments, etc with sliding scales. Also allows photo masking. The community is very global and the pictures shared are amazing. The only reason I don’t share on it more often is not that many of my friends are on it!

  41. Leslie Wanamaker
    | Reply

    The only editing app I have so far is the Photoshop Express. I can’t say I use it a lot because I don’t take lots of photos with my phone. The ones I do are more of a temporary nature.I will download the one you are showing so I can see if it offers more.

  42. Linda Muhlhauser
    | Reply

    This software will allow you to create retro miniature pictures if desired or just edit your original photos by adjusting blur effects, saturation.

    By adjusting various parameters, it allows you to apply many ToyCamera effects on your pictures: from miniature pictures to vintage styles images.

    Camera and Library Import
    – 800px resolution.
    – Blur strength and radial / linear shape control.
    – Saturation, Brightness, Contrast control.
    – Vignetting Control.
    – InApp Email.
    – Twitter Post.

  43. Angela
    | Reply

    Filterstorm It has everything you could need in an editing suite including layers, curves manipulation, color correction abilities, noise reduction, sharpening, vignetting, and black and white conversion fine-tuning.

  44. Rhonda Branson
    | Reply

    I don’t have a favorite photo app, but am looking for one!

  45. Dorothy Booth
    | Reply

    I currently use Photoshop Express, the only editor I have found available to Android users. I look forward to the release of Revel. It looks much better than what I have.

  46. Lazara
    | Reply

    My favorite photo app is Pic Jointer; very easy tool for joining multiple photos for posting online. I use other apps for editing, but this one is a fast and convenient way to get photos out on social media.

  47. Twylla Smith
    | Reply

    At this time my favorite photo app is Aviary. It can be used to make corrections to color, focus, balance along with the ability to add text and frames to pictures. I find it easy to use and quite intuitive.

  48. Denise
    | Reply

    Call me old school if you will, but I didn’t have a photo app, but I sure do now! Thanks for sharing a great product. I’m doin a happy upload dance. 😉

  49. Kathy G
    | Reply

    Picsart! It’s easy to use and a great Android app.

  50. Sheila Martin
    | Reply

    My favorite photo app so far is Pixlr Express with PicsArt a close second (both free versions but excellent, in my opinion). I have an Android operating system so for now it looks like Adobe Revel is out of the question.

  51. Barbara
    | Reply

    I really do like Camera+. The image stabilization feature insures that I have an in-focus photo, at least most of the time. 🙂 It doesn’t work on airplanes, though….
    I like the various adjustments available to post-process, especially the clarity and portrait ones. After I edit and save, I then usually mess it all up with Instagram. Love my in-phone camera and pics!

  52. Lisa Green
    | Reply

    I love, love, love my Snapseed!! I got it free when Starbucks offered it as its free App of the Week, and it quickly became my go-to photo editor for iPhone and iPad pics. My favorite features are its ability to spot-correct brightness, rather than force me to adjust the whole photo the same, and the user-friendly adjustability of the filters.

  53. Therese Arsenault
    | Reply

    I have a PC so Picasa has been my go to program for cropping and quick fixes to my photos.
    I have a Samsung Android phone but have not yet tried any photo editing apps. I will give Adobe revel a try for sure.

  54. Becky B.
    | Reply

    I normally edit right within my iPhone. I use the HDR function and crop/enhance using those options. I do use the Instagram app as well – not for social media but for the special effects.

  55. Mikell Robinson
    | Reply

    I have three different folders of photo apps on my phone, and I like and use a lot of them. However, my very favorite and very simple app is Notica. I love how it allows me to make a little mini scrap page so quickly with all the info I need right there. Thanks for asking and for the giveaway.

  56. Julie G
    | Reply

    I like PicTapGo. I had a picture that was unusable because of the color cast of the surroundings. PicTapGo was able to fix that and make a very nice picture!

  57. Jana C
    | Reply

    I love Snapseed, its free and you don’t have to upgrade to get more stuff. I love grudge and I can do that with Snapseed it is for apple and android phones. It does adjustments, crop, b&w and much more also frames.

  58. Deborah Wagner
    | Reply

    I love ProHDR when taking landscape photos. It automatically takes two photos: one with the bright background perfectly exposed and one with the subject perfectly exposed. Then it combines the two into one perfectly lit photo.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  59. Erica
    | Reply

    This was awesome information! I can’t wait to hear about all the app possibilities out there. I am hoping I will find one I will fall in love with.

  60. Tamara Voss
    | Reply

    I use PSE 11 editor. This Adobe Revel editor sounds really cool and easy to use. I would love to edit on the fly on my Android, but I have only had a smart phone for a month and am not sure how to do it.

    Thank you for a chance to win.

  61. Cindy Skaggs
    | Reply

    My favorite app is Snapseed. I appreciate its simplicity! My mom recently scanned a lot of old pictures. Many couldn’t removed from their old album page. I was able to easily open them in Snapseed, crop, straighten and edit the photo in just a few steps. They turned out great for reprints as well as an awesome portable album for her to share with friends and family!

  62. Lorna Schreck
    | Reply

    Until I purchased an iPad, I used a 10 year old Kodak Album application for my personal photos – it was simple, it was easy, and it didn’t allow me to be creative. Most of the time I used a newsletter template in Word. At work I used PageMaker, InDesign then Photoshop. But couldn’t afford it for home use. I just purchased an iMAC because I loved the iPhoto with the iPad, for my photos, but still haven’t purchased an application for scrapbooking/photo work other than what came with the iMac.

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