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“I love seeing Shirl’s thoughtful comments in the gallery or forum. You can tell she takes time to really think about what she says. Even though Shirl has had to overcome challenges in her life, she doesn’t dwell on them and always has such a cheerful attitude. I would like to be more like Shirl!” —Linda Sattgast, Digital Scrapper’s President and Founder

Shirl, we present you with our Digital Scrapper Leadership Award for your outstanding service to our community.

Get to Know Shirley Kimbrough (aka Shirl)

Shirley Kimbrough

When asked about her family, Shirl says: “I have four adult children, two and two; the girls are the eldest. I have two sets of grandchildren. The first set consists of two adult females. The second set consists of one male and two females. The age range is from 7 to 15. My fourth generation consists of two boys and one girl. That is Jai, Elliott 3rd, and Erin. I have two sons-in-law along with one fiancé.”

“As a tidbit, I directed and played for an adult choir when I was 14.”

Shirley Kimbrough

Q: You often mention a disability in your comments. Tell us a little bit about that.

Shirl: “My two major incurable diseases are MGUS—Monoclonial Gammopathy of Undetermined Significant—and CIDP—Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyradiculo Neuropathy. It is rare to have both. It caused my paralysis. I became a quadriplegic in ’08 after losing my sense of touch in ’07. In ’08, my family was given a negative prognosis. I spent over two years in hospitals that included nursing homes for therapy. So from 2008 and on, my life is a miracle that continues to happen.”

Shirley Kimbrough

Q: Encouragement is an obvious gift of yours. Is this a learned gift or something you were born with?

Shirl: “Encouragement is an innate gift that I am truly thankful for.”

Shirley Kimbrough

Q: Which classes have you participated in here at Digital Scrapper? Which is your favorite? Why?

Shirl’s favorite class is Easy Page Design. “This class really opened my eyes to the fun of digital scrapping. Jan and Linda were extremely helpful.”
She’s also a forever member of the following Digital Scrapper classes: Get Organized Now!, 10 Terrific Photo Techniques, 20 Terrific Type Tutorials (FREE), Little Known Scrapbooking Secrets Using Photoshop Tools (PSE), Soulful Silhouettes, Creative Inspiration, and The Art of Blending (current class).

Shirley Kimbrough

Q: Tell us about a favorite page from your Digital Scrapper Gallery.

Shirl: “I love all of the [pages shown here]. I was able to complete these layouts within a short timeframe for me because the ideas came together inspiringly through visualization. As you know, I am a learned digital scrapper since my return in 2011. I am not a natural with this.”

Shirley Kimbrough

Click on the award image below to congratulate Shirl on her award. This award will be placed in her gallery at

Along with this award, we are sending Shirl a FREE copy of Photoshop Elements 11. Shirl is planning to give the software to her grandaughter, whom she cherishes.

Congratulations, Shirl. We do appreciate your contribution to our website and how you make it friendly and inviting.

Shirley Kimbrough


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28 Responses

  1. CrimsonCrow
    | Reply

    I come late to the party of the Leadership Awards!


    Your warm and encouraging comments were so meaningful to me when I took my first tentative steps in digi scrapbooking. You reached out through my nervousness and boldly told me “just gorgeous.” I will always remember those words and that encouragement.

    I, too, like several others here, look for your comments written to other people because I find them so warm and up-lifiting. Thank you and congratulations!

  2. Fulltimer
    | Reply

    Shirl, your are so deserving of this recognition! Congrats!!

  3. Ngaire
    | Reply

    Shirl I was so delighted when I saw that you had won this prize. I have to confess that I like your comments so much that I check out most of them that you make to everyone. You are so encouraging and every comment is so thought out. I love the words you use, you are so articulate with them. So many congratulations on this award. I know that you will get blessed twice, one giving the award to your grand daughter and two when she shows your all her creativity that you can enjoy. Lovely to get a wee glimpse of who you are. Bless Ya heaps and also a big thank you from me as well for the comments on my layouts, they are much appreciated .

  4. RuthAnn
    | Reply

    Congratulations! I can always tell your comments are always thought out and encouraging. Thank you.

  5. Canay
    | Reply

    It was so nice to get to know you a bit from your interview. What a great honor Shirl, congratulations!

  6. shirl/grambie
    | Reply

    My sincere thanks to each and every one of you. It is you with your caring and sharing that has made this journey so beautiful. I get my strength to carry on from you, the members and staff at DigitalScrapper. You are all my Angels that lift me up each and every day. I love you guys to pieces.

  7. Dorrie
    | Reply

    Shirl, I can’t think of anyone more deserving of this award than you. I have always been amazed at the beautiful comments you have made on my LO’s as well as everyone else. I too am happy to see your return to Digital Scrapper. May the good Lord bless you and continue to guide you through your difficult times. May he continue to improve your health. Miracles do happen. A cure may yet to become a reality. God Bless!!!

  8. Janine
    | Reply

    Hi shirl – You are truly one of the most compassionate, loving and kind human beings that I have seen. Your comments are always so heartfelt and appreciated. You set such a beautiful example to all of us. Congratulations on this well deserved award.

  9. Becky
    | Reply

    Congratulations Shirl:) A very well deserved award for you. Your story is so inspirational! Thank you for sharing.

  10. digione
    | Reply

    You have a true gift within yourself that you so givingly share with others. You always post excellent comments of encouragement that are a joy to read. Your attention to detail is evident in both your comments to others and in your own layouts. You are a true inspiration. 🙂

  11. Therese Arsenault
    | Reply

    Congratulations Shirl. YOU ROCK GIRL!!
    You are a mentor to all of us. Thank you for your inspiration.

  12. Maggie
    | Reply

    Congratulations Shirl! You definitely deserve this award. You are always so gracious with your comments on many layouts. I appreciate that you take the time to post upbeat and inspiring words for all of us.

  13. Bev
    | Reply

    Congratulations Shirl. I have always appreciated your meaningful comments on my layouts. You use your God-given gift of encouragement well. Keep on goin’.

  14. trinanne
    | Reply

    Congratulations! When I saw your name as a leadership winner I totally agreed. Your comments in the galleries are always so thoughtful and encouraging. You are a treasure!

  15. Shirley Lewerenz
    | Reply

    Congratulations to you, Shirl. You do deserve this honor. You bring confidence and encouragement to everyone. I am sure that this gift you have brings you strength and healing. Thanks for all the well-crafted comments you have made on my pages and also for the comments I enjoy reading and on other scrappers’ pages.

  16. Lozzie
    | Reply

    Congratulations shirl…I’ve always admired your comments you have given me and the time you give in looking at my pages and commenting so deeply on what you see in them…You also do the same for everyone else and I have a deep respect for what you say …you are very special and have such a caring heart and soul….bless you..Lozzie..

  17. pjscraps
    | Reply

    Congratulations, Shirl!!! you deserve this award and more. I look forward to your comments and your layouts every month. You inspire , encourage, and lead the cheers. Thank you for your heartfelt and generous contributions to this community.

  18. Kimberly
    | Reply

    Shirl, I’m so glad you have received this award. It is well deserved!! I have admired your ability to provide specific and detailed praise to other scrapper’s work as well as my own LO’s. You inspire me to do a better job on my posts. I am glad to get to know more about you and your family via this blog. I am sorry to hear about your MGUS and CIPD. I can see that you have not let that prevent you from continueing your passion in digital scrapping. I am more impressed with your work knowing the effects that neuropathy causes. I can also see through your LO’s that you are passionate about your family. I hope you continue your great influence through your LO’s and posts :-).

  19. Leia
    | Reply

    Yay Grammie! As always I am proud of the things you have accomplished.

  20. Brigitta (Scrapgirl)
    | Reply

    Shirl, I congratulate you whole heartedly on your Leadership Award…I would also like to thank you so much for your kind and thoughtful comments they do make a difference.

  21. connieg
    | Reply

    Congratulations Shirl!

  22. Jobascraps
    | Reply

    Shirl,You truly are deserving of this award. You have brought sunshine to me with your comments. I really really appreciate your thoughtful and kind words.I also love how you call the grandkids __The Grands

  23. Rikki
    | Reply

    Congratulations. It is great to learn more about you. I admire you for what you went/go through and are still so uplifting and encouraging.

  24. Barbara Schladitz
    | Reply

    Shirl, I am so happy that you received this award. You are SO deserving.

    Reading your comments is also just a pleasure for me. I have enjoyed knowing you through our involvement with Digital Scrappers and am happy that your health has improved to the point that you are participating again.

    Congratulations for an award well-deserved!!!

    As our pointy-eared friend from Star Trek says, “Long life”.

  25. Annette
    | Reply

    Shirl, I am so pleased that you received this well deserved award. Your comments on the site are always full of in site and encouragement. It is apparent that you put a lot of thought into the detail of each layout you comment on. I look forward to viewing any of your pages that you create.

  26. Judy (Shorebirds)
    | Reply

    Congratulations, Shirl! You always have such thoughtful comments for pages. So nice of you to take the time to observe everyone’s work. And your pages are gorgeous. I love this wedding page.

  27. Kathy Black
    | Reply

    Congratulations Shirl!!!

  28. Jenifer J (rfeewjlj)
    | Reply

    If anyone deserves this – it’s Shirl!!! 🙂 Congrats!!!

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