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“Barb’s helpfulness in the forum helps make it a wonderful place to sit and relax and learn scrapbooking! If you have a question, she’s always willing to help find an answer.” —Darcy Baldwin, Digital Scrapper’s Forum Director

Barbara-SchladitzGet to Know Barbara Schladitz (aka ScrappyBarb)

She says: “I grew up in a small Texas town and have never lived more than 50 miles away. I’ve done quite a bit of traveling and have seen many strange and wonderful sights . . . but you can’t take this gal away from Texas. My husband is an immigrant from eastern Germany; he escaped when we was 18. We met at an Oktoberfest where my youngest son and his German class were performing folk dances. That was 35 years ago. I have three sons, and they all live within an hour’s drive; we have 4 grandchildren.”


“I retired early and have been a volunteer instructor at our community college in a program for people over 55. I have taught many computer classes: Publisher, Word, PowerPoint, Windows. My good friend kept pestering me to help teach a digital scrapbooking class. I was not interested at all but finally agreed to assist her. Well, I fell in love. I’ve been teaching only scrapbooking classes ever since. I write tutorials and now teach Photoshop Editing Tips, Digital Scrapbooking, and newly, Digital Greeting Cards. Prior to having both knees replaced, my husband and I were members of a German folk dance group, and we traveled as far away as Buffalo, Baltimore, and Minnesota.


Q: What does scrapbooking mean for you at this stage of life? Do you find yourself focusing more on your family or things all around you? 

Barb: Initially I wanted to use photos of my family. I started by filling up each page with family photos. Now, I love creating a more artistic look and often use only one photo. Each cruise we take has to produce a scrapbook! I print them from Costco, and we enjoy showing them off.


Q: Encouragement is an obvious gift of yours. Is this a learned gift or something you were born with?

Barb: The gift of encouraging others simply comes from aging. I receive so much pleasure from my classes; if I can see that sparkle in the eye that shows me I have infected one of my students with the joy of scrapbooking, then I consider that class a success.

Q: Which classes have you participated in here at Digital Scrapper? Which is your favorite? Why?

Barb: I have taken just about every class that has been offered with the exception of Organization. My favorite so far was the Easy Page Design class. That really clicked with me and helped me see other ways to place elements. The Art of Blending may just be my favorite when it is completed. I have wanted to learn about blending and filters for some time.


Q: Tell us about a favorite page from your Digital Scrapper Gallery.

Barb: I love this watercolor technique and use it so often. It allows the subject of the photo to just tell the story without any embellishment. The simplicity of the gallery framing tops it off.

Barbara Schladitz

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Along with this award, we are sending Barb a FREE copy of Photoshop Elements 11 to save for herself or to give away to anyone she’d like to bless.

Congratulations, Barb. We do appreciate your service to the site and how you make it friendly and inviting.



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27 Responses

  1. shirl/grambie
    | Reply

    Barbara, I am so happy for you to be the recipient of this fantastic award because of your commitment to this site. As you know, I look forward to your photos of your travels along with the perfect new information that you share. I have quite a few of your layouts in my favorites, and I know that many more will enter. Your photography is outstanding and is uplifted with your artistic digital scrapping abilities. I note that you will wear your badge of honor so proudly. My blessings to you always. (My speaker earphones from Dragon are no longer functioning. I just received my new better quality earphones; therefore, your comments was first on my list.) Kudos.

  2. Doris
    | Reply

    Congrats! You deserve it! Your layouts are in inspiration. Enjoyed reading your story.

  3. Canay
    | Reply

    Congratulations Barb. I enjoyed getting to know you a little better from your interview. You are most deserving of the Digital Scrapper Leadership Award.

  4. Luisa
    | Reply

    Congratulations Barb! I am so happy you got the award. I love to see your beautiful pages. You certainly deserved it! Way to go!

  5. Jolene
    | Reply

    Congrat hugs to you!

  6. Jolene
    | Reply

    Congratulations! Happy Scrappin’

  7. Brenda Suplita
    | Reply

    Congratulations Barb. Your work is really beautiful and an inspiration to all of us.

  8. Joan S
    | Reply

    Congratulations, Barbara!

    You are truly the best encourager, teacher and friend that I have ever known. The award is well earned, and a perfect choice from DS. Your comments are constructive, useful and from the heart. I loved reading your story, and especially the good friend part since that’s me! You are an inspiration to everyone in any situation whether it is classroom, forum or chat. Love your designs!

    • Barbara Schladitz
      | Reply

      All these plaudits are quite turning my head. Thank you all so much for the encouragement. And, special thanks to my good buddy, Joan, for being so insistent that I take up digital scrapbooking. Whatever did I do with my time before this?

  9. Barb
    | Reply

    Congratulations, Barb! This award is richly deserved, and I so enjoyed learning more about you. I love your work!

  10. Maggie
    | Reply

    Congratulations Barb! Well deserved.

  11. Gayle
    | Reply

    Congratulations Barb. . . hip hip horray!!

  12. Vivian
    | Reply

    Congratulations. It was fun to learn more about you. Thanks for everything you contribute to this site.

  13. Dorrie
    | Reply

    Well deserved Barb. Your helpfulness is greatly appreciated.

  14. Rikki
    | Reply

    Congrats, Barb! It is great to learn more about you.

  15. Tina (Westina)
    | Reply

    Congratulations – well deserved!

  16. Ngaire
    | Reply

    What a well deserved accolade Barb, I have enjoyed some lovely comments from you and I imagine that you would be an awesome happy encouraging teacher. Congratulations on this recognition.

  17. lozzie
    | Reply

    Congratulations Barb…how wonderful to have all your family so close…..

  18. Susie Roberts
    | Reply

    Congratulations, Barb! You are an inspiration to everyone and this award is so well deserved! It was lovely to read more about you!

  19. Lidia
    | Reply

    Congrats to you, Barb! So happy for you!

  20. Virginia Hodgins
    | Reply

    Congratulations, Barb!
    I remember your wonderful comments about the digital pages I have uploaded in DigitalScrapper class galleries, and I really appreciate them!
    I’m so pleased for you that you were given this recognition!

  21. Lana
    | Reply

    Congratulations, Barbara! So excited for you!

  22. Kathy
    | Reply

    Congrats Barb….I always enjoy your pages!! Love reading about you 🙂

  23. Barbara Schladitz
    | Reply

    Thank you so much. I am a very happy scrapper today!

  24. Annette
    | Reply

    I am not at all surprised Barb.

  25. Jenifer J (rfeewjlj)
    | Reply

    Congrats, Barb!!! 🙂

  26. Kathy Black
    | Reply

    Thanks for the reminder Jen!! Congratulations Barb on a much deserved recognition!!

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